Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTron

Pubblicato il 15 apr 2019
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  • Everybody complaining about Jon accepting a sponsorship from raid seems to not want Jon to make money or make videos anymore, congratulations you have 0 idea how business works

  • Man, i love JonTron! *He adverstised RAID: Shadow Legends* I love him slightly less than i used to.

  • wundebar!!!!

  • Raid, Shadow Legends

  • anyone else notice the happy wheels sound? 5:26

  • 16:06 worst nerf gun EVER.

  • 11:03 did he say cocaine?

  • The English translation say the gentle disc but i don’t think thats it

  • "Decentered disks"

  • Whats the music at 10:52

  • 5:12 I don't know what the hell the first word was, but he said "(????) discs". I presume he was talking about a slipped disc, but I don't know why he couldn't have just said "slipped"

  • while watching this video about a thing for back pain, i got an ad for another think for back pain small world, huh

  • Wunderbar

  • Predator is in mortal kombat john if you took the time to know that and care about your content you fraud you wouldn’t have to question yourself

  • 1:12 skip intro timestamp


  • The pain med is called ibuprofen

  • R A I D S H A D O W L E G E N D S

  • Um... Dr. Ken Jeong (also comedian and actor) is married to Dr. Trinh Ho. There are likely several Doctors named Ho.

  • how would you say something belongs to creameans ? its creameanss ? creameans's ? creameansss ? creameanss's ?


  • @JonTronShow 5:22 I believe he said “degenerative disc”

  • 10:55 At least it’s not restricting his breathing

  • Soo, nobodys gonna talk about how he manages to fire a whole bullet and casing at 1:48? lmao

    • @WingMaster562 railgun using cartridges from normal guns

    • Whenever it happens, it means they're in cahoots with Aperture Science. Firing that is like 33% more bullet!

  • Raid Shadow Legends is ass and I'm unsubbing.

  • Please make a Jon Tron Bond FIlm. Like do a whole thing. This was too funny!!

  • Gets add for raid the gets Jon tron to explain

  • Because Dr Ho is kind of like “Dr No” Literally took me the whole video for my brain to get that.

  • 11:44 y is this in there😂

  • 1:12 to skip the ad

  • Did Jon really go out and buy a torture rack just for a single cutaway gag?

  • This thing is actually approved for Medicare...what is life

  • Funny thing is: predator is in mortal kombat now

  • Raid shadow legends is the biggest waste of time of 2020

  • This is basically just a haramaki


  • Missed your intro because I had to skip threw the add for a varry useless unplayable mobal game


  • I really wish they would actually make that movie.....

  • Jon can make even an ad entertaining

  • 3:26

  • Dr.ho's-making embracing possible

  • jon's "pitch" as the hunchback actually kinda made more sense than Dr. Ho's "pitch"

  • The last 30 sec of the show was super awesome 💯💯

  • So he built a torture thingy for that 3 second scene? 😁😁

  • You lie 0:00

  • What's the 8Bit song used when he was flying aroun 10:50?

  • I like how he shot the bullet and the case

  • Getting a back pain ad on this video, not sure this is the best place for that.

  • Dr.Ho is on Canadian TV every morning. Every. Morning.

  • Lol your editor doesn't know how bullets work in the James Bond bit lol the whole thing doesn't come out of the gun 😂

  • Dude how the f do you keep so fresh with jokes/sketches? You're like the Saint Augustine of YT comedy (that's good btw). Also props to Dr Ho for being such a wisecracking bastard XD good sport

  • 3:26 6:50

  • Selling corsets to fat boomers

  • i had respect... until you sponsored rai... raid sha..*gags* raid shado...*barfs* i cant even say it. im hurt jon, deep wounds.

  • When I clicked on the video there's a raid shadow legends ad. I skipped the ad and see you advertising raid shadow legend. Am I just seeing things?

  • I got a raid ad before the video coincidence I THINK NOT.

  • 9:24 did you Just... Why

  • I gotta know what the song is at around 12:13 like jesus