DIY Christmas Gifts People ACTUALLY Want! (Affordable + Cute)

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
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I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! Christmas is right around the corner and I thought I would upload this video a bit earlier this year! Today I am sharing a few super cute DIY Christmas gift ideas. These can also be perfect birthday gifts as well :)
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  • Did you catch a glimpse at my new logo 👀

    • Hello. I don't understand you, but I watch all your videos because it's very interesting. By the way I'm from Russia.Translated into English with the help of an interpreter.

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    • Great ideas! 😊 I gave hot chocolate kits in mugs last year and they were more liked than I realized they would be... I gave them with a chocolate dipped spoon and a candy cane as a little something extra... but I love the crate and coasters along with personalized mugs

    • So cute

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  • pinto beans would hold heat longer than rice will

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  • i did not sign in for 2 months bc im too lazy but i love your video its so cuteeeee so i did it to subcribe and like it : )

  • I'm glad I finally found a vid with diy I can actually do

  • Great Ideas! But does anyone know where he got those gold keychain clips that he used for the macrame keychains? I can't find anything like them anywhere :/ #onthehunt

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  • Aromatherapy eye pillow 💜

  • OMG, I love how he organized his room (better than me even though I’m a girl)😅😍

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  • oh my gosh i wanna make these for myself

  • Oh my gosh! This video was recommended to me by YT, I'm just taking a lunch break from studying... and I'd been meaning to go online and do a photo-gift order but had totally forgotten about it!!! I'm in Australia and have some family in Scotland, I was going to find some place online I could order a photo gift for them - I bet I can order online from Vistaprint to deliver to the UK! AND, I love your crafts here. What a win then. Thanks algorithm for sending me here and thanks Drew for your awesome video. I'm thinking I could make the hot chocolate mix as an iced chocolate mix since it's summer here. It looks like an easy way to make a neat gift, the kids will love having the mini marshmallows in a chocolate milk.

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Another good way to hold these things for braiding is by attaching a bulldog/binder clip and nailing it to a board. Another option is a command hook on a board. that way you have a reusable set up and not have to tape it, or have adhesive on the braid itself.

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  • Don't sew through pins! They can break your needle!

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  • Suggestion: use pinking shears on the edges of the eye masks, to reduce possibillity of fraying from extended use.

  • My favorite was the customized mugs and the way you set it up! Wow 🤩

  • Literally the love child of James Charles and Shane Dawson

  • Those lavender bags should have been sewn and stuffed with the raw edges in. Perhaps embroider closed eyes on them? even sew in a ribbon to tie around your head so you can keep it on? Those bags as they stand are just too raggedy.

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  • I’ll be DIY-ing for my female cousins and aunts some body butter and exfoliating soaps :^) and ill wrap it in an origami box

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