Dead by Daylight | Stranger Things | Spotlight

Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
Here is the next chapter for Dead by Daylight. Experience Stranger Things in the realm of The Entity.
The Demogorgon, Nancy and Steve join the Dead by Daylight roster!
The Entity descends on the Midwestern town of Hawkins as Stranger Things, the critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series enters the realm of Dead by Daylight.
The Chapter introduces a new Killer and two new Survivors to the realm of The Entity: the monstrous, otherworldly Demogorgon is the new untamable Killer. Against it stands not one, but two, new Survivors: Nancy Wheeler, a tough aspiring journalist, and Steve Harrington, a former high school jock with a knack for finding trouble.
The Stranger Things Chapter comes with a new map, the Underground Complex. Located below the Hawkins National Laboratory, this grim compound caused an inter-dimensional rift that released dozens of creatures before being sealed off.
The Stranger Things Chapter is available now on PC and consoles.
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  • Can we have Pinhead from Hellraiser next?

  • Hey dbd this is a request could you make a mode with two killers and eight survivors and have eight genes before you have to escape limited time mode but it’s in kill with friends mode

  • We all know camradere is for the killers who camp

  • Hi dead by daylight devs ! Please make my dream of having a slenderman update *Killer* : slenderman Power : extinguisher - slender man can make himself visible or invisible but slender man can only do this if ther survivors aren't looking *Perks* : *1. Blindsight* - the more you are closer to the survivors, the more their sightdecreases. Their sight can only decrease up to 40% *2. Punish* - If someone got hit , they can't be healed for 30 seconds they can't also heal by themself. *3. Anti gank* - the more the survivors are together, the more you are stronger *1 survivor* = normal *2 survivors* = +0.5 boost *3 survivors* = +0.7 boost *4 survivors* = +1 boost *New survivor* : sam fisher - A man that was known for being kind but changed after his daughter got killed by an unknown creature. He thinks that the creature is slenderman and he has been looking for him for ages. He is waiting for his revenge until now *perks* : *1. Anger*: if a survivor is hurted, he will gain. 5 boost, if a survivor is hanged he will gain 7 boost. if a survivor is killed he, will gain 1% boost. *2. Sacrificer* - if sam was killer, the killer will be stunned by 8 seconds enough to escape. *3. Escape plan* - if sam is fixing a generator and fails, he and his team that are with him will get a dash that isn't that long and has a duration of 3 seconds. (I want to hear your suggestions by commenting and these are just my opinions so they can still be changed by the devs if they implimented this to the game)

  • Welp what a waste of money

  • Pinhead From Hellraiser. In, Dead By Daylight

  • why mori the dweet

  • It should’ve been robin and Steve

  • Dead by demogorgon

  • 4:13 ❤

  • lmao dbd is now copying from their ripoff partner idv now??lololololololol talk about recycle.

  • You should put IT/Pennywise

  • can you fix your game before you add shit? hit boxes, matchmaking etc etc 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • i want happy death day in this game

  • For those who wonder where jonathan is, he's the survivor in the freddy dlc, i mean he 100% looks like him.

  • They should add malek and Doug houser from dark deception

  • Who is the entity is the question

  • Epic Narrater Voice “In a world of-“

  • They should add pennywise like if u agree

  • 1:20 the blood is so bright i-


  • You know what would be awesome? “Dead by Daylight - Cry of Fear Chapter” New Survivor - Simon Henriksson New Killer - Book Simon (With Sledge Hammer)

  • I want to have Jason part 2 AKA Sackhead Jason with his chase music and sounds to this game like in Friday the 13th The Game

  • I have a perk idea it's called tape fixes everything When you cleanse a totem the perk activates and during the endgame when your opening the exit gates you have an option to tape the handle so it will open the gate while your running from the killer.the killer can remove the tape though and with the tape it opens the door slower than normal.

  • If it turns lives upside down What if its target is depressed

  • Plsss!!!!! Add this to mobile version!!!

  • Even dead by daylight is knows Steve’s the babysitter.

  • Steve should have a headgear of a black eye and cuts on his face cause every season he gets in a fight 😂

  • For IT they should add Stan or Eddie for survivor

  • Add kritpt TV any people

  • Probably the best season up to now in my opinion

  • I’ve got an idea for the next killer. It’s a stretch but just stick with me and picture it. Your walking through the Thompson House... there’s a No Mither’s around and a guy DC’d... Out of the corner of your eye you spot him... Shia LaBeouf!

  • 1:44 if you turn on subtitles it says, “the DEMO GARDEN” ooooh whats a demo garden. Intresting

  • Most dangerous killer of dead by daylight

  • I’m calling campus is going to be next since December will be month 9 and what else would be a Christmas killer while still looking like a normal killer for year round killings. After that I have hope Jason vorhees is next for the 4th release

  • Next chapter friday the 13th

  • next one is gonna be about I-land I called it

  • Imagine if the switch version of this game looked just as good this video🥴

  • It would be great if you put IT in the game; And also the Alien franchise

  • the demogorgahn

  • creators of what happens with the pairing, I try to play with a friend and jump the error or not enter the game please until we can play without problems...!!! 😡

  • Dead by daylight could you please put survivor with friend back and without the bugs of playing alone and with friends for example: tireless error

  • How to say the killers name the Demogorgon the narrator says it like The demo gor gone

  • Two surviviors cool

  • Turn their life “upside down”

  • Narrator pronounced it as "demaygoregone" and it hurt my soul.

  • The narrator says Steve calls her friend Nancy wheeler. Uhhh are u sure about that

  • Playing against a killer that has Hex ruin and mindbreaker together is going to be disgusting

    • i mean if you use sprint burst then yeah, the exhaustion won't probably affect you mindbreaker sucks dick and hex ruin is good

    • You know, year 2019 is the year of accommodating whining killers....


  • Why is Dwight always killed by a new killer in the end of the spolight or in the middle video ?

    • Bcos Dev Mathieu....

  • The next chapter should be the “IT Chapter” Killer: Pennywise, Survivors: Billy and Beverly(adults)

    • The whole It losers club? Only as skins

  • 1 like = 1 chance of Dwight getting treated better

  • Pls bring pyramidhead from silent hill into this game

    • @fngsdy53 yeah but it could be like a 1 hit KO

    • Too slow...

  • dbd best


    • Rankings are not important, the important is are you enjoying toxically in the trial...

  • You need to make a discord channel

  • Stranger Things, that's a good thing but...¿Where the heck is IT: Chapter 2? ¿Where is Pennywise? ¿Where is Friday the 13th? ¿Where is Jason Vorhees? ¿Where is Chucky? ¿Where is everyone?

    • They can't get Jason because they couldn't get the rights.

  • Still waiting for misery to get the spotlight

  • Can you please bring Chucky next 😩😩, he’s my favorite horror character ❤️

    • Now imagine chucky in the cornfield with 0 terror radius...

  • Dbd when we do multiplayer on of the people get in the game and the other doesn’t so please fix that