Don't Talk Into The Mic, Win $1,000 - Challenge

Pubblicato il 20 lug 2019
I went up to random strangers at the beach and put a mic to their mouth. If they stay silent, I give them $100, but if they talk, they lose!
Original Video From Jimmy Kimmel Live -
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • Which city should I come to to do this next? ;)

  • Faze rug can I please get a shout out for my birthday all I wanted was a shout out from u and could u please shout my yt out 😊👊🏽❤️

  • 🙏🏼🤘🏻

  • Is that mission bay or p.b i wish i was there to see you

  • 9:32 anyone see that dog haha

  • That was a good video faze rug good job . I was entertained!!

  • can you pay for my scholarship?

  • Lol I wouldn't be able to lose 1K cuz I don't have 1K

  • You should have done it with homeless people

  • Just put the mic up to the face and don’t say nothing lol

  • Do part 2 please😂

  • You should carry around $10’s for the losers at least you don’t feel bad when they lose

  • Come to ARIZONA!!! 🌵

  • Hi rug you don’t talk just give mic to them ask you a question

  • Dumb way to play

  • What's outro music name

  • he’s so sweet !! he should do this challenge with the homeless ☹️

  • Are we not gunna talk about the dog in the back @ 9:34 ?😂😭

  • Goes up to mute person

  • It’s funny seeing faze rug talking to old people or kids 😂 love the vids

  • The doggo at 9:34.

  • First guy looked like nipsey

  • Who realized the black lady didn't get 100 for effort but ik he's not raisist

  • Lol 9:33 the dog 🐕

  • Faze Rug: Don’t talk in the mic My cousin/the toddler: Bruh

  • Faze your the kindest person ever

  • Rug Do Challenges for richs only Poor People:Please Give Me 2Bucks

  • #1

  • Do a part 2

  • I use to live at San Diego but not anymore I wanna go now bc u live there 😭😢

  • My uncle started faze clan

  • Bro you're so nice men

  • this made me so happy to watch to plus im new to ur channel :)

  • 1 like = 1 prayer for rugs shoes

  • Faze Rug you should go to a retirement village or a school


  • Bro this was a good video that was really nice of you giving away hundred dollars two random people

  • Honestly you are such a kind person, if everyone on this earth was like you it would be a lot better

  • come to london

  • I thought that was nipsey huddle


  • Go to random store and buy athing ewith money and tell them to keep the change

  • You have a heart of Gold

  • Jou need to make it more dificult

  • For the effort 😂

  • Imperial it's like 1hr away from your house

  • Imperial

  • Imperial

  • Rug is just such a respectful youtuber. He asks before he films, he credits his camera man, and credits people if he used inspiration from other content creators.

  • that’s a cool challenge.. lmfao

  • Coolest videossssss

  • You have say $100 but you have written $1000

  • Uuuum the title says "dont talk to the mic and win 1000 dollars" *coughs* but... u actually win """"100"""" *coughs* LIARRRR

  • Just fucking explain why you wrote 1000 in the title, this is how you lose people

  • dog at 9:32

  • Wait u were in a rip tide

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  • FaZe Rug you actually deserve 20 million subs and I know you will hit That amount of subs in the near future

  • You should have done it with homeless

  • I speak urdu comment below if you speak urdu