Deji Lied? Etika MISSING! Logan Paul MAD! #DramaAlert

Pubblicato il 21 giu 2019
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  • R.I.P.

  • Fuck you. You should have helped

  • You are really a piece of shit

  • Yeah all fun and games until they found him dead

  • K

  • you mad him die

  • You are the cause of his death bich


  • keemstar more cumstar

  • Calls someone's work lazy and makes videos out of other people's drama

  • He said nothing was a coincidence ... :/

  • Erika comited sucied

  • Keemstar: *eggs on etika* Etika: *commits suicide* Keemstar: *tries to cover it up and act like the nice guy* Keemstar should be ashamed. How could you kill a man keem

  • you weren't hoping for the best for him you were hoping you don't get your ass kicked by people who'd recognize you in the street if it turned out Etika wasn't alright that's what you were hoping for twat.

  • I cant wait to see this fat smelly ass hickbilly fail and disappear from youtube then the earth thumbs down twat

  • Etika found, dead

  • Keemstar: the Trump of IT-tvs

  • fuck you so much

  • Fuck you for egging on Etika.🙄 Thanks to people like you he's gone. The king has left the community - he left the game.. 😤 You pig, Being mentally ill is serious!😭

  • Yes I know the comment is late but I never in my life had respect for you honestly you gonna talk smack about him before his death and know say oh I’m so sorry man wtff

  • Fuck you keem you strives him to do it

  • I never really got involved in this I only heard Cory say something about this . Damn so he went missing on my birthday 😔😔

  • Keem,you never cared about him. You just report stuff for views. You get payed,everything’s alright. :)

  • Music is too much

  • I'm going to unsubscribe this asshole... He is a complete hypocrite and a fucking killer...

  • Rip etika

  • 2:42 publicity stunt?!?! Fuck you Keemstar I know this is five months late. But still

  • R. I. P Etika

  • Where's the interview keem?

  • Can you please take this down man pls

  • Imagine begin bros with Etika but is shitted on so much after a misleading choice of words.. The nerve of our race is despicable

  • publicity stunt f off

  • Yo stop giving him hate Etika wished him the best in his final video

  • why wasn't he jailed for calling for suicide?

  • Killer

  • RIP

  • Why are you hating keem?

  • Fuck you.

  • Incase u guys didnt know 😤 Before etika went missing Keem said to etika to Jump of a bridge

    • YN Rob no he didnt you fuckwit

  • Keem your honestly just a prick stfu

  • Fuck you

  • Why doesn’t this have more dislikes then likes?

  • Killer KeemStar is true! This sociopath killed Etika! You sir,have no respect for mental health! He is such a Ghome!

  • Like etika would say... He’s just a bitchnigga

  • Like etika would say... He’s just a bitchnigga

  • R.I.P Etika

  • Deji lied, Erica died, logan Paul cried;(

  • Fuck keemstar

  • Keemstar is the biggest clown RIP etika 🙏🏽

  • R.I.P Etika!! We will miss you

  • You know for a fact that this was mostly your fault

  • I mean etika

  • RIP Erika😭

  • You got him in trouble and made him to commit suicide. WE DON'T LIKE YOU!!?

  • Sad that he posted the video on my birthday

  • Everybody goin back on Eticas videos and saying R.I.P

  • Etika is lieing watch him come out and be like you more attention like he’s peons camping in a bush

  • Etika

  • Let him rest

  • Your time will Gnome and when it does I’ll celebrate your death you sent Desmond over the edge your a killer and when you are dying I hope it’s painful