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Pubblicato il 30 apr 2016
THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it!!! I was born in Guangzhou, China! My Chinese name is Wen-Jie (see the resemblance) I just want you know that you guys have changed my life so much. I love you. ❤ Wengie Video's ❤ S U B S C R I B E ❤ bit.ly/make-life-beautiful My childhood experience video: bit.ly/219WqTm BF Tag: bit.ly/1IWaFFD
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The Wonderful World of Wengie is Australia's Top Asian Beauty Channel and the 4th most subscribed beauty and lifestyle channel. I have a passion for beauty, fashion and psycho analysing situations. On my channel you'll find:
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I've lived on instant noodles to buy designer handbags, worn $2 dresses and own so much make up, I could make-over a travelling circus.
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