Don't Talk Into The Mic, Win $1,000 - Challenge

Pubblicato il 20 lug 2019
I went up to random strangers at the beach and put a mic to their mouth. If they stay silent, I give them $100, but if they talk, they lose!
Original Video From Jimmy Kimmel Live -
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • Which city should I come to to do this next? ;)

  • Come to Croatia to Šibenik

  • Why is everyone getting it in FAZE RUG vid But in JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE everyone screws it up

  • Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbm!?

  • Wheres my 100 i didnt talk

  • The tittle says $1000 He says $100 Happy 2020 btw

  • U made my day too lol

  • He should not tell the people to not talk he should just put the mic over the people

  • Why does it say 1000

  • Come to Washington state!!!!! Plzzzz

  • 12:46 what the heck was he doing

  • If you sub to me I will bush back

  • how can i lose 1000 dollars when i don't even have 1 dollar lol

  • Hi guys please help me to get 1000 subscribe to my channel and im giving $1000 giveaway.

  • It says 1,000 when it’s 100-

  • the guy in the hole with towers around i saw on tiktok

  • If you want to do a hundred dollars on this vid make sure the labeling is correct ok 👌🏻

  • Completely copied Jimmy kimmel

  • Wait title 1000$ rug gives 100

  • Portland

  • I I h I ha I hav I have I have a I have a c I have a cr I have a cru I have a crus I have a crush I have a crush o I have a crush on I have a crush on b I have a crush on br I have a crush on bra I have a crush on brai I have a crush on brain

  • My dogs name is Sadi

  • U lost cuz u always say 'dont talk'

  • My dream come true is to meet u

  • DO IT IN Robbinsville

  • Broski you said 1,000

  • ThE ocEan sUckEd mE iN

  • 9:34 hi doggy

  • i love how brian writes 1000 in each challenge and its actually 100

  • Go to Michigan jonesville that were my cousin lives I live in California

  • $1000


  • To me this is a bad copy of what Jimmy Kimmel did on his show but, much weird done by a brainless kid who dont know how to waste money he won with a 14M subs channel

  • Fresno

  • this is how many people are reading the comments while watching the video | | | V

  • Rug: If you guys liked the video be sure to drop a like button

  • Funny yet stupid

  • Anyone who thumbs down is a dick

  • Title: Don’t talk into the mic win $1,000 Rug: Don’t talk into the mic win $100

  • didn't you say it is 1000 bucks in the title though it actually is 100

  • The title is $1,000 and the video its only a 100

  • You sed 1,000$

  • 7:01 like justin lol

  • Come to VA or Fairfax

  • You mean win $100 and giving out a total of $1000...

  • Rug: Don't talk into the mic and win 100 bucks Me: OMG FAZE RUG!! FAZE RUG!!

  • 6:18 he sister snatched the $100

  • Next vid idea cutting people’s legs off then giving them wheelchairs

  • Reply

  • Faze

  • I am in forth grade lol

  • Well, jokes on you tug but I don’t have 1000 dollars so I have nothing to lose

  • Go to san Francisco

  • You should ask them "you got the rules? what was the rules?"

  • I've seen vlogs, but your channel is just emotional always, you are always giving away. and God loves that and will reward you. i love you always

  • You just the give people that locked porr ore semes difrent and They didint iven make itthe 100


  • Well I mean he said that he spent 1,000even tho he did not

  • U said 💬1,000 not 100

  • That lady in the hat was so confused😭