DEAD BY DAYLIGHT All The Killer's Trailers

Pubblicato il 18 dic 2018
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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT All The Killer's Trailers
00:11 - The Legion
00:53 - The Spirit
01:32 - The Clown
03:09 - The Pig aka Saw
03:48 - Freddy Krueger
04:15 - Leatherface
04:47 - The Huntress
05:16 - The Doctor
05:48 - The Hag
06:15 - Michael Myers
07:11 - The Nurse
08:08 - The Trapper
11:25 - The Hillbilly
12:07 - The Wraith
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  • My homie over there likes you My homie 3:02

  • Poor David

  • You know, it really seems impossible to make a multiplayer horror game... Dbd: bUtT dAanCinG Scp (SL): Hey man, don’t kill me, I got uhh drugs. Mmmmmm...

  • Person behind camera be like -_-

  • They should add Jason to the game

  • Arts institution here we


  • pennywise should be in this game

  • The doctor is just leagues scarier than all the other characters

  • 2 is fake

  • *insert demogorgon here*

  • somebody add the monster in 13 ghost story

  • Lil support please.

  • Soon in all cinemas... Joker: old age is not a joy

  • The clown goes into cardiac arrest when he does anything

  • I think the clown has tuberculosis

  • I don't know what you think, but I love the Huntress so much ♡

  • Bruh i wish they add slenderman

  • Don't forget Slenderman

  • ):

  • Add Jason!

  • I wish they would redo the Wraith and Hillbilly trailers

  • bro momento

  • Why does the game look like dog poop but these animations look soo good?

  • when the genrator stared going. looked like fingers moving

  • Me: oh man why am I watching this alone this is scary ads: DO YA WANT A BURGER me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Game developers you have to add my boy jason Voorhees please

  • Where is plague

  • My favorite trailer is the legion

  • WHY

  • Where is Jason Vorheese

  • Slenderman as killer one day?

  • The Legion is still one of my favorite killers.. dont know why.

  • Yo honestly, some of the survivors should have a exhaustion perk or one time use of fighting back, with not just ds. It's frustrating to see David with six packs and not fighting back

  • if you in the woods alone and playing a banjo you are asking to be killed

  • I watched this at night im going to have nightmares.....

  • Honestly the Huntress is probably my favorite, brethren.

  • Me encanto el de la cazadora😁

  • Hi

  • HLlo

  • Where's putsh?

  • Alguien que hable español?? Por cierto, me encanta el juego

  • We still waiting for Oni's trailer

  • 断絶した血脈

  • aaah yes,legion...the killer which every noob likes to play

  • I wish they'll add Chris Walker from Outlast soon

  • now that I think about it Dwight looks like mathieu...

  • I want a killer who just has a Glock

  • 1 like= 1 more cough drop that chokes the clown :>

  • How do you guys know so many scary ppl? I dont know 95% of these

  • Wow am surprised this game is on mobile too

  • 0:18, Фрэнк Моррисон

  • If they add pennywise I’m not even looking at the videos that have anything about this game in it

  • Wait'll they add the candyman

  • but when is shrek gonna get in?

  • the nurse is basically the hand

  • of course they made the black girl fast as fuck

  • Michael Meyers ist der heftigste Weste digga

  • I'm going to ask, when will they add Anton Chigurh here? Pretty sure that guy is as terrifying as Michael Myers