DEAD BY DAYLIGHT All The Killer's Trailers

Pubblicato il 18 dic 2018
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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT All The Killer's Trailers
00:11 - The Legion
00:53 - The Spirit
01:32 - The Clown
03:09 - The Pig aka Saw
03:48 - Freddy Krueger
04:15 - Leatherface
04:47 - The Huntress
05:16 - The Doctor
05:48 - The Hag
06:15 - Michael Myers
07:11 - The Nurse
08:08 - The Trapper
11:25 - The Hillbilly
12:07 - The Wraith
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  • Uh what about the strange things dlc WHERES THE DEMOGORGON!?

  • That girl in the red shirt basically said I’m ghosted in sign language

  • Wish there’s Jeff The Killer too :000

  • Obese pennywise XD

  • Dead by daylight killers : are you ready to fucking die !? Dead by daylight survivors : I’m a bad bitch you can’t Kill me !

  • *Killers’

  • My fevourite video

  • Demogorgen

  • .

  • The game should get a HD trailer accurate overhaul+lighting overhall.

  • What if they added pyramid head?

  • Next killer should be some sort of shapeshifter like The Thing. Imagine a killer that can temporarly look like survivors. You´re repairing a generator when another survivor comes to help and you´re thinking "oh great", but then BAM, he stabs you. However, since it would be kind of op, it would have to be toned down somehow.

  • Manhunt style)

  • Your a baby dweet walking through the woods and suddenly you hear You forgot your Spanish lesson

  • If Slender Arrival was in the game Charaters included - Kate - Slenderman - Foxys

  • #gagakentahapayangmerasukimu

  • I think one more killer is there like, queen type carrying one chain lamp.

  • Add Jeff the killer to this game it would make more sense

  • The hit box at the wraith

  • Gotta say beHaviour bad at jumpscare in trailers

  • They need pennywise

  • Bone. Fabric. Paper. What is his mask made of? YOU. ME: his mask is more beautiful than my face, maybe it`s not worht it?

  • The last real trailer is the startup scene when you first start it up, the rest are fan made

  • Why am I watching this on my phone and watching dashie play dead by daylight on my tv

  • It’s not hard to run from the clown killer

  • nurse trailed was honestly pretty bad compared to other ones

  • Nerden indirebilirim çakma *HORRORFİELDDAN* bıktım

  • 1:11 velma I lost my glasses

  • The guy from hush would be pretty cool

  • I sat here for two hours researching every killers background i might be addicted

  • Best 4 killers

  • 00:11

  • 06:15

  • 04:15

  • 03:47

  • Jason Voorhees should be in the game like is should


  • I wish they can put jason voorhees

  • Is it bad that I literally only know most horror movies bc of the game lmao

  • What's up with all the killers popping up behind them

  • Johnny

  • hahah you need to love the doctors sounds xD hehehe

  • i would gen rush them all

  • I cant get over how darkness among us is like spy but more scary

  • OchiDO be like: We did a pretty good job so far..

  • 1 the tank from L4D needs to be added if Bill is in it. 2, the clown looks like a combo of smoker, pennywise and boomer mixed... creeps me out 3, the puppet from Saw or jigsaw whatever it’s called should also be added, that be fun

  • Curtain call like Franco Mobile legend😂

  • I need slenderman..

  • 트레일러 참 좋아..

  • Hay

  • こわぁっ:( ;´Д`;): でもデドバ実況好き〜♡

  • Where's Demogrogon??

  • They should add granny,to me it sounds good

  • I don’t know why but it reminds me of the movie 13 Ghosts

  • The legion was so misleading

  • For saint Patricks day they should make the leprechaun 😂

  • I want to see Jason

  • good

  • What we need! Is spencer... That office worker surviver... To go insane and become the hardest killer to beat and run away from because he can chase survivers out of the gate if games still in play and drag another surviver back into the game

  • i think u forgot nurse