DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy

Pubblicato il 3 apr 2019
DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy
craft cement Ideas , sand and cement
decorate house,
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  • Could have spent that time doing something productive instead

  • Nice video

  • straszne ! kiczowate i nieestetyczne.

  • OK, I sat here and watched this? I must be out of my mind. What the ---- is it? I'm so sorry but this was a total waste of MY time. Total waste of cement. All of the time that you spent on the bottom......can't even see it.


  • What. Was eisen das

  • Only can hope buy in bolk and not run out of bathroom paper because if you do wife will not so happy after all like wish for. . after that better make up lost of bathroom paper. Or unhappy wife you will hear

  • Poderia ter usado latas recicláveis assim economizaria no papel higiênico. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Was ist das?????? Und vor allem, wer putzt die ganze Sauerei weg?

  • K desperdicio cuantas cagadas con el papel.

  • I’ll tell you a secret. This is toilet paper. You are supposed to wipe your ass with it.

  • Fugly

  • Очередное черти что

  • Mie imi vine sa ma cac si uite ce face asta cu hartia igienica

  • or, you know, you can just make her a cake or smth...

  • Podria haber utilizado otra cosa en vez de confot

  • inmates a Guantanamo are forced to watch this at 0.25 playback speed on a loop

  • I think your wife would be happier if you used your time to fix the damp problem...

  • I made this for my wife. She presented it as evidence against me in court to demonstrate that she was forced to exist in a toxic, loveless relationship. the judge found in her favour and she now owns the house and half my pension. She is beside herself with joy. Thankyou

  • I think my wife would be happy if I spent less time watching videos like these.

  • a 52mil venezolanos no les gusto desperdiciar papel higienico

  • Gostei

  • So clay wasn't an option?

  • Suscribirse a çesc

  • At first I thought he was making a toilet paper holder. I was like, “this man knows exactly what would make my wife happy!”

  • Instructions unclear. Wife left me. Please, Debra come back. It’s been seven months!

  • Frightening!!! She said... I'm a bachelor again!!

  • El demente

  • Phí 10 phút thanh xuân

  • Sorry. I would be mad you wasted 5 rolls of toilet paper for an ugly hunk of cement.

  • Wrap the toilet paper rolls securely in plastic wrap before covering with cement to keep from ruining the TP. Who wants to waste good TP?

  • La traduction en français merci

  • Parfait votre site mais si vous mettez en fràncais et quel sorte de ciment et si il y a du sable et un durcisseur durcisseur dedans svp

  • Yo wasting tp like that, who hurt you!

  • 🚩🚩🚩 just stay away

  • what happened to the three chargers? does this light up?

  • كل شي حلو بس الورقه لازم تنصبغ من الداخل كمان.. والصبغ لازم يكون على الورده من الخارج. ب لون جميل

  • WHAT THE H IS IT ? Electric plugs ? All that material used to create a hunk of junk. Idiot. No subscriber here.

  • I hate cement!

  • I don't have a wife but I'd surely be dead if I wasted 5 toilet rolls for this crap