DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz

Pubblicato il 2 gen 2017
Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio
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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records
Nonotak Studio:


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  • This girl in 3:06 ran away from the clip for “Get Low by Dillon Francis and DJ Snake”

  • Thug voice is a instrument

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  • [Intro: Swizz Beatz] It's a Friday, I'm 'bout to go off Got my chains on and I'm 'bout to show off DJ Snake up in here about to go off Now go off, now go off Goddamn! [Pre-Chorus: Jeremih & Swizz Beatz] Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress On the run, nigga, gunnin' for the checks These niggas don't know the half (Show time!) These niggas don't know the half (Show time!) See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash (Goddamn!) Gettin' high for the low, shit was bad These niggas don't know the half (Say what?) These niggas don't know the half (Talk to 'em) Swear to God, these niggas don't know the half (Rewind now!) [Chorus: Jeremih] (These niggas don't know the half) Ooooohhh (Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress) [Verse 1: Jeremih] Kill 'em off like I got a mask on it Guillotine a Benz, you don't know the half of it Whole squad winnin', you got small money Don't need too many hands, I need all of it You ain't ever been around, call me 2Pac Pull up in my old hood in a new drop On that kush, on that kush, blow a cloud of it I'm the man, I'm the man, yeah I'm proud of it Blowin' bands, got 'em jumpin' out the window Shout out, shout out, pour some more and call it reload Know I pull up, pull up on 'em like a free throw Or go straight up, up the middle like I'm D. Rose Treat your chick just like a whip and get another one Wanna grab it, push it, smash and get another one See my dogs on top, that's the math of it Multiply the money up, no that's just half of it (Talk to 'em! Rewind now!) [Chorus: Jeremih] (These niggas don't know the half) Ooooohhhh (Smoke stress to get rid of the stress) [Verse 2: Young Thug] Smoke that kushy, smoke that kushy, baby Meanwhile, me and you stuntin', that lil' mushy, baby I don't want cook, I wanna book it, baby I'll knock that lil' shit out the park to let you know I'm not no rookie, baby Oh, take a breath (Take a... breath) These niggas don't know the half of the first steps (Oh my God) My day one niggas, I don't pick through, I don't stutter step (Step) That's cakin', nigga, you not a pimp, you don't know the steps (Bitch) She showered and she dry it off, and then she lay it That head done brought that dope back, like I'm in the 80s I'ma pimp the parkin' lot, I'ma let you play it (Yeah) You never 'posed to stop, but you can relay it (Yeah) And I'm like woo You don't know the half, you don't know the mothafuckin' truth (Comin' out) You don't know how much stress I release when I'm on boots (Woo) It's all a lot, you don't know what come behind the groove It's a lot, but- but get with, lil' nigga, I do (Talk to 'em! Rewind now!) [Chorus: Jeremih] (These niggas don't know the half) Oooohhhh They don't know (Smoke stress to get rid of the stress) [Outro: Young Thug] See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash Gettin' high for the low, shit was bad These niggas don't know the half These niggas don't know about it These niggas don't know the half

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  • It's 2019 and I'm just here to remind yall that Young Thug flowed on this beat like water 🤧🔥🔥🔥😭

  • Yeah yeah everyone describin how they miss this song but only true ogs/ gamers will remember that this video came out back when b03 and Resident evil 7 were getting hella popular lol

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  • Jeremih kinda sounds like Swae Lee to me lol

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  • Pone los primeros segundos de este tema y los primeros segundos del tema work de Rihanna ft Drake

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