Deadlock Tokarev tt 33 - Gun Restoration

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2019
This time i have restored super rusty tokarev tt 33 gun restoration, this pistol was very rusty and deadlock and was not easy to restore but i did hard work for this impressive restoration, I use modern techniques for this gun restoration , Now im going to shortly explain about those operation which i done.
Electrolysis Rust Removal
I used electrolysis tank, 4 iron roads , DC power supply [ Standard Battery charger ] , Sodium bicarbonate, and distilled water for electrolysis rust removal. first i put water in tanks then add 2 tea pones of sodium bicarbonate . i adjust current and voltage at V=12 , A=1.
Gun Bluing
Gun Bluing is very important part of this video because gun part bluing is necessary to get rid corrosion. there are different method of gun bluing but i choose hot black oxide, this hot black oxide process is difficult but durable the cold bluing, i used anodic metal clear for black oxide gun.
Mirror Polish
Mirror Polish a gun is very easy, I used white compound , cotton wheel, abrasive wheel, steel wire wheel and bench grinder for mirror polishing pistol barrel and body and result is front of you.
Deadlock Tokarev tt 33 - Gun Restoration
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  • Great job.

  • first 7 seconds best part of the video

  • 94/5000 please could you restore an A-10 Warthog Gatling GAU-8 30mm Cannon next time

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  • Wow, excellent job especially when you consider how badly corroded and rusted it was. Recoil spring could use replacing though but wonderful job. Where on earth did you find it? It must have been quite wet wherever you found it for it to be in that rusted condition.

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  • You should change the recoil spring, it’s way too weak! The slide comes forward incredibly slowly. Also, you forgot to lubricate it. Without lubrication your gun will overheat and get damaged over time. Also, you should change the barrel. An old barrel can easily shatter and probably hurt the shooter.

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  • Old, rusted guns are absolutely beautiful to look at. Something about them just amazes me.

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  • Outstanding job considering the limited tools you have. It never ceases to amaze me how good the quality of the steel is in the old Soviet Bloc weapons. I’m sure the inside of the barrel is pitted and the rifling is gone. With a new rear sight though and a new barrel. I am 100 percent sure this old girl would spit lead very well. Also remember some of these were chambered in the 7.62 x 25. Those were on par with a .357 magnum and then some. All in all an excellent restoration job.

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