Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - Season of Dawn Trailer

Pubblicato il 3 dic 2019
With the Vex Invasion now defeated, Osiris calls upon you to face a new threat. Stop a council of Cabal Psion Flayers from manipulating time and undoing our victory against the Red Legion.
Master The Sundial Prototype - a new 6-player matchmade experience. Claim an arsenal of new weapons and armor, and resurrect one of the City’s greatest symbols of hope.



  • Ohhhhhaaaa your light is savage

  • “And his death remains my greatest regret”

  • when your not a pay to win player so you look at all the cool stuff you can't get :(

    • тнєяєαlqвαll can you explain to me what’s pay to win in destiny?

    • Except eververse isn’t pay to win. It’s purely cosmetic. Bungie makes sure of that.Ya ya the ghost shells have perks but every ghost shell has perks so it doesn’t really count.

  • How come when I buy the pass this season I can do all the Leviathans Breath quest steps except the strike. That was the whole reason I bought the pass. Kinda annoyed not gonna lie... Otherwise cool season

  • cries in hexes

  • 01:26 guardian down

  • sad

  • I like Solar Flair's trailer better

  • Can we get another forsaken with a new subclass for each class, you have the money since you have sold about 12 versions of the game now, with £40 expansions

    • Naw if they were to do something with subclasses then they would make it more customizable. Like how it was in D1.

  • I built it so an ally of mine could cheat death.... TALKING ABOUT OUR GRAVE

  • "Bring the sky down upon them."

  • Who is there fire team leader

  • Best game trailer I’ve ever seen

  • I love his accent so much.

    • I love his qoute "his death remains my greatest regret" -osirus tho this season suks for destiny :/

  • anyone hear sumn?

  • So... Greatest Warlock and Greatest Titan are back so who will be the Greatest hunter?

  • How can a trailer be this good?

  • "Here I prove myself right. Here I wager that, given power over physics and the trust of absolute freedom, people will choose to build and protect a gentle kingdom ringed in spears. And not fall to temptation. And not surrender to division. And never yield to the cynicism that says, everyone else is so good that I can afford to be a little evil." - Guardian motto.

  • Anyone know the music used for this?

  • *Saint 14 has joined the chat* Shaxx: “WHAT! WHAT! ... HOW!”

  • what's music?

  • Just me that keeps replaying the trailer just because of the sound/music? It's just so perfect goddamn love it

  • *Jerry-rigs the Sundial to a moment where a great vanguardian died*

  • song name ?

  • Those thumbs down are the Fallen and Vex Saint 14 crushed in his career.

  • Halo is better !!!!!

    • I like Apple 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏

    • you literally can't even compare them they're two completely different games

  • Music ?

  • What's the music called in the background when Saint 14 speaks

  • Bungie really knows how to get the blood pumping!

  • Sucks for yall but I never slew the Undying Mind yet people in the tower and Osiris are congratulating me :)))

  • "I Never Died I Just Play Dead"

  • Best Hunter: Cayde 6 Best Titan: Saint 14 Best Warlock: Osiris

    • Dutch Vanilla shin malphur for best hunter and most powerful hunter that guy is a beast I love Cayde as well

  • That person definitely didn't respawn and get back there THAT fast for the seventh column.

  • Jodido juego me volvio bipolar! XD

  • Honesty pvp is bad in general and you guys want trials back haha good luck I won't be playing it !


  • Epic Games, i just start my youtube channel and i asking for a little boost please give me like.

  • De la merde

  • Soooo will this mean that Zavala will drop his buttcape and Saitn-14 will be the new Titan vanguard? Yes pls! Would love that actually! A Titan leader with literal balls of steel (not to mention a nasty headbang)!

  • “They call me, the greatest Titan that ever lived” Goosebumps

  • Me : Replaces Saint 14 With Cayde 6 Somebody else "Not Cayde" : "I am the greatest hunter that ever lived"

  • Best destiny trailer

  • “They call me the greatest Titan that ever lived” *GOOSEBUMPS INTENSIFIES*

  • Am i the only one hoping the ost is release.

  • Does anyone know what musical piece is playing in the background? I needz it! Thanks!

  • That was a great trailer but the actual campaign is literally less than 2 hours...

    • That and each main quest for this season is a weekly drop. Part 3 should be coming sometime this week - I think.

    • It's not just about the campaign, its all the extra missions, quests, strikes, and raids that make destiny good.

  • I would be happy of ikora died and gave Osiris the mantle. and if zavala stepped down and made Saint-14 our new titan leader. Zavala can be the new sweeper bot for all i care, or sell us noodles at the ramen shop

  • Titans unite!

  • Bring the sky down upon them..... And show them what light can truly do.

  • If we can go back in time, why don't we save cayde?

  • Destiny 2 PT 2 Saving Saint-14

  • Guys I think the reason they are bringing back Saint 14 maybe it is because to replace Cayde? I mean Saint is the Senior Vanguard though or one of the Senior Vanguards. And maybe in future missions we an travel back in time to save Cayde as well.

  • I want Saint 14’s armor. Simple looking but still badass.


  • Saint vs. Shaxx. Who would win?

    • OGx SWAT of course saint 14 bro he is the strongest guardian alongside Osiris and shin malphur and our guardian

  • yes, he is russian =) Such heavy accent.

  • Another legend from the Destiny Universe that could have an amazing presence in a Destiny game, but was destroyed by a horable expansion/season

    • Hectornos Monstierr You kidding me? Most people love Saint-14 rn. Everybody loved the missions to rescue him and they love his presence in the Tower.

  • The trailer is great. I hope the content is as great though

  • Does this means that Cayde can live again?

  • You've stepped into a war with the cabal on wars...