DisguisedToast Reacts To Our Montages ^_^

Pubblicato il 8 mag 2019
Disguised Toast reacts to meme edit by our editor ^_^
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  • Come to think of it OfflineTV needs a Jew...

  • Lmao I can't

  • Anyone got a source for that scarra porn part? >_>

  • i feel like its formatting my brain stop it!

  • tfblade is ban for saying idiot but toast is not ban for saying 那個........

  • So guys... We did it!

  • Wincest is the bees nees

  • Does anyone else hate these podcasts

  • Scuffed lil bored

  • hahahahha this shit is gold

  • I love the outro so much i dont know why its just so relaxing

  • yow brudda u still remember me right?? you're quite known now and thats really kewl hope you get more good in youtube goodluck

  • You getting noticed by the people

  • I was dying from laughter when you uploaded those vids. Laughed my ass off again xd

  • Hi i just wanted to say NEYGAR

  • What is this outro song

  • I love your channel

  • God dammit toast. No reaction

  • How is the no. of subscribers not going up already

  • I keep shouting you out during their streams. Hopefully, someone will hire you sometime soon.

  • U made my day:)

  • Wait. Wait...wait a minute. Toast didn't watch the full first video. He skipped the best part --> Albie putting chat on his phone If OTV ever hires you my friend, don't forget about Albie! Great work man, keep it up!!

  • Just do good buddy til you go up 👍 💚💛💜

  • good job bro I hope they hire u

  • oh this... This is PERFECT

  • Well looks like much dunk started a new channel

  • You’re honestly a legend, you have no idea how much we appreciate these highlight videos, some of us don’t have time to watch all the streams everyday and you really make it much easier with such videos :)

    • Truee

    • Chanyeolk this is the realest comment ever and I could never know how to put it. Thank you. Some people see this “reposting” clips acc as a bad thing but it’s really not. BOTV is so considerate and has all the positive notes to be understanding of both good and bad things. I love this so much! <4

  • Recycle content haha

  • Recycling content


  • You need to do more of these

  • Albie put chat on his phone yayyy!


  • hell yaaaaaaa we made it

  • I love insest


  • yay yeet

  • Best of OTV, Frizen and Spectral Spotlight should have a battle royale for the position of official OTV Editor.

    • You can say the same for IRL sama

    • @Best of OfflineTV & Friends At this point I'm just gonna assume all 3 of you are split personalities of the same person. M1K3 was the dangerous one that you guys banished to deepest part of your subconscious.

    • @Best of OfflineTV & Friends Really? Or just Kapping

    • Frizen & Spectral = same person

  • hell yeaa 7th comment

  • Ola mejamo sacapuntas!¡?¿

  • Toast will always be my favorite !

  • We in there bois! 👏

  • this makes me smile and kappy

  • “Good editing” I agree, they should hire you already

  • Ey first heart me HAHA