DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

Pubblicato il 27 feb 2017
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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen


  • Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers.

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    • Really 2 years already... And no One.. Really NO ONE.. Found the Top Gun reference in the beginnig of high wall of lothric? "Danger Zone" music

    • That mask of the father Easter egg was amazing


    • oh wonderfull video man !!!!

  • muito foda kkkkkkkkkk

  • last scene exactly me

  • 2:29 is that supposed to be Conan O'Brien

  • 🎶Biiiiiiiiiiig Faaaaaat dooooooog 🎶

  • I lost it when the nameless king showed up. :'D

  • 15:39 me with life

  • Stranger stranger, got a lot of interesting merchandise on sale!

  • Gamers cock !!!! 😂

  • Dark Souls aka Yes daddy harder. the game series the last part I relate with so much

  • 動畫做得很棒

  • *Quality Content*

  • If this is how your actual play through went, then you aren’t good at timing attack games.

  • 17:43 love the Skyrim reference 😂

  • I absolutely love how he spelled Strenght

  • 14:32 Sans!

  • Did you actually trademark pudding of the lords? Lmfao

  • WOW. I've just gotten into Dark Souls 3 recently and found your video, and I just have to say that this is the funniest parody I've ever seen. I think I must have watched this video like 10 times. Just so Amazing. You are a genius. Thank you for such an entertaining spin on such a hardcore game. So much fun. You should try a spin on Bloodborne. That would be Awesome funny.

  • I really want to play a modded play though of Dark Souls 3 that makes it like this animation. Especially the environmental kills.

  • PC Piece of Crap What for they bought it ?


  • I remember watching this video Back in 2016 still hilarious

  • I lost it at the guy with the broken sword at the Abyss Watchers door. Priceless. Edit: And the lollipop covered in shit. Edit: The Guts cosplayer was a nice touch.

  • Dark souls 3 : fun for the whole family 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • We got a JoJo reference, DBZ reference, Soul Caliber reference, etc. This is filled with references.

  • Not bad for a character that never upgraded their equipment or leveled up.

  • Fue entretenida su animación lo felicito por hacer un excelente trabajo

  • 5:04 thats the first and last time the firekeeper acts like a normal person

  • 14:32 it looks like sans had the bad time

  • I think you should do dark souls 1 too

  • lol, that luck would have worked well against the big boy with the right weapon. yeah i noticed the weapon scaling dummie note. Love your work so much passion on these.

  • 15:12 the windows look like dicks

  • 18:11 this floating message is legendary XD

  • now we know why that coffin was open 4:17 the legend never dies

  • It's pretty good. Love the metal gear references.

  • 17mil views and only 600k subs, come on guys don’t be greedy

  • Hahaha! Exactly what I did.

  • for someone who never played any ds games but the 3rd i so feel this vid

  • you skip the big dog

  • You thought I was the boss but no, it was me DIO

  • What a F***in P***y

  • i would so watch cops with Lando PD...

  • This is so well done, holy cow. Didn’t watch past 22:27 because I haven’t finished the game yet. I’ll be back someday!

  • long may the sunshine

  • Ok this is an awesome animation but why the hell did he ringed his own doorbell? Lmao

  • All Easter eggs are 0:01 - 25:24

  • 5:17 Did she get that from Oscar?


  • Well I gotta say I loved this video it is amazing. But you must be smoking crack if u think you can JUST PARRY PONTIFF LIKE ITS NOTHING??? 6 hours and not one second less...

  • This parody is really good because it does not spoiled the game and the plot I love it.

  • Can you do mass effect please

  • 16:06 can i get the false shepard tattoo?

  • This Video is just so awesome! I finished Dark souls 1 and 2.. But when I played dark souls 3 it was way to hard for me(casual)... After I saw this video tho it brought back the fun for me - hard to explain! All I should say is:Awesome Work!!

  • Confirmed that the Lord of Cinder is a stand user.

  • Just realized the emerald herald at 4:00 Bear seek seek lest

  • Hello

  • Did the soul of cinder have a stand

  • Good Cartoon

  • Amazing!


    • I was stuck on them for ages. I backtracked, killed the outrider knight that I had skipped past at the entrance on the Road of Trials, and then, after equipping it, beat them on my first try. It was pathetically easy. Guess different builds face different challenges.

    • cause some people cant learn or get gud