DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

Pubblicato il 27 feb 2017
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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen


  • Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers.

    • Matthew Shezmen I see that I am a couple years too late. But. That being said. Just wanted to say bravo. I am new to dark souls 3. And wow. I nailed it lol.

    • can u make sekiro parody?

    • New videos Subscribe ❤!!!

    • Really 2 years already... And no One.. Really NO ONE.. Found the Top Gun reference in the beginnig of high wall of lothric? "Danger Zone" music

    • That mask of the father Easter egg was amazing

  • In the pontiff fight, what is the shield being referenced?

  • 你的不死隊怎麼沒有他媽的第二型態

  • didn't know there was a 2 let alone a 3. 1 was so buggy w the camera getting stuck at weird positions i never got past the 1st level before I quit

  • 10:49 the best :DDDD

  • Btw this whole time it kinda infuriates me that he had Rosalia change his appearance but NOT HIS FUCKING STATS. idiot ._.

  • Thanks to this video I could meet Dark Souls Thanks Shez!! :)

  • Fuck dark souls

  • o cara joga dark souls usando mause e teclado assim não da kkkkkkkkkkk

  • I watched this before I played the souls series, now I actually get the jokes lol. Sorta did before but now I relate if that makes sense lol.

  • had the game for a while, finally sat down and played through it and the dlc mainly so i can watch your cartoon without spoiling the game, the previous ones were majestic and so was this one, amazing work dude!

  • The ending was 100% me

  • do dying light/ tlou

  • I too played the 3rd game first and everything that you put in this animation was my experience to a T🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and afterwards I got hooked on the franchise😭😭😭 it was a fun ass time my fellow Italian friend😭😭😌😌

  • Abyss Watchers: We pwn Casuals every single day! Pontiff Sulyvahn: Hold my Beer.. Nameless King: Hold my Dragon...

    • Light Scaliber struggled with abyss watchers more than pontiff however nameless king yaaaaaa I summoned someone for that bs

  • the most accurate part was the dead person on the organ

  • Did anyone else notice the zzz from the tower 8:06

  • 0:22 thats 100% me playing Dark Souls 3 before playing the other 2

  • 2:29 is that Conan O'brien?

  • Nice bloodborne reference on the tattoo gag.


  • Знающие, объясните разницу между Оцелот и оцелОт

  • кстати очень странно что те "ветераны " подохли еще быстрей чем он потому что ну кого кого а уж хранителей бездны эти поцыки с сетами которые еще нужно где то найти уж точно бы убили тем более вдвоем

  • So Kool and funny, now it makes me buying the game

  • This video sucks!!! Skeletons dont have watches!! XD

  • DS3 was my first DS game and I beat my first run like a few days ago. It’s crazy how accurate this is because now I’m on my first run of dark souls 1 :D

  • #darcksouls1

  • The dark souls 3 world record speed run is around 30 minutes While Matthew, **while dying and being hit still destroys the game in 20 minutes**

  • 와 ㅅㅂ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이게뭐야 ㅋㅋㅋ 스토리가 너무웃긴데 덕분에 재미있게 보고싶네요 구독 감니다

  • Dead Witcher in the back

  • Anyone else notice the nuke cola

  • Not gonna lie, that ending was basically me after finally beating Dark Souls 1


  • I am somewhat Italian and I approve this message. Shez has a fucking awesome accent

  • This animation is great! I can see you put a massive amount of work into this. Well done! I also love the little easter eggs you put into threw out the parody!

  • 15:00 really happy to heard some italian words

  • Adamantium shield, final fantasy reference?

  • Hope you never listen to a doubter or nay sayer this stuff is great. Ive watched this multiple times. Thanks man

  • why does your friend in the blue shirt sound like that guy from gamestop thats always talking on the TV's in there

  • On 20:59 the wax hat he wears hadn‘t covered his mouth so why did he has to hold his breath?

  • this is BRILLIANT, cant believe ive only just seen this now well done team

  • Lmao this is the most accurate representation of the game. Wow, well done!!!

  • What do you use to make these animations!?!?!? I love this

  • I wanna watch this 10 more times

  • переводите это! пожалуйста

  • The end of it is soooo trueee

  • Essa animação é simplesmente incrível e muito bem feita.

  • 23:06 After playing the fight and hear the Plin plin plon, I get that is Gwyn

  • 6:14 me playing Dark Souls

  • was that a fucking jojos reference bit hard to spot being invisible and all

  • things i loved about this: overwatch's mark at 10:17 dishonored's tatoo at 16:06 berserk at 17:57 touch my left boo..(darkness within me)

  • 21:35 slam and jam 2 the slammening

  • Dork Souls 1 and 2?

  • When you rage before REAL HELL starts

  • done like the art design

  • 17:56 OH YEAH GUTS

  • 7:54 exactly the words i said when i saw him

  • I don't get the dead or alive joke



    • Derrick Parham Thanks man👍🏻

    • Use embers sparingly. Don't rush into areas. Your shield is either your best friend or your worst enemy. Backstab. That arrow giant at the top of the tower will be your friend if you talk to him. When you get to the swamp with the crabs stay on the outside of it untill you know your way around. And don't talk to the guys with a crucifix tied to their backs. When you get to the toxic swamp rolling is your best way of getting through it quick. Get your poise up. After that, you'll be in the Pontinfinite Staminavahn waiting room.