Distracting My Boyfriend To See How He Reacts (NOT GOOD)

Pubblicato il 2 nov 2019
Distracting my boyfriend to see how he reacts... Today I finally got jack goooood by annoying him while he was trying to play video games. He’s such a nerd but I love him and I hope you guys understand how annoying a needy girlfriend can be sometimes ;)
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Distracting my boyfriend to see how he reacts telling my boyfriend reaction on my boyfriend
Distracting my boyfriend to see how he reacts telling my boyfriend reaction on my boyfriend
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  • He’s so good ya sure

  • I wish a girl did this so to me. I’m just lonely.

  • 9:40 literally shows how much jack care about her 😍 so cuteeee

  • I was just wondering why do his glasses have a really weird color lol

  • When Gab fell I lost it, sorry gab.

  • Jack is meeee when I’m playing games 😭😂😂

  • I didn't want my chair to break Throws girlfriend headfirst into wall 😂😭

  • Jack must be annoying as heck all the time.

  • your in collage and your crying???

  • Jack: babe are you ok, are you ok *long pause* are you ok Gab: that hurt *then gets up to play peek a boo* Me: dying of laughter 💀

  • loved it

  • He was so concerned when she hit her head 😂

  • Jack- watch the rubber ducky daddy do this Me- 😂

  • Hes like the authistic kid in school lmao

  • That poor dog that is in that room

  • "I'm not as confused as you, but at least I'm not running to the corner of the map and staring at the sky" I'm dead


  • U gotta be more seductive when ur trying to distract him lol

  • You act like siblings when you are fighting

  • Jack do you play modern warfare with fans?

  • prank starts at 2:40

  • Honestly when she hit her head its reminds me of when I hit my head when I'm laying down and I purposely hit my head with out even knowing I purposely hit it. That did not make sense but it's true😐🤔🤔😐

  • Wow Jack raged in the kids face lol

  • "I have fornicated with your mother twice" - Jack

  • My boyfriend stops playing his games as soon as he sees me and cuddles me🥺very thankful

  • In 9:36 is when Gabriela falls

  • 6:35

  • 6:30

  • You can just hear jack screaming

  • “I didn’t want my chair to break “. U can buy a new chair but u can’t buy a new Gabriella 10:00

    • lmao ik but it was just annoying me

    • @Ellie It's one mistake

    • gabrielle

  • whenever he made those noises when she massaged him tho- AHHH CRINGING SO HARD

  • you’re the worst 😂😂

  • Jack's freaking toxic

  • Gab:this blue is so nice Me:🤔yasss that is Aqua🧐😂

  • gabrielle: hits head really hard on the wall also gabrielle: I'm fine just let me be a gamer girl :) Like Gives you luck.

  • I am so sorry jack but your girl is so dang hot

  • Is nobody gonna mention the fact that Jack sounds like a 12 year playing CoD

  • He reminds me of the old ninja

  • cHiLL

  • Man, I'd pull her pants down and dive in if she was my girl friend. Horny girls over games any day !!!

  • lmao this is fake she wasn't using the mouse when playing

    • Sailent Ravager he was doing the mouse for her

  • Bra chill

  • As a fellow PC gamer I would be annoyed as well

  • You should have act like you were crying 😂

  • This is how many times he said "STOP" ⬇

  • Jack: i felt my chair breaking and i didnt want it to break Chair > Gab 😅

  • Dude this felt like Gabriel was praniing him with acting like a 5 year old

  • 2:05 come on daddy

  • bro gab im soo sorry but when you fell that just killed me 😂😂🤣

  • 1v1 me on fortnite you won't Jack😂

  • Yip yip 😂😂😂😂

  • Biff sedd and his wife 9 a year later ♥️chic and a daughter of two daughters of the only mother who had a child and 6th birthday in the same 3rd birthday party on Sunday.

  • What game is he playing in this

  • He flung her to the floor so his chair wouldn’t break lmfaooooo

  • “And I was the annoying kid growing up” (Honestly me

  • lol the thumbnail has a him sitting on a leather chair with her on top lol and he’s in his room playing cod clickbait lololol

  • 9:39 dammmmm

  • 3:52

  • What game is he playin though Edit: never mind

  • Dude its low key annoying how he ignores her like that but it's funny btw evey jack is a good boyfriend