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Pubblicato il 5 ago 2019
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  • you cannot PAY me to watch this garbage chinese propaganda

  • Shan Lu

  • She do not look like Mulan from the cartoon version, and she look so sad and depress! Not excited with this movie!

  • What im waiting for 1. See her cut her hair 2. Mushu

  • Waiting for it 😃

  • If there's no Jessie J singinf Reflection this is just a usual chinese movie called Mulan. Not disney Mulan

  • Ironic that the lead of this movie is pro communist China

  • What about Sora, Donald and Goofy?

  • uh-oh, looks good.

  • Yes! But can she cook :P (pun intended)

  • Where are all the black persons?

  • memoirs of geisha vibe

  • Hi IMAX Team.., It's Awesome.., Jai Shree Ram...

  • But you have meandered there , jade sparrow ...we have been watching all asian main actors and actresses not just Shannon lee and asia and dealing with all their ancestors ....where when and how they are reborn in their bloodlines ...why the same ...tired story ....have you not "gotten out much " ...of the solar system ...in your dreaming fools ...i am far beyond nasa my friends and your entire people called artists ..and most claim that title they are not true artists , they are actors and actresses and directors striving to achieve artist status. So why the ....propaganda type movies ?? Asian women to be more like a man ??? ...why would you pump that shit ? ...women that are voluptuous have greater children ....women that fight like men die like men ....are you trrying to slow down how asians fuck ...are you worried what happens if they are blessed with voluptuous women .....pushing an asian woman into combat man crap is a coward attempt to manipulate ..her natural growth in beauty , your not in a woman beaty race are you ??? The most beautiful women are .....you don't keep knocking women off balance through propaganda do you ?? ...you at disney are jew ...not other ethnicities you pay other ethnicities to work in your business but it is all jew psychology ...a specific signature .....is your jew girl shitting her panties ....what happens if asians and black women get blessings to groom themselves...without you interrupting them with go fight go be a man propaganda ....you best think real clear as a people ....i have all the universe to teach you harsh ...to horrific lessons .... It will be a brutal Hell on a new earth for you Disney ...if you are disrupting women's evolution to raise your own hoes ....the image can be ripped from you in much worse gas chambers ...you all faced 1% of the Nazi army ...one weapon of God ...still plenty of time to use it ....all of it ...not the 1% ...100% ..

  • This whole trailer looks like a mulan stunt reel.

  • I have a feeling this movie will be much like something from the great wall movie

  • Imax WHO?

  • All lot has changed from the original

    • @Moriel Tianzi they can’t remove the Disney from the title because it’s a family film from Disney

    • @Invalid Name. Please, Try Again. Well obviously from the disney. Since it hints on the title. In my own opinion they should just remove the disney from the title if they are going to base is on the ancient ballad of mulan.

    • Which original, the ancient Ballad of Mulan or the Disney 1998 Mulan?

  • No Mushu? Then I won’t watch it

    • Laufield wait for the next trailer

  • all i can think about is szechuan sauce when watching this trailer

  • Yes!!!😁😁😁 now, I remember about this movie!! Disney's new live-action film remake of "Mulan" is finally coming to IMAX theaters Everywhere, Spring 2020 from Walt Disney Pictures as based on Disney's animated masterpiece, Mulan as more than the 20th anniversary celebration!! And I remember about this songs, including "Reflection", "I'll Make a Man out of You" and "True to your Heart" with a new songs, just like in this animated film!!! And even, I also remember about this movie, Disney's new Live-Action and CGI film remake of "Lady and the Tramp", Coming to Disney+, Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 as based on the Disney's animated masterpiece, "Lady and the Tramp" and I remember about this songs, including "Bella Notte", just like in this animated film!! And because of that, all of Disney's live-action remake of animated films was actually "Disney Cinematic Universe" and that leads to "Kingdom Hearts", because that must be the 7 Princesses of Hearts, like Alice, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White and Kairi!! And you know what I wish? I wish that Disney must be make announcements about the new live-action and CGI animated film remake of "The Three Caballeros" as based of the Disney's animated masterpiece of the same name, because of Donald Duck (from America), Jose Carioca (from Brazil) and Panchito Gonzalez (from Mexico) and I remember about this songs about "The Three Caballeros", just like in this animated movie!! Now, I can't wait to reveal the release date for Every Disney films as the new Live-action remake of animated films and be the first to see a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:MIND as the new DLC story of Kingdom Hearts 3 in D23 Expo 2019 event!!! So, is that correct or not?

  • I am waiting

  • I want to see Mushu!!!! 😢

    • Me too, he’s one of my favorite characters

    • KevsTiburoDracón oh okay. It’s been a long time since I saw Mulan

    • @Tony Ke No obviusly I was talking about the little dragon Mushu

    • You mean Wu shu? The Chinese martial art?

  • #NoMoreDisneyRemakes OK, we know it's based on a real-life story. But what I'm gonna say about this movie: Besides no Mushu, it doesn't strike me as a Disney fantasy. It's another waste-of-time remake.


  • А она там против Монголов будет воевать?

  • #illmakeamanoutofyou

  • Everyone talking bout where’s mushu but bitch where tf is the sass talking grandma


    • The movie has to have been filmed in a 65mm format in order to be in that aspect ratio. Either that or filmed with IMAX digital cameras. But the colour spectrum, picture and sound can still be formatted to look best in IMAX.

  • Where's mushu at tho

    • Movieexpert 19 that’s because Mushu dragon probably he’s on...uhhh...On Vacation

    • ForrestTheBoar I don’t think that much people know that this it stated as a ballad. They only know it from the 1998 animated film so they expect for that iteration to be adapted

    • He wasn’t part of the original ballad of Mulan, so why would they make a movie based more closely on the original source material and add him in?

    • Nina Jonker 😉😉😉😉-but all things considered there have been plenty of Disney movies with songs/soundtrack including National Treasure The Rescusers Treasure Planet Lilo and Stich and Brother Bear

    • Movieexpert 19 lol why would Disney make a movie without a soundtrack? I think everyone understands don’t worry haha

  • 3

  • WTF it is not at all IMAX R U fooling Us Don't know what is IMAX It is not at all 26%more screen U r the biggest cheater I have Ever Seen

    • Woah woah woah, easy. IMAX isn’t all about the 1.9:1 aspect ratio. They never even mentioned (correct me if I’m wrong) that the movie will be digitally formatted for the digital IMAX aspect ratio. It seems this movie, like many movies shown in IMAX, is being shown in the format with no adjustments to the quality (most recently being Hobbs and Shaw) - of course like H&S there’ll be custom sound, and you get to see it on the biggest screen but they never mentioned - one: they’d film on IMAX cameras or 2: that it would be digitally formatted for the aspect ratio. Plus REAL IMAX is captured on IMAX film cameras like Tenet or Bond25 or even WW84, which comes out next year. They give you the entire 1.43:1 aspect ratio in 18K. Movies like Endgame were filmed on digital IMAX cameras, captured in OG mode, 6560 x 3100, 2.11:1, with 1.25x anamorphic lenses which gives it that digital IMAX aspect ratio. Mulan is not like that.

  • Primero :v