#DutchGP 2019: All of the Best Action

Pubblicato il 30 giu 2019
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All the very best clips from a fantastic weekend of racing at the Dutch GP.
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  • Klasse Maverich. Schade für Vale...

  • too short

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-L3npsCKhCCQ.html

  • "All the Best Action" without Rossi! What a pity!!!

  • มาแรงจัง/93.สู้ๆ.__🚵___________

  • This is nederland not germany so how u type dutchGP

  • Waiting a hate comment from rossi and marques fans

  • Are there women at the F1 Cycle level?

  • so sorry for Alex Rins grrrh! pretty sure he'll bounce back on the next race , nice race for Joan Mir though .. good luck team suzuki ecstar! #suzuking

  • Sad to say, but Rossi really needs to RETIRE. When it's time to go, it's time to go.

  • Good race as usual with the Assen TT.

  • #MaverickVinales very strong, very fast, very aggresive in #DutchGP 2019 👍

  • FQ20's bike had some strange headshake down the back straight!

  • Superb from Vinales!

  • We need the highlights of all the races..

  • Rossi pensiun aja

  • The name of the music pls, i want this to be my phone's ringtone 😍😍😍

  • 5 second penalty for... Oh wait wrong channel

  • gws Alex rins

  • Luv you All Yamaha Riders.....

  • Whoever makes these videos is a shithole

  • Can we get Toni Elias and Josh Herrin to ride for Suzuki So we can win a Championship

  • Why 42??????you my favourite you know??????

  • Nice race vin.. Hopefully, Yamaha will more consistently exceed Honda on the circuit with beautiful corners, short and long bends, Yamaha will always be at heart.

  • Tossi crash

  • top gun (Y)

  • Happy for Vinales, very sorry for Rins, Valentino..... no way....

  • keren Quartararo. Sayang Alex Rins Crash.

  • that shit yellow smoke.. get out of there

  • F1 puts race highlights 7mins. MotoGP entire weekend in 2mins

  • Should learn from F1 on how they do highlights. Action packed race, boring highlights.

    • The pointy-haired idiots that run MotoGP don't learn.

  • アライ最高だぜ!

  • SUZUKI FOREVER!! from Malaysia.

  • Very interesting video but where are the highlights??

  • No matter what people say that vinales is king of practice,king of saturday,he can only win if marc crashI’ll always support him. Today maverick show what he can produce if he on top form. Top Gun win in Assen.

    • @kamilanhaimi2 yes he already knew he is 100 points ahead of him and he was targeting for championship thats why he thought it was enough

    • ddk y2 puig on the last lap asked marc to slow down. Long thinking from the Honda team

    • Marc was not fighting for victory he is fighting for championship and yes vinales can win only if everything seems perfect marquez rides around the problem and comes best out of it

  • 0:00 to 0:45 music video

  • No luck Suzuki ecstar

  • Quatoraro will beat Marquez one day.

    • Let him win a few races before making predictions. Much will also depend on his future choices. Zarco was promising as well then moved to ktm and disappeared.

  • Music?

  • なんなの? 最近のロッシ転けてばっかりじゃん 俺の推し選手なのになぁ、、、 そんな3.4回連続でクラッシュされたら むしろわざとじゃないかなって思う

  • MVK12😍

  • Suport juga chanel saya ya.. Isi konten games motogp Link : it-tvs.com/tv/video-MqwoaKM47Q0.html Makasi

  • Shut up to everyone complaining about the highlights. If you don’t like it don’t watch it

  • look at f1 channel.. they are a very good example of how to make videos about their sport

  • German Gp livestream is coming soon boys...

  • رووووووووعة رووووووووعة مافرك فنيالز يماها 2019

  • Poor Nakagami :(

  • Sayang rins jatuh,,,😠

  • No music, more pure sound!! Because this is motogp

  • Indonesia Like

  • There needs to be some narration in these highlights so that the viewer knows what’s going on, like in the F1 highlights. Too short, bikes racing, guys falling off, all with no context. You need to put more effort into these videos.

  • Fantastic to see 93 have to work and then settle.

  • Ya, Rossi's accident is never shown by different angles. I just think he lost his front while braking and he slams the bike on LCR Honda or on Nakagami. Why there ain't any video on it yet?

    • Joel Raj ya. Lost the front and swipe naka bike. Very fast crash. So fortunate bot unseriously injured.

  • Conocen algún canal en español que hable de la moto GP?

    • @Eduardo Morel quiero un canal algo así como "el efeuno" que haga resumenes o de noticias

    • Pleomax75 Tiene uno argentino pero no me recuerdo el nombre...

  • Yamaha's pace was excellent yesterday.....but Rossi is losing his hopes for championship why??

  • "All of the best action" series is the worse series on the motogp channel. Absolute dogshit and not needed.

  • i hope nick harris back in motogp

  • :) :) :) I see you. :) :)

  • Of course something has to go against Rossi again. This time he does the work to get into Q2 then they cancel his lap because he exceeded track limits for less than a second. But don't worry. Rossi will not become a back marker like a lot of the grand prix and championship winners in the past did.

  • Shame Rins sent so early, the race just would've been better