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Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
Here is the next chapter for Dead by Daylight. Experience Stranger Things in the realm of The Entity.
The Demogorgon, Nancy and Steve join the Dead by Daylight roster!
The Entity descends on the Midwestern town of Hawkins as Stranger Things, the critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series enters the realm of Dead by Daylight.
The Chapter introduces a new Killer and two new Survivors to the realm of The Entity: the monstrous, otherworldly Demogorgon is the new untamable Killer. Against it stands not one, but two, new Survivors: Nancy Wheeler, a tough aspiring journalist, and Steve Harrington, a former high school jock with a knack for finding trouble.
The Stranger Things Chapter comes with a new map, the Underground Complex. Located below the Hawkins National Laboratory, this grim compound caused an inter-dimensional rift that released dozens of creatures before being sealed off.
The Stranger Things Chapter is available now on PC and consoles.
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.
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  • Who is fan of Stranger Thing like

  • Tbh he kinda sounds like the Daniel text to speech bot 0:00

  • Still sucks to be a the killer.

  • Please rework demos perks they suck butt

  • That's my favorite killer demogorgon.

  • This game isn’t even fun anymore. From all the toxic survivors and how toxic the community is just no.

  • Eleven: OH HELL NO!!!

  • what if the Dark Deceptions joins Dead by daylight that would be great 🤔

  • Nancy Drew & Sir John Harington?

  • Put Jack from the shining into the game. That would be awesome

  • Why haven’t I gotten this map???

  • This game is my all time fav I play it everyday I was wondering if there's any way to connect with friends when connection is low?

  • Dead by daylight I’ve whant Ed it so much

  • Please make a mobile dead by daylight...

  • Yall should do silent hill.

  • Nice but can u make it free for next 2 month cuz u need make time until gets with money.dont tell any one

  • I’m starting to get back into this game and you guys really out did yourself with this one great job! Definitely one of my favorite development studios as they truly try hard to make fans happy!

  • Why do they use Dwight as a mori victim

  • ВолвлДябаьпчдвд Ів сьізвб сьсзц

  • Second Wind needs a huge buff Better yet Steve's Perks need help

  • We get past the guards of Area 51 but find out why they were trying to keep you out 1:15

  • With all the blood this game already has, why can't we have dismemberment? The Mori should have taken the survivor's head clean off - it would have been so much cooler, yet nothing happens.....

  • The Demo GOA gon

  • narrator: perfect hunter in the series: cant catch a kid in a week

  • Deme gorg oon Demegorgoon :D

  • I wish they made dead by daylight mobile

  • Dbd

  • Why does this narrator sound like bill

  • I like how the killers in spotlights have no terror radius

  • Why not on dbd mobile?


  • The Demogorgon got some really fitting perks, and those are some genuinely sweet traits to give to the survivor characters.

  • *Yes*

  • And have hay stile of the miniseries Pennywise

  • You should put Pennywise in Dead by dead light

  • I listened to Steve’s backstory, and as someone who’s watched the show, I can tell you that’s NOT how it happened at all. Steve kicked the demogorgawn’s ass.

  • Hey! You notice about the portals he makes, that's actually his inter-dimensonal travel.

  • 4:43 familiar yet not familiar But not too not familiar IT’S A NEW CRAZE

  • When u promised yourself you're never going back to Dbd and after over 6 months they're adding Steve so you need to come back cuz you love Joe Keery so much:( Ekhem... excuse me? Friend? You wanted to say ex-girlfriend Nancy Wheeler? XD

  • このマップ嫌いなんだよなぁ。

  • Fuck the demgordin

  • Nobody can play all of the demogorgon because its a DEMO-gorgon

  • 2017:Trapper 2019:Demegorgon 2025:Grim Reaper

  • Wow Steve's kit is amazing lol

  • I love always love when the theme starts playing 😄

  • Ability to break walls

  • I love this map bcoz it is the most intense map

  • steve

  • the demogorgUN

  • Idk if it's just me, but..... Does ANYONE else think it would be cool to have Caviera from Rainbow Six Siege as a killer in dead by daylight?


  • When coming to dead by daylight mobile?

  • Idea for new killer Harry from my bloody valentine the coal mine killer

  • Well I mean, of course the killer is the demogorgon, sure a demodog or dart would be cool, but The demogorgon is second best, because The Mind Flayer is FAR too big for the they kinda only had 1 option...


  • Now that we have one of the most famous tv series as a chapter,literally anybody could be put in the game

    • @ultra streamer20 yo me neither, let's do it :D

    • I can’t wait for Herobrine to be a new killer :D

  • You should add the nun

  • D E M O H G O R E G O N E

  • Well the demogorgon survived at S3 battle of star court

  • I don’t wanna see my mom getting eaten by a demo