Disney+ Launches With Major Technical Difficulties | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
The launch of Disney+ comes with technical difficulties, Apple Card faces gender bias accusations, and Bolivian President Evo Morales is forced out of office by the military.
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  • Would you get Disney+ if it meant deleting Netflix?

    • No.

    • jacq danieles White comedians did that and worst for centuries so why asking this question now?

    • Nah. Loyalty is a thing.

    • when germany had no government for half a year in 2017, nobody saw any difference. did you miss that...?

    • Get another device and watch Disney on one and leave Netflix on the other

  • Trevor I personally don't like Trump and I used the admire Bernie and AOC but regarding Bolivia the Republicans are right it wasn't a coup if you go deeper you will realize that Morales ir the Bolivian Trump and people just get tired of him after 14 years. Can you imagine stand Trump for 14 years? This is the case of Bolivia. The Economy went well in Bolivia because of the oil price but is nothing to do of any government policy.

  • Interesting topic. Horrible jokes delivered poorly by a hack though :(

  • 7 dollars for content ive already seen multiple times and is available on Netfli, Amazon prime and free online? No thanks

  • Ignoring the Bolivian referendum makes this video and CC fake news!

  • Yeah my ex-husband & I had a similar thing, I had a better credit score, longer term employment, but he was always offered a higher credit limit.

  • Many people in Germany are worried what comes after Merkel. She is chancellor for just 12 years now and she is going to leave office in two years. That creates a very unstable situation, I don’t like this high fluctuation of chancellors. 16 years is way to short.

  • Trevor's double standard strikes once again. Discrimination against a white woman? Haha, funny cause she's white. Discrimination against a black woman? Hah.. How dare you laugh at so much injustice?!

  • Yar Har fiddle dee dee

  • Any credit card that is backed by Goldman Sachs I do not want.

  • err seem like you left out the part about widespread and credible accusations of electoral fraud against the Bolivian president

  • You only have half the news on Bolivia. You didn't mention the referendum in which the population didn't grant Morales a 4th term, him ignoring it and the shady elections that followed

  • Trevor i am a fan of yours , and this time you have facts wrong. In Bolivia economy is not booming, since the mineral rates went down, poverty ? off course went down with it, but here in Bolivia, theres is a lot poverty and Evo Morales can say that he is a Socialist but he bot a 70 Million plane and 1 miilion dolar car, 2 helicopters 30 million and his former girlfriend is invold 146 million us dolars scam with Defense contracts right here in Bolivia where i live so..... Socialist ?? come on ?? I would sugest you to see how many similar actitud Evo Has with Donie ( trump) . AND FINALLY EVO'S GOVERMENT COMIT ELECTORAL FRAUD !!!! Also youy could compare him to Jacob from South Africa, my friend, thanks for all

  • I knew it lol

  • Austrias Government collapsed after the Ibiza tape! Since then Experts are ministers, works great!

  • Where is thanos when we need him? Could he only snap to make Trump disappear ?

  • Fair play to Trevor for covering the Bolivian story right. Now if only he mentioned the US imperialist military industrial complex supported the military over Morales

  • That moment when a "comedian" can't find enough PC stories to talk about so he make one up to get some cheap laughs. Shocking that the couples financial histories had to do with the credit score and not the genders right? 🤦‍♂️

  • Fricking hel*, one more speaking of the apple card thing just to slander the company for clicks. It had nothing to do with gender. It's not even accounted for when determeting your credit score. Apple should seriously sue aasholes like this that ignores the truth.

  • I can believe this, but Trump is right (I never thought I will say that), morales did broke the law, in Bolivia a president can keep the power for two terms, and he was trying to get his 4 terms. And most important there where a lot of proves that he cheat on the election.

  • Get out of me recommend

  • Trevor: "I bet trumps the only leader that could just disappear and everyone would be like wow this is actually for the better...." Me: Cries in Nigerian

  • A few years ago Belgium went without a government for 541 days. It was fine. The civil service just kept running everything.

  • If Trump will disappear, Pence will be in charge. So not the best scenario, they foreseen everything. -_-

  • Me who pirates shows

  • when germany had no government for half a year in 2017, nobody saw any difference. did you miss that...?

  • Everyone knows who is behind the Bolivia. Because Bolivia has the largest lithium reserves and US wants it for themselves.

  • US wants Bolivia's lithium mines

  • Still a Mickey Mouse outfit at heart then...

  • Evo did broke a lot of laws, and yes my country is in caos. You wouldn't believe it but Evo is a populist just like Trump

  • No one mentioning the screen crops Disney does with everything? Cutting off about 10-20% of the film, even making Simpsons jokes like the Duff Brewery scene literally disappear ? No one mentioning that ? Do your research guys....

  • Yes PLEASE, NO MORE PRESIDENTS, maybe a prime minister or a prime GURU. LOL Wishful thinking, again.

  • On the Bolivian matter, Cherche l'américain.

  • Wierd this video is not viewable in usa

  • believe Tesla

  • This is why you don't launch your techy thing during a mercury retrograde.

  • No, it's not the only country. Brazil have the same situation.

  • I wish Jon Stewart came back to host the show

  • What is wrong with you white people

  • That husband is goals. I followed his progress in twitter and he shut sexist comments and "explanations" fast