DO NOT Choose The WRONG SPIRAL LUCKY BLOCK PORTAL in Minecraft! - Lucky Block Portal Mini-Game

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
We are playing Spiral Lucky Block Portals in Minecraft!
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We are playing Lucky Block Spiral Portals in Minecraft. We must jump into Lucky Portals and gather lucky blocks. Then we will battle it out in the arena in this challenge!
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  • I think this 2nd vid went a bit better. I was slightly less nervous recording with someone else...LOL. This is Pat again btw.

  • I want Jen and Little Kelly to make a channel together!!!!!!!!

  • the most anticipated crossover of the century

  • Be careful for C.A.P.P.A

  • 7:54 is when they start It cost nothing to use so you can like or say thanks of you want to

  • Crainer cheeted

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  • Pat you are a boss at bed wars you should play against jen and crainer on the same team

  • No Homo

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  • Tip ninjago game pls pat play this game

  • Wow still cant believe what u and her just did its

  • 7:54 is when they start

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  • 6:39

  • Pat: 1 minute left 1 minute later Pat: we got one more minute.

  • i watched all your videos

  • I love this channel but I have a question. How do you share the profits do you just split it or do you do something else?

  • Person: Why do you suck at everything? Crainer: cuz im not american

  • My 2 favorite Minecraft you tubers playing together my heart can not contain it!

  • You forgot to trade the crimson thing

  • Were is Jen

  • A new beginning

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  • 2:02 Pray-ner🤷😂

  • Who misses the old arena videos

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  • Pat and Crainer are now playing together in balance so if we add Ssundee so...What'll happen to the balance??? LitDabFoot DabLitFam Dollhairs

  • 7:25 i love the awkwardness ..and u can hear some one rubbing there hands together...

  • Pat and criader are the best in the world# joe rok plies make more asim vidio i love joe

  • This is the challenge games and the hunger games combine together

  • Dammmn I never thought I would ever see a pat and crainer collab....


  • No it's crat not pariner

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  • You should make it to where in any challenge games you can heal your wolves before battle.

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