DEAR NEW YORK JETS.. (and every other NFL team)

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
After seeing how the New York Jets kicker and other kickers around the NFL struggled, I decided to make a case for myself..
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  • If you watch the whole video, you can hear my whole album playing in the background 🤔

  • Ya gotta be able to hit from 50+ consistently in the NFL. Especially with no pressure.

  • The Raiders need u, Carlson is SHIT


  • do you play roblox

  • Derrick Henry would be a great role model for you to emulate. He’s a class act! I would not let my kids listen to your background music with all the foul language, regardless of how far you can kick. Not saying you’re a bad guy, but what my kids watch and listen to are FAR more important in life than one- or three-point field goals. It’s just a game! Replace arrogance for humility and you’ve got my vote hands down ~ signed, a die-hard Tennessee Titans fan who’s concerned about the direction of our nation’s children

  • Impressive... Balls Filled with " Nitrogen " ? 💥🤔💥

  • I just stumbled upon this and I've never heard of him before. All I know is he's --- "Camera ready" and could probably be an actor, or be a host of a game show. Something like that. He's multi talented. Blessed.

  • maybe more interested in being famous than being a football player?

  • Thats crazy man. Good luck to you and your future. Be keeping an eye out for ya.

  • Ok now have full pad on and the pressure of over a million people counting on you, good luck

  • Y tf u like the jets

  • 83.33%

  • You were at twin lakes

  • This is fucking amazing. This is the first BLACK guy I've ever seen, KICK a football. Who knew?! The real reason why nobody has come knocking yet: kicker looking for a team that makes him just do pushups after every miss. The infamous No Cut Clause. ps: 17% miss rate. So how does the kid rate? "Kickers across the NFL are struggling to put the ball between the uprights this season. The 79.7 percent conversion rate through Week 11 is the league's lowest number since 2003 when kickers hit 79.2 percent, missing 198 field goals, according to SportRadar. Nov 19, 2019" He's BETTER than the League average.

  • The term by the skin of my teeth comes from the book of Job in the Bible

  • Your field goal percentage is 83%

  • Good luck from Lakeland, FL!

  • Why don’t you and King Troy make vids any more

  • 70 yards?! That's insane !

  • With your work ethic and the strong leg, somebody will take notice....keep it up and we will see you out there on Sunday. You are an awsome talent. Im sure we will see you out there.

  • 83.33 per cent

  • Not hating on ya but nfl field goals are not as wide as highschool foot ball fields ... even with this noted your a beast ... you have a pro quality kick .. record in full gear if possible

  • I know how difficult it is to get into the NFL, even when you're a good player. My brother went through the same issues that you're going thru. He kicked a game winning 55-yard FG in 1993 to win the game for the Utes vs BYU. I wish you good luck and hope to see you make it.

  • Why don’t you have a camera by the field goal as well!

  • Jerry Jones and camp- 🤔 does he have an agent?

  • Someone get this kid a contract!

  • Somebody in da NFL definitely needs to pick you should try to walk on at combine or team try outs

  • teams want to lose

  • they let him go

  • You talk too much, NFL kickers don’t talk they just kick. More kicking less talking.

  • You can't compare a 60 yard FG with no bodies in front of you to kick over. That's 3 misses with no pass rush. As bad as some NFL kickers were this year I'm pretty sure they would nail them all day long like that.

  • What do you have to lose? Try him out!

  • 2015 strong

  • alot different situation being in a stadium in 20 degree weather.

  • NCAA rules suck

  • Kid got leg

  • Dude you dont want to play for Adam Gase, trust me!!!!

  • You are also kicking a high school goal post, which is much wider than the NFL. Half of your kicks would have been wide of the NFL posts...

  • he has skills, energy & confidence. ya never know!!

  • Making 83% of kicks from those mad distances is eye-popping. Bruh...I don't recall the NFL ever signing a black kicker. I hope you'll be the first in my lifetime (at least that I remember).

  • Wish you was kicking for UK this past season it would have been the difference from 8 wins to 10+

  • Season is over. Find yourself an agent and go make some money. I hope to see you on tv. Hopefully as a NY Jet.

  • Join the xfl

  • It is pretty impressive, I cannot lie, but the NFL would want to know if you can do the same thing in a game, when you have limited time and lots of pressure as 5 or 6 behemoths charge at you. That is why they look to college...because they can see how an individual responds to the pressure.

  • keep trying, you never know.

  • 10:35 that was satisfying

  • hey DEESTROYING ima bout to cop dat mertch!!!!! ayyyyyyyyyyy

  • keep believing in yourself my brother and you will make it to the NFL!

  • chicago bears if you don't mind getting shot

  • Hey you should try and go to the XFL since there’s a lot of new rules and stuff...if you go you may not only be just a kicker

  • Do it again. Pad up. Consistency. I would tell you to go to the Vikings but they have such bad luck with kicker. So that might curse you. Forget what I said.

  • I would hire you as a kicker or a trainer.

  • Dude, bless your heart. You're likeable and I wish you luck. But why would the NFL want a guy who misses from 47 yards in that perfect, no pressure situation here. You should have posted a video of you with NO misses. The NFL kickers would have made ALL of those on that Tue afternoon, in shorts, no pressure, no game or a job on the line. My karate instructor once told me..."you practice here in class until you are always 100% perfect every time, because out in the street you might be 70% at best."

    • And the goal is super wide. Would have missed a few more on NFL field goal.

    • This is true

  • Try out for the STEELERS???

  • My brother kicked a 29 yard field goal he loves you an watches all of you videos.

  • Lots and lots and lots of guys can make these kicks on the practice field. Being in pads and in a game situation is different.

  • Give the Athlete a Shot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's awesome man, with your attitude, work ethic, and powerful leg, I believe you will make it. If I had a NFL team, I would give you a tryout. Never give up and good luck!!!!

  • Seriously give this man an NFL contract. Hunger & Skill