Dragon Ball Heroes - Episode 17 [English Sub]

Pubblicato il 27 ott 2019
Source(s) : Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Episode 17 [Promo Clip]
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This is a promotional anime for a card/arcade game, and will not be released on TV in an official capacity, so there won't be any legal way to watch the series. Specifically, this promotional anime covers the Prison Planet arc, a story told in the SDBH manga published in the bimonthly Saikyō Jump.
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  • 1:06 lol all those spinning balls and nobody tries to DODGE! So sad lol

  • Have you ever noticed all the baldies in dragon ball Dende Nail Piccolo Hit Jiren Krillin Tien Roshi Ginyu Tagoma Frieza Frost Burter Guldo Spopovich Babidi Beerus Champa Slug Just a few

  • Hit and jiren 2 bald versions of goku and vegeta

  • Whis Can one shot beerus Hearts Can’t lay a finger on beerus Whis is weaker than hearts Seems legit

  • The 2 edgiest characters fighting together? A dream come true

  • My hair is swept back and that's why I'm cool. I also have six days path orbs but green

  • I want to see the rest it looks interesting

  • Jiren is a paid actor

  • This is so obviously a copy of the truth seeker orbs on obito when he was the ten tails jinchuruki. Hearts even has the spikes on his back like obito did Edit: wow I just finished watching it and they even copied the fall meteor from when Marada was the ten tail jinchuriki

  • They should call hearts the god of cubes not the god killer

  • If gogeta can beat hearts than why he always entry at last

  • This is omega

  • .......hearts looks like Gilgamesh in the 80s now

  • Man everytime gogeta appears .my whole body goes in current(vibrating) mode .

  • If goku and vegeta did fusion and goku went ultra instinct would vegeta be able to?

  • totally didnt copy sage of six paths ball power

  • Dio we know some underaged kid Beat you so please stop throwing a tantrum

  • can we talk about how both dragon ball super continuations nerfs everyone?

  • piccolo is shining in dragon ball heros but where the fuking gohan he also need to come back ? :D

  • I smell gogeta ultrastnct...when the next episode??

  • Anyone notice that hearts looks like a golden omega Shenron 😂😂

  • Jiren is voiced by dio in the English dub and jiren is fighting hearts who is voiced by Japanese dio and on top of that hit is voiced by English dub jotaro so it all comes back to jojo

  • Where’s episode 18 is been over a month now 🤨😡😡

    • It was suppose to come out early this month but they changed the release date to the 22nd

  • some naruto show lmfaoooo

  • stupid

  • Attacking at god tier is ruining cities, my god. Piccolo could do that before Raditz arrived🤣🤣

  • This is all Naruto

  • How is Piccolo not dead

  • Copied from Naruto.. 1. Truth seeking orb in the back of hearts 2. Planetary Devastation

  • so this is the power of the minecraft sun 3:56

  • Hearts uses cubes and suddenly he becomes a god slayer but now he uses spheres and he defeats the entire team. Then more cubes XD

  • The names in Dragon ball sure are kinda retarded. Also how is it that Gogeta stands a better chance than Full powered Jiren? We're talking about a guy who put up a hell of a fight against mastered Ultra instinct Goku.

  • *Those green balls are pretty much truthseeker orbs*

  • Hearts with the power of the universe seed looks like nature in his final form

  • Guys is this new

  • I can beat him with one finger.

  • kuta

  • When is next episode coming out? I need exact info.

  • 3:11 So Gogeta vs Dio (The World)

  • this quality.

  • Hearts sounds like a clown when he was laughing at Gogeta


  • How was Jiren seriously injured by those attacks? And Goku's STILL ALIVE WHAT KIND OF PLOT ARMOR DOES HE HAVE?

  • Man why it takes so long for a new one to come out i have to search every where almost everyday to find a new episode

  • Gogeta stands no chance against him

  • so he is just like madara and nagato combine huh??? oh yea and haguromo too six ball at the back that he can control and some shira tensei skill lol thats OLD~~~

  • what has db come to? this is trash

  • I’m tired of waiting so damn long for a 5min episode 😡😤

  • What if goku ssj4 and vegeta ssj4 come and join the fight then fusion Gogeta ssj4

  • If anyone has watched 3 idiots,then Goku is ranchoddas chanchad Everytime chill.. Vegeta is chatur or director of ICU.and Gohan is far best Raju always scared but has such great potential....

  • Very disappointed for deley from one episode to another episode 😡😡😡

  • Who's still waiting for next episode 18

  • Dragonball really needs to work on character designs. Most of the attacks are like voodoo magic.

  • Episode 18 taking so long beacuse they are thinking about look of gogeta When he become Ultra instinct

  • Why wasn't gogeta ssj in the start as in the kai???

  • Db fans:Fusion is not worthy a chellenge to an angel. Sdbh:Hold my Beer...

  • Dang. Who knew all we had to do was use our hearts to kill gods?

  • Jiren should be more powerful than gogeta

  • Orbs like Sage of Six paths, Universal Pull like Pain, and Summoning of Meteor sized asteroid from the sky. Too many comparisons to Naruto Shippudden here

  • I swear I missed the old days 20 minute video everyone watching this anime this was at the top and they didn’t even take long to do an upload like a week now it’s taking a month and 7 minutes