DEAR NEW YORK JETS.. (and every other NFL team)

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
After seeing how the New York Jets kicker and other kickers around the NFL struggled, I decided to make a case for myself..
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  • If you watch the whole video, you can hear my whole album playing in the background 🤔

    • Deestroying gotta do it with pads bro to get their eyes on you

    • Deestroying you listen to your own music when you’re working out? Okay

    • Honestly i feel like teams think you might be a distraction because no other kicker is as outspoken as you and (not saying its a bad thing) but they probably question your commitment to the game. Still a fan tho keep kicking💯

    • who cares

    • You can’t kick bitch

  • @deestroying is this in Sarasota?

  • I appreciate you showing the misses. Everyone knows kickers miss. At least you’re willing to show the truth! Good luck, hope you get picked up by the NFL!

  • Chicago bears is to

  • 💪💪

  • Keep pushing yourself buddy! Hope to see you kicking on Monday night soon!

  • Racks on deck

  • Draft this man NOW.

  • keep doing IT-tvs homie you ain't ever gonna be signed by an NFL team or at this point not even a cfl team

  • more pressure wit people on the field

  • why'd they drop you from the not good Toronto argos ??? and by the way any normal athlete can do 20 pushups lmao

  • Too many steps man have u even watched football games??

  • Undrafted to like shit

  • Bruh if u get into the nfl ill be fuckin famous im js

  • Teams should give you a chance. The art of kicking in football is die slowly

  • Bears fan here - kicking woes, I know'em. One way to address the "no rush" critics - wear pads, and kick over a soccer goal set up at the line of scrimmage to simulate the linemen's hands.

  • Make those without shoes .... You will definitely get signed.

  • Dude, call the Bengals...Bullock SUCKS!

  • The skin on your teeth is very thin. If you make a kick that is so close, that if would have been the width of your teeths skin further to the side, it would hand been a miss..

  • Respect!

  • you need to switch to slot or RB

  • bro give it the fuck up already. no one fucking wants you, your scout report is ass and you’ve been begging and showing off for years. no one fucking wants ur pussy ass on their NFL team

  • Is this guy foreal?

  • Do it with pads and a helmet on

  • My mans got a leg 💪

  • Awesome kicking.

  • What happens to your agent? Tell him to get on the phone with nfl team or find a better agent to represent you.

  • That's what's up put in that work bro! you gotta know by now that if you black you gotta be twice as good as the best.

  • trajectory entirely too low, no pads, no holder, no longsnap, noone rushing you.............literally the worst kicker in the NFL could do this and not miss a FG and you barely hit'll never be in the NFL

  • Great kicks man. But that NFL pressure is something mean.

  • How long does it usually take for merch to come in?

  • At 8:40 you did 11 push ups. Focus is key my friend.

  • You are hired by Washington. To kick Trumps Ass

  • Bruuuuuh sign this kid right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥he a wild beast ona field🙏🏻 good luck brutha

  • Bro I rlly think you can make it to NFL💯 put on pads and have an actual snapper and holder, you’ll be inna NFL in no time💯💪🏾 I believe in you🙌🏾

  • Where are your pads, holder, and defense?

  • Just a terd trying to grow, I saw a human do this challenge so why not💩

  • I honestly dont see y a nfl doesn't bring you out to see what you really got I think they hating really if u were white you were white I honestly think you would be on a team

  • 15/18 = 83.3333333%

  • Nebraska cornhuskers need a kicker bad. Starter and backup are hurt. Maybe get some schooling and a platform to show your stuff.

    • he was in the CfI, can he go back to coIIege baII ?

  • The Browns need you.

  • Hope you make it but I think you could approach this audition style video more professionally. For instance, wear pads and a helmet, have a place holder, cut the background music and cut the in between convos/analysis/pushups. I get it’s who you are and what ur channel is but all these things really made this video feel like a vlog rather than a Audition.

  • Football is cute but dirtbikes are cooler. Give me a follow

  • Job 19:20 KJV, Bible, I am escaped with the skin of my teeth. you barely made 65.

  • Too Bad AL DAVIS GONE , in his heys days he’d give you a chance. Now that CHUCKY’s return ???? And controls the ream NO CHANCE .? We can see Good Talent and a Hard worker.I really Hope You get that Opportunity. Don’t forget my tickets when you hit the BIG TIME." KEEP GOING AT IT YOU’ll be notice. And keep that attitude going. It’ll have a Big Heart and the Love of the game.

  • To all NFL Teams... You don't need to activate this dude to refine what is going to be a BAD ASS KICKER! Some one is going to say "I should have........"

  • I don't know, but those are some strong kicks. If he could do a 70 right there he could do a 60 with uniform on.

  • As a jet fan its my obligation to start a go fund u page to sign you up

  • Subscribed. Maybe they’ll pay attention

  • you should not be kicking from the center of the field - nfl scout keep up the good work kid

  • 'By the skin of one's teeth' is one of them. Meaning 'narrowly' or 'barely', and referring usually to a narrow escape from disaster,

  • If that white dude got signed by the A's.......

  • I'm die hard Jets fan, bro. We need you!

  • Somebody needs to take a look at yhis guy he cleveland browns get at this

  • To bad its not just the kickers fault a kick is missed a ton of the times. the holder has to be on the spot and the elements can cause a kick to miss. Not saying you don't have skills but I am willing to bet that other kickers would be able to hit just like you did using the stand, no pads and WAY different conditions when it comes to environment.

  • As a Jets fan please!!!! give this man a contract! You gave Sanchez one maybe spend money on someone who can actually put up points and not fall into his lineman's ass.

  • Go play tennis instead

  • he gonna make it

  • Nice

  • Why wouldn’t you just speed up you fetching the balls? To save time and prove these are all consecutive