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Pubblicato il 5 mar 2019
Drawing of Lisa(ลลิษา มโนบาล), from K-pop group BLACKPINK(블랙핑크).
- Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901, Prismacolor Premier
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  • I want to die for black pink I'm very bigger fah of there😔😔

  • Không thể tưởng tượng nổi quá đỉnh trên cả tuyệt vời..

  • Guau

  • make professional prints and sell them!

  • ..absolutely brilliant artist: no sketch, straight to finish!!... and the result is stunning!!

  • NI HUI LAI...

  • good

  • Even better than the Mona *LISA*. (sorry guys, I tried.)

  • has the K-Pop idol painted by drawholic been seen by the original K-Pop idol?

  • O melhor que eu já vi

  • روز ی خواهد رسید که انسان هزاران معشوق برای خودش خلق کنه بدون حسادت و کینه و دشمنی در صلح و ارامش اتسان خدا خواهد شد

  • I doff for you

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  • Exelente trabajo no cabe duda que tienes talento,dale gracias Dios.

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  • Wow.Nice,You are good at drawing

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  • Lisa, you are incredible You are so very gifted. Hope you find all you want. You deserve it. I know your special.

  • I LOVE Lisa

  • What kind of paper is that?

  • I like it

  • Fua wacho Que mark son los lapices ? XD (LO ESCRIBO POR Q SE Q NADIE ME VA A ENTENDER JAJAJA)

  • Woooow!!!!

  • This is extremely gorgeous do you do this for other people please comment back and let me know I would love to have a portrait done of my mom and my dad who are no longer with me please comment back thank you very much for this video


  • Nicest artists

  • Mind blowing talent

  • Exelente al 100

  • Hello, great drawing, I enjoyed a lot. Have you used cold or hot press paper? thanks ❤️ 🌹

  • Crazy good!

  • Lisa

  • Félicitations 🎊 🤗 ! ❤️.... Super 👌 votre dessin !... Une vraie maître, une vraie artiste 🎨 !... Bonne continuation et beaucoup de succès ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️....

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  • Flawlessly amazing! This artist is unprecedented! I wish I could buy it for a million.

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  • I really want to meet lisa😢😭 can you all guys pray for that one day I will meet lisa I wil be very thankful 😢😢😚😘😘😭and also other member's

  • How many days have you do this

  • How the fuck is that even possible *JUNGSHOOK MODE ON*

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  • Todos hablan ingles y yo no yo soy mexicana

  • S E N S A C I O N A L

  • I ❤️Lisa

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  • Creativity and more

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