Dead By Daylight Parody 7 (Animated)

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Oh happy days!
Written and Animated by Sam T Nelson
Additional Animation & Church BG by SpiritGear
Sam T Nelson:
Wraith, Freddy, Ghost Face, Adam, Hillbilly, Jake, Claudette, Trapper, Meg, Dwight, Nea, Huntress, Tapp, Clown, Spirit, Leatherface, Doctor and Hag.
Frank (Legion) and Jeff.
Jay the Bard:
S.V. Wright:
Goddess Charm:
Laurie Strode
Allison Bowley:
The Nurse
Jane Romero
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Sam T Nelson
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Albuquerque, NM 87114-4007
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  • They see me loading... They hatin

    • I was saying the same thing

    • They see me loading they waiting

    • personally, I don't think this deserves 7.2K likes and a heart. It's a reference a lot of people understood and isn't really that creative. Sorry, I am just really dumbfounded by the fact that this comment is so popular.

    • This is getting pretty dizzy job so far

    • F*ck michael smiling wtf he can do that in a mask😨😨😨

  • i love this parody so much especially the part with Mikey and Danny having a stalk off. 5:29 sooooo damn cute! Michael's smile is so cute

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Who came here to watch Samination's Dead By Daylight animated parodies just out of hype for the Stranger Things chapter?

  • The demogorgon got a be in the next vid

  • Michaels little smirk when he when’s the stalk off is great. The little things

  • Where is part 8

    • I think he only begins work on the next part when the next chapter with new survivors and killers come out. So I'd imagine he'll be working on episode 8 by the time the Stranger Things chapter for Dead By Daylight comes out.

  • Damm Sam dose a good ghost face impression.

  • Hey dude so like some days ago you were watching a add for dead by daylight then we'll actually we're watching toenails but then we found this like Demi Gorgon scene about dead by daylight it is actually true

  • Wait the Lullaby is a girl or a boy

  • How the turn tables

  • Where’s 8 stranger thing trailer is coming out soon

    • I think he animates after the chapter comes out, so then he has more information for the next chapter.

  • That rule book is a load of crap! KILL THEM ALLL

  • I just like how they did that to ghost face hes way better if you think about it!

  • 4:57 ok so 1st of if you pause it here and your wearing headphones it turns into earape and 2nd if you're gonna vomit you don't have it nearly as bad as clown who could die any minute

  • I liked the huntress in the wedding dress!

  • Killers rule book chapter 259 when in a lobby and 2 or more survivor brings toolboxes, you are oblige to leave the lobby.

  • Yeah there is a killer’s rule book for survivors study up survivors! And let me say one of them is don’t give a sh*t about the survivor rule book

    • @#1 Gamer you..... I like you.. Huntress is also fun, you can snipe people across the map

    • Rule 1 burn all copies and the factory of the survivors rules for killers books 2 kill them all 3 kill the people who enforce rules on killers 4 kill them all 5 screw the rule book And finally 6 kill them all.

    • Pyrose nope there’s way more than that Edit: another one is to laugh hysterically when the survivors dc when you play legion lol that’s my number 1 rule cuz I main legion

    • Rule #1 ignore what the survivors rules book for killers says Rule #2 KILL THEM ALL Rule #3(Ghostface and pig only) Butt dance to your heart content

  • Wait a minute.. The Huntress is a girl?!

  • He's like WTF

  • I can't wait to see what you do with the Stranger Things update

    • Rule number 69 don't get raped by David king

  • Romero flashlighting herself was the best gag.

  • The Shape's subtle smirk after the stalk off was priceless.

  • Love this 😂😂

  • What happened to defensive strike? 😂

  • Time to make the 8 parody video seeing stranger things is the new update for dead by daylight this coming September.

  • Did I see Jason

  • Jason is at the wedding😂

  • Why does jeff sound like the only one with common sense

  • No rule s

  • Welp i just want to say that the poor guy will die by snu snu He will die the most epic way F to you .

  • Don't care aboit the rules

    • @Jermbot15 Who cares. Survivors are all toxic and that brings we to use noed and other shit.

    • To quote trapper “screw the rules”.

    • Well, "the rules" make it funner for survivors. If you play well enough to pip while following "the rules" survivors will feel like they had a chance and this will make them happy. Of course, if you play well enough to pip while following "the rules" the survivors never had a chance, and you're patronizing them. But they never need to know that.

  • oh ive only just realised that Michael smiles at 5:34 when he wins. Cute

  • Oh neva mind - claudette 2019

  • The crapper

  • You know I can't read............. without my reading glasses

  • When is the next one

  • ハグハート書いてるの可愛い❤️

  • As a meg main, I can confirm Meg's actions lmao

  • Are these rules real ?

