Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | July 9, 2019 NBA Summer League

Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | July 9, 2019 NBA Summer League
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  • Why isn’t Romeo playing? What’s the deal?

  • No bolbol?

  • you can really see how steph curry has changed the game in every league ... its all about the 3-ball

  • where's Bol Bol

  • Edward is a player..if Ainge don't see his talent somthing is wrong....On tacko...only the upside...if hes involved. in any offense he can be lethal

  • 1:23

  • This summer liegue is more interesting with tacko ,bol bol.and williams.

  • Was upset when Sixers traded Carson Edwards...he is a full on shooter...he would walk on their roster right now as the best shooter and they need a PG...Can't see Boston not keeping him other than their PGs all being smallish...but he can ball

  • Are these the real players or the new ones cause they look a little trash

  • Carson Edwards is a superstar in the making.

  • Wish Tacko had 10% the heart Alonzo Mourning had just 10%!!!

  • Carson Edwards shot 5/7 from 3 and had a 63% fg percentage and niggas are trying to tell me that he got picked in the second round.... fuck outta here. And can someone explain why Tako isn't taking the tip-off? HES A WHOLE 7'7 ASS NIGGA coaches are on crack

  • everyone trying to get theirs ...give the ball to Tacko

  • They should've shown dude tryna take a charge on Tako Fall. He went sliding like a nigga on a hockey rink

  • Only here for 🌮

  • That man Carson Edward's out there getting buckets backup alert !!!

  • did bolboll p[lay if n ot skip it

  • Tacko more popular than nearly all draft picks

  • Is Carsen Edwards under rated Like yes Comment no I think he is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeary under rated

  • Were is bol bol

  • I just don’t get. Give tacko the ball in the pain and it guaranteed points. They’re not even letting him do jump ball. Crazy

  • my dude Edwards balled out in the tourney and now in the summer league I hope they sign him he's exciting to watch

  • If the celtics dont sign tacko then there fucking stupid

  • 6:54 I always hate getting tripped by my own teammate.

  • They need bol bol

  • I'm here for Tacko. Why else would I watch NBA summer league, lol.

  • If I was a point guard and Tacko was on my team, I would give him the ball first on every possession

  • Ev'body sleepin on TimeLord but if he keeps his motivation high this kid can be SPECIAL!

  • I wish Bol played

  • Fall may have fell out of the draft,but he's looking like he won't be too bad in the nba

  • carsen edwards is sick!!!!

  • Carsen Edwards is a bucket! Javante Green was ballin this game. Williams & Waters keep looking better. Tacko stays dominant in the paint, looked a little slower this game. Would have liked to see him & Bol Bol go at it. Oh yea, this game was on Tacko Tuesday!! 🌮🤣

  • Tacko is the Next KG

  • 1:48 what you came to see

  • Where the fuck tacko at

  • It's the fall league not the summer league

  • Hey why are we forgetting tremont waters he actually starting he is better and has way more potential then Edwards

  • This is what 2 time NBA champ DJ Mbenga has to say about Tacko:

  • Crazy how our picks after which is tremont waters and cardsen Edwards is better than our 22 Grant Williams

  • Everybody talking about how no one is talking about Edwards, mf look at Brandon Goodwin out there ballin'

  • hey celt fans, like if your proud. lets keep this win streak going

  • I like grant williams a lot he has a nice skillset

  • Boston looking good now 😂😂😂

  • Tacko only got 4 shot attempts he made 2 and shot 50% not bad .

  • Where is bol bol

  • Everyone is talking about edwards and fall but what about waters? He's very impressive too.

  • Edwards and Tacko need to be starting lmao, who the hell is the guy started for the Celtics? Coaches need to be looked at man.

  • Tacko go golf

  • Tacko ain't blockin

  • Celtics summer league team are a problem

  • Watch out for Tremont Waters 🤭

  • I wanna see Tacko but all i see is a bunch of dudes taking bad 3 point shots

  • Tremont waters lookin like the next maurice cheeks out there

  • Bol bol?

  • Tacko plz be on the roster next year 🤞

  • These young bloods are amazing

  • We picked up some Jewels 💯💯💯

  • If Tacko isn’t starting on the summer league squad, I’d say the odds are low that he’ll be on the Celtics roster. And where the hell is Bol Bol? It seems like there’s a serious lack of big names playing this summer. Sux!

  • Edwards, tacko, and green should all be given a chance on the first team (Williams isnt bad either too)

  • Brandon Godwin seems to improve a lot his basket skills and lead very well the team. Sorry for nuggets they lost badly