Daybreak | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pubblicato il 7 ott 2019
So what’s life like in the apocalypse? It’s never what you’d expect. Find your tribe, grab your swords, and get ready to take on some Ghoulies. Daybreak comes to Netflix on October 24.
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Daybreak | Official Trailer | Netflix
Living his best life in post-apocalyptic LA, a slacker strives to find the girl of his dreams while outwitting mindless ghouls and cliquish gangs.


  • why have I not heard about this show ? It looks great

  • WHY does there have to be a random gay guy? why?

  • Every episode made me want to throw up

  • The weird part of this show is having a black guy plays a character with Asian culture. It's like having an Asian guy plays quarterback for Chicago Bears and brought them to Superbowl. The producers of this show is weird.

  • 1 thing I’ve learned from trailers: never watch the comments cuz some motherf****** spoils this shit

  • As a black man I was annoyed by how the show portrayed black men. Why black men always got to be the gay character? Smh

  • What about the kids in juvie? Since all the adults died arent they kinda just stuck, starving to death?

  • There will be second season

  • The worst show ever I watched the first episode and it’s really boring

    • The first two episodes are kinda slow but it really picks up from there, you should really give the show a chance

    • Did you finish it?

  • Hiroshima: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Sam Dean is a bitch 😒

  • so it’s basically paper towns but badder

  • Madmax 2019?

  • Loaded with leftist politics but okay.

  • I need season 2 yesterday

  • This doesn't look that bad only it brothers and i know it make no sinces but is it trying to beat TWD world beyond? Or zombieland?


  • This is how you adapt a comic book.

  • Looks like Netflix joined SNL in the SJW bandwagon. Let's see which other Liberal infested media outlet decides to come out of the political closet.

  • Not gonna lie Angelica was kinda badass

  • I hate Sam dean

  • Why do I see a resemblance of john cena in josh.

  • i know the to be

  • Post Apocalyps Scott Pilgrim ?

  • I honestly have a thing for Sam & a thing with her when she has a plaid wrapped around her waist

  • This is what happens when John doesn't go missing so Dean doesn't go looking for Sam

  • Ruined my show. Gays are not cool, sry

  • Sunset overdrive tho

  • 2:21 *i just noticed this dude looks like an ncr ranger from fnv*

  • Season 2 ASAP. More episodes

  • I really like the series but it's so forcibly liberal sometimes that it's getting annoying

  • what is the song?

  • What's that a movie or not

  • Really good show if you can handle all the really "woke" stuff that they throw in.

    • I think they parody it, I'm unsure about that though.

  • That black dude just pulled out with dat yeezys during the apocalypse

  • Anyone notice he looks exactly just like Jace Norman from Henry danger?

  • this show is so awesome , the trailer is shit and the first 2 episodes are kinda cringy but at the end the show is awesome with interesting carachters

  • Garbage

  • Hands down best show og 2019 ...just go watch it right now

  • Yeah watch this it's good campy and surprising, not to heavy or 2 light but the right flavor of the 80's upgraded.....