    • Yes and no. Mostly no. There are some things that Killers can do to guaranty a kill that ultimately hurts their score overall. Like if you blatantly hook camp, what used to be face camping. You'll get that kill, but if it's the first or second survivor the other three or two can gen rush without pressure and severely decrease the length of the game, cutting down your opportunities to find, chase and hook others. Likewise, if it's the second to last survivor you're face camping, usually that just means the last survivor is going to be finding the hatch before you. Any other "rule" is something survivors made up to make the game funner for survivors. So you end up having to ask yourself how important is it for you to make sure the other players have fun. I'll play nice if two survivors really screw over their team with bad plays or DC's or if one person is already dead and someone I'm chasing does a suicide altruism dive, I'll keep on chasing the suicidal moron even though he does not deserve those altruism points.

    • No it's a meme. Every salty survivor main act like this. Especially most of them twitch streamers

  • "Uh, should'nt we stop this ?" "She brought hatchet with iridescent head." OH SHIT !

  • That scream after Jane blinded herself with the flashlight had me dying lol

  • Can't wait for you to do a Stranger Things chapter parody!

  • Get ready for stranger things

    • @Dr. Krieger I hate F13, but this asshole wants to complain about not having him, so if he's that desperate he can play 'that dead game'.

    • @Jesse K u mean that dead game?

    • @George l We have a game that has like, a lifetime supply of Jasons. Play that instead.

    • Yeah

    • I was really fuckin hoping for Jason.

  • Prepare for ne Um I mean the entity to introduce them to the Demogorgon coming soon to dbd

  • 2:42Gladde dood al

  • Trapper: screw the rule book Meg: YOU QUESTION THE WORDS OF THE MIGHTY MEG!?!?!

  • 5:34 マイケル嬉しそう :)

  • Rules #9999 hunter must leave the area where's survivor been hook and chase others survivors and most important thing is NO CAMPING...

    • That is common sense when It comes to playing killer you need to stop them from activating the gens and you can still kill the hoocked survivor after if they don’t heal themselves afterwards that is.

  • 5 33 QWQ Это так милоооо:ээ

  • This not as funny the killers aren't supposed to follow the book

  • I just wanna see a video were they all just read the book

  • Ok

  • Survivors rule book for killers is basically the survivors wants to win for free by the way trapper you are to good for survivors rule book GG

    • Any killer is to good for the book even if the killer is bad or terrible to play. That is my opinion anyway.

  • Michael Myers X Ghost face

  • I love the Huntress bit. I hope we see more like Tied-up-man getting a free pass since his wife is a “Hooker” ;P

  • 日本人いる?

  • hellbent is an epic man

  • 5:35 :)

  • Trapper is an badass

  • Me after people stop shitting on me for being a legion main: 0:10

  • The trapper is actually so cute

    • He is like a fresh noob playing the game for the first week or two.

  • This is great XD

  • When is ep 8 coming out

  • Thank you for the translation into French I subscribe

  • If I get people telling me the rules I would just say what trapper and kiba. says about the rule survivors give to killer “screw your rules”

  • Ummm Jason was there, maybe be crossover

  • I realized what ever happened to the Rest of the legion. Susie, Julie and Joey? Are they trapped in a pocket world waiting for their turn playing poker?

    • @OneEyedBeast CousinPacked Well I think the Legion members meet in between trials in the Ormond resort. Like I said the entity prefers Frank

    • Probably nea only allows only one at the wedding and makes the other watch from a window.

    • @vl MISFIT lv Okay and what about the wedding then? If the rest aren't there then how can they even be in trails when all the survivor(s) are clearly at the wedding

    • They're busy participating in their own trials. Frank is the leader of the group and also the entity prefers him

  • "Oh I so _sad_ boo hoo, gg" - The Trapper

  • *is huntress even a female? she/he looks like a dude a bit*

  • I'm surprised the plague wasn't the one doing the ceremony

  • Can feng min and doctor be nice or something cuz they actually are father and daughter

    • Bro doctor was a mad scientist in the 60s were would he have time to make her and the timeline isn’t even supporting that if feng is on a gaming team

  • Lmao aint nobody got time for that

  • Oh, happy DAYS! :D

  • Ding!Ding!

  • Ugggghh, what no- *dead*

  • I want to see a tapp and huntress hybrid

  • Video is pretty D@mn accurate. Survivors keep bltching about killer doing this killer doing that, but they are not wrong cause game dev keep making killer stronger and stronger every patch, and at the same time nerfing survivors.

    • To be fair, the flashlight was so stupid back then, literally, when i would play killer it was so dumb to get instantly blinded by the odd bulb combo.

    • @TheGamingGuy Calm down guy. I'm clearly talking about game dev not the players.

    • So... the fault is on the players playing killer, and not the devs? We just play the game dude, also the nerf they did on flashlights was very reasonable, because those things were OP. They're still viable, but you have to use them right now instead of shinimg the light in the general vicinity of the killer.

  • and thats why i am evil to every survivor ^^

  • and they lived happily ever after