DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

Pubblicato il 27 feb 2017
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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen


  • Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers.

  • Nice bloodborne reference

  • 16:32 omg shovel knight shovel

  • 2:29 *creates conan*

  • i like the prince symbol

  • Они бы еще Гундиру геморой полечили

  • Lol my god,, you have become a bonfire How do you come up with this XD

  • 2:29 Kakyoin???!!!!

  • So uh I just bought the game and now I’m using this as a guide

  • 17:59 Bellissimo Guts, anche se troppo felice per essere lui.

  • 14:56 on the information "Beware! They look good but they give you weak spots." down singed -Coolskeleton95.It's Papyrus.

    • There's also a hidden Sans at 14:40 on the left

  • 14:32 sans head

  • Lol the gun hustler from RE4... WWWELCOME STRANNNGAH!

  • 10000000000/10

  • still coming back to this i wish i knew the music used so epic

  • ネタが細かい

  • So anybody notice the two Easter egg skeleton heads at 14:45

  • I love how your food lore fits in with the real lore

  • 7:40, what's that game ?

  • 14:32 SANS

  • That looks pretty. (WOW)

  • Please explain too me why the f*ck you need too play the first 2 too play the third one. For crying out loud I played Assassins Crees III without even knowing what it was I just played it.

  • Who wants some of my grandmas pudding

  • You're trash

  • 18:52 How i felt beating Iudex Gundyr...

  • 2:23 cuz they're supposed to.

  • 19:28 Is that a jojo reference?

  • 19:27 Joseph once he's caught the curse

  • 4:00 did anyone else see the emerald herald in the background

  • 13:24 lol

  • The fire keeper is best waifu and you can’t @ me on that

  • So practically this is dark souls

  • Haha I bought Dark Souls 3 for 15 bucks on steam, The price was attractive, si I thought I've done a good business . Friends of mine said to buy it, that I can play DS 3 without playing the 1 and 2, yeah yeah it will be fun they said.... I've never experienced so much frustration in my life :S (But great game, very immersive, I like the lore)

  • Every time I start a new walkthrough I always see cemetery of ass

  • That's great, dude! It is good, so good indeed! :)

  • Bloodbourne: *”Am I just a joke to you?”*

  • Just 1 word " Masterpiece ! "

  • Whoever did the old lady voice, congrats. You totally had me fooled into thinking it was the actual game intro voice-over. ...Until the second line, that is.

  • I dind't play dark souls 1-2 but I loved Dark Souls 3

  • Appearence scale "a lot" in both sides lol

  • did u know that in 15:00 papyrus from undertale sended that message

  • 16:00

  • This is creeping up on happy souls. Good.

  • I just beat DS3, i waited 2 and a half years to watch this, love your work, great video, now I have to get the DLC so I can watch your new video :p

  • 23:24 Is that Soul Edge on the foreground?

  • Hope you all enjoyed :) expect Silence II with higher standards and no wall hacks!

  • 17:43 I think i was the only one who saw Jon Snow here

  • как в кс: "русские есть?"

  • Holy shit the dead organ guy with the horrible music cracks me up every time.

  • ...i want some majestic pudding.