Don't Fall off the Retracting Plank!! | Answer Wrong and Your Plank Gets Shorter!

Pubblicato il 6 ago 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we balance on a plank while we answer trivia questions! If we get it wrong, the plank gets shorter! There are pools of messy items beneath us so get ready to get messy!!
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  • 5:08 it says finer answer.

  • So unfair... Lego. Thats the worst nightmare ever, unfair punishment compared to the others.

  • Hey does anyone now who is the oldest and the youngest of bryan Kevin and Marvin

  • Do this in blind fold edition 😉😂

  • 3:13 Come on, Joey; it is Astronaut

  • 3:21 I just laughed

  • I love Joey's screams. They're so funny

  • 3:18

  • I ❤ Joey!!!!

  • wait, those guys arent the same person?

  • 9:44 (watches DK walk into frame not doing work) Matthias: GET THE BELT!

  • Anyone get triggered when they spelled finer answer not final answer

  • 9:53 oh mah gawd mah fav animal a dragon :0

  • False groot said we are groot

  • Proud hufflepuff

  • 9:43 I see you.

  • Joey is standing on a wooden plank with no shoes or socks on..

  • Hey guys

  • 1:12 me:plays war robots the puestion:wh.. me:GOLD!!!!

  • Kind of happy he didnt get dropped into legos from a story up cause ouch

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Kevin: What?

  • 13:28 “Chris, Chris” 😭😭

  • 12:58 BYE BYEEEEEEE did that make anyone else laugh 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • i love this video like this comment if you do too

  • 12:19 Female Pop Stars Joey: Billie Irish Me a fan of Billie Eilish: *laughs so hard*

  • Fog head leghorn is a looney tunes character

  • Bryan got favorited again

  • Bobby said jigglypuff harry potter fans be triggerd

  • 7:17 Do you know what i feel about complainers? Farts*...Dang go shortens bobbys plank!

  • Bobby:ahh it just egg 🥚 Joey:ahh it just nacho cheese 🧀 Marvin:why LEGO’s why legooooos This is how good team edge is | ¥

  • The groot question was incorrect. At the end he says 'we are groot'. So he says 5 words in the movie, not 3.

  • Am I the only one that noticed that Joey had a Bryan team edge shirt?

  • I am so relieved that Bryan won and didnt have to fall into a Legos cause that would hurt a lot

  • 9:02 that's an Undertale sound

  • Did anyone else see DK? Like if you did

  • Why did Joey say "yes I will be there"

  • As a Kansan I'm disappointed in Byran

  • 7:58 "Who is on the 10 dollar bill?" Joey: "Benjamin Franklin??" Me: " *ALEXANDER HAMILTON* "

  • Poor Marvin he is scared of hights and has the worst fall (Lego) Lucky Bryan took over.

  • Work

  • Did anyone see the two small things that said the people not doing there woem

  • The quastion about groot was wrong he sad i am groot and we are groot

  • Why does Joey wears team edge bryan

  • Joey already said selena Gomez

  • “Who is on the ten dollar bill?” Me:THE TEN DOLLAR FOUNDING FATHER WITHOUT A FATHER

  • When Kevin said, "Star Sailor" it sounded like he said, "Star Savior".

  • Papaya

  • Billie Ellishe does all times of music except country and a think rap... Also sorry for spelling.

  • You are so cute!

  • I don’t have a middle name to

  • 9:44 what do the word in the bottom left corner say??😕

  • When he asked who is on the ten dollar bill, I scream Ed “ ALEXANDER HAMILTON” ( because I am a big fan of the broadway play) and when he got it wrong I got so mad, lol.

  • We are groot

  • By the way Billie Eilish does pop and even though he said Irish, he did mean Eilish

  • Love Kevin's concern for marvin being afraid of heights while Bryan is amused

  • 9:43 u can see DK in the bottom left corner

  • charlets wed

  • Yo Au stands for gold

  • “Alfa, beta and gema.” Greek people: aRe We A jOkE tO yOu

  • 8:29 Groot said 4 words in guardians of the Galaxies, 'I, am, Groot and we