Dodgeball: 2020 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2020
Dodgeball: 2020 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown
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  • This was fun to watch

  • Jarvis is only invited to the pro bowl so he can beat everyone in dodgeball


  • nice

  • "Why do grown Men Love playing Dodgeball?" what kind of stupid question is that? Its Dodgeball woman,, jeez


  • Jarvis Landry SHOWED UP & OUT

  • Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.

  • Finally the Browns won something

  • where is my boy derrick henry

  • This should be it's own thing. It's own tournament, It's own league, It's own playoffs, and a trophy to go with it too. Not just another NFL thing

  • Gotta show these boys how its done

  • ROFL!! They all turn into a bunch of 8 year olds immediately after the first game starts!! Hahahahaha!!!

  • i was just talking about how there should be arcades with dodge ball AND THEN I SEE THIS 2020

  • These people suck at dodgeball

  • They're going to upgrade Jarvis Landry's catching in Madden, even though it's super high

  • P

  • Cheating in the first 10 seconds of the game and Bill Belichick nowhere to be found. Well.... just because he was not there does not mean he was not cheating. We all know the truth and the NFL covering it up for him.

  • It was awesome to see nfl football players to play dodgeball and to see Lamar Jackson in action.

  • toi

  • hi

  • Why would grown men who already play such a deep, strategic, highly athletic game waste their time playing such a grade school sport like football?

  • If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a superbowl

  • Völkerball>Dodgeball

  • These must be the cool kids in my school

  • I miss Odell in this event❤️

  • This totally different from the dodgeball I played in elementary school years ago!

  • Worst game of dodgeball I’ve ever seen. Jarvis Landry was awesome though.

  • “Get dat moneeey,Get dat moneeey”😂

  • Lamar, that was a false start my guy

  • this is actually the best skills comp event i've ever seen.

  • Id rather watch dodgeball than american football. Much more fun

  • Madden??? PUT THIS ON

  • LJ#8 gonna leave nfl for professional dodgeball

  • Lamar "I came here to play dodgeball" Jackson. Lol.

  • Im not gonna lie, dodgeball is now my favorite part of the probowl

  • Bunch of professional athletes playing a kids game. Gotta love it

  • It’s like field day I bet the players like this a lot



  • Jarvis Landry is extremely talented

  • Davante Adams did NOT cross the mid-line... That is some BS

  • I use to bust ass in dogeball my gym teacher called it war ball.

  • What is with the bucket hats

  • Their allowed to wear gloves? really?

  • Anyone else feel like they could have easily competed in this with pro athletes lmao

  • cool

  • I’m a simple man. I see Lamar Jackson playing dodgeball I watch it.

  • Wtf am I watching!? Has this always been a thing?

  • Ah yes, Dodgeball, the sport that can turn forge friendships into a brotherhood or a friendship into an enemy.

  • It's cool to see how they are just playing around and having fun

  • All black people playing and not one white person in the comment complaining. If this were all white players the comment will be filled with black people having a deep cry!

  • Still the undisputed greatest phys Ed class game ever

  • Bro this person said I’m not out I saw him get hit

  • This is a cool idea

  • Totally missed an opportunity to say "bold move, let's see if it pays off."

  • Cowards


  • Who looked up who has the most rushing TDs in football after watching the ad?

    • Can we add this to the super bowl half time show??

  • They’re lucky no one was throwing wrenches out there...