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Pubblicato il 5 dic 2018
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  • Roses are red violets are blue , by her fake thumb nail I gave her a view😬

  • ☺️☺️

  • Whenas hay algún colombiano por acá sumercé

  • Would’ve been better if you used your voice to explain it😡

  • Thanks for watching 🤗🤗☺️😁😁😁🤗🤗😊

  • disliked for the ads

  • My next 10 subscribers will get a shoutout on my first video

  • Be careful with e6000, she will get your fingers stuck together if you aren't careful

  • I would appreciate if you would list the materials you use in the beginning of each diy would make it easier

  • You can’t see the time on the clock ⏰

  • Great idea!

  • bro we aint have dat money for a crystal ->-

  • Omg the click bait is triggering 😓

  • Hi friends , plz subscribe to my channel , thanks

  • hmm? let me just be creative and fix up this clock

  • Tenkyu ticher

  • It’s just a clock guys

  • Wtf with the clock? lmao

  • My room looks so good now!!

  • Going through the comments and everyone is hating on the clock like get over it y’all!!

  • Why do all these mostly have spray paint!

  • You can’t even see the time on the clock there’s no point in making it

  • Omg the gird thing was so fake if you look it’s out made out of wood

  • First to reply is grey

  • this is bad

  • Je suis la seule française ici ou quoi 😂

  • its called *ikea*

  • Me watching this at 1am thinking i am gonna do this

  • Your cocker is bad😑it's So hate

  • -"¿Qué hora es?"- Me: -Ehhhh... -*mira el reloj* Fíjate en tu celular

  • Clock looked sick dunno what everyone's going on about lol

  • the clock wouldn't even work because the paper is creased which the clock handles wouldn't be able to move over it... please don't destroy perfectly working objects for these bad substitutes.

  • When you’re bored: diy a clock that ruins the whole point of a clock

  • This is iridescent clock ⏰ It is being bullied for its looks. Make it feel better | \/

  • Triggered by the Sims music playing in this videos 😂🕺🏼

  • Why make a clock aesthetic if you can’t see the time

  • Biste dumm?

  • The clock, what about it?

  • First video that scammed me because of the thumbnail. Don't even watch till the end

  • That’s amazing😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