DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Total War: Saga - Fall of the Samurai: Darthmod - Obama Campaign #10

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
#10 of My Total War: Saga - Fall of the Samurai: Darthmod - Obama Campaign! Feel Free To Leave A Like If You're Enjoying The Series! Buy Fall of the Samurai and Support the Channel at the same time from Gamesplanet: uk.gamesplanet.com/game/total-war-saga-fall-of-the-samurai-steam-key--1599-4?ref=lionheartx10
Battle Timestamps:
20:34 - Divide and Conquer!
37:12 - Blast Away!
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  • There is something about the older games I like over Warhammer but I like parts of Warhammer over the old games. I'd wish the Warhammer units were bigger in numbers and the rosters were a bit bigger even if they weren't wholy lore accurate. Also effects like the smoke and weather would be nice. However Warhammer's skill trees are much more enjoyable and has a bit more unique factions.

  • Remember use the trains!!!

  • I know your clans last Name.

  • Lionheart try making a traditional Japanese army with samurais and ninjas

  • Just a couple of thoughts for maneuvering your troops on the battlefield. You really like to swing the ends of your line forward to try and envelop the enemy, but when you do that you need to be careful not to move them too far forward all at once (particularly the units on the ends, which move the farthest). If you tell them to move too far, then by the time some or all of your units have reached their new positions, the enemy will have had time to close well inside rifle range, so your units lose their chance to fire those first few volleys. Also, you risk exposing the forward-angled ends of your line to flank attack, particularly by enemy cavalry (like when your Sharpshooter unit got mauled). At the very least, keep a unit or two available on the flank to protect against sudden charges. In general, try and avoid moving infantry units that are already shooting at targets, since that just reduces your firepower. Looking forward to the coming storm!

  • Lion csn you mixed in some traditional units in your army for more unit diversity?

  • Right so where was I.....Oh yeah after the resignation of Yoshinobu Tokugawa as Shogun and then the clash between his forces and anti-shogun forces in Edo the Boshin War had officially begun. So Yoshinobu gathered his forces to march on Kyoto and remove the elements from the imperial court that were there to do him harm. To reach Kyoto there were 2 main roads from Osaka castle and that was the Toba road and the Fushimi road. Also going into this first battle the shogunate had to leave a sizable garrison at Osaka because the British navy who is allied with the emperor had a number of ships in Osaka harbor. The first encounter of the Boshin War occurred on a bridge near the town of Toba on January 27, 1868 which was defended by troops from Satsuma. The shogunate forces mostly had swords and pikes with some rifles and artillery but the rifles were unloaded because they weren't expecting any sort of conflict. After a tense stand off in which the Satsuma forces refused to move from the bridge they started firing from one of the flanks at the shogun forces. When one of the Satsuma cannons managed to hit and explode a gun carriage it set the shogunate forces routing. Nearby on the Fushimi road the two forces clashed when they heard the canon fire and that skirmish also was a victory for the Satsuma-Choshu forces. The next day Yoshinobu Tokugawa and his followers were deemed enemies of the court and the emperor named Prince Yoshiaki the commander of the imperial forces. Also the imperial forces were allowed to use the personal banners of the emperor which gave a huge morale boost to their forces. The forces who retreated the previous day wee once again attacked at the town of Takasegawa and were once again forced to retreat. Also during this time the naval battle of Awa took place which was a victory for the shogunate forces but unfortunately wouldn't play a role in the concurrent events. The next day the forces of Satsuma attacked the shogunate forces near Tominomori. During the battle the Imperial banners showed up and provided the Satsuma forces the moral boost to claim victory. The very next day on January 30th the shogunate forces regrouped at Osaka castle. At first in order to inspire morale Yoshinobu told his soldiers that he would personally take the field. However a couple days later he slipped away on one of his ships which arrived after the battle of Awa and fled to Edo. When the imperial forces arrived at Osaka, the defenders surrendered without a fight because of the shogun's absence. While not necessarily large in scale because less than 10,000 troops were involved in these events these battles caused a huge drop in prestige and authority for the shogunate. Also many of the daimyo who were on the fence or who supported Yoshinobu changed sides to the emperor.

  • Have you done a samurai only let's play

  • If you recruit a foreign veteran in kaga you can use him to lower the cost of recruiting in that province

  • divide and conquer, multiply and colonize

  • great stuff LHx10

  • Realm Divide? Well time to work on your defense!

    • The time when your realm literally divides two warring factions.

  • Good video

  • Lionheart are you gonna do another clan

    • Jeremy Dabal not sure yet will probs do a vote on 4/5 choices.

    • @lionheartx10 which clan are you gonna pick

    • Jeremy Dabal maybe once I finish this campaign

  • *Wisdom Of The Day #10* "Trust cannot be given, for it is earned. Otherwise we would just blindly follow a shepherd leading us to the wolves."