Dax Shepard Had a 'Pretty Woman' Date with Brad Pitt

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
Dax Shepard has always made his affinity known for the love of his life, Brad Pitt, and told Ellen all about his long-awaited date with the Hollywood heartthrob that had Dax feeling like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." He also explained how he and his wife Kristen Bell have been scaring their friends with a prosthetic mold of his head.


  • You know I just realized how top liked celebrity couples(Don't fight me if yours are different). Kristen&Dax, John&Emily, Ryan&Blake children are all girls! Coincidence!!!!

  • I like dax and Kristin so much and their since of humor is alot like mine. I really hope they stay together, unlike some Hollywood couples.

  • Dax is a very nice man,kristen is so lucky for having him as a husband

  • I love how ellen letting dax talk for the longest time ever.

  • Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard are like the Jenna Marbles and Julien Solamita couple of Hollywood 😂💛💛

  • He's on once a week now? Dax Sheppard For President

  • He’s so funny 😂😂😂

  • What is your fagrance called Ellen? Is it called fresh or it's that your implying that you put it on fresh everyday?

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lola was in a season 1 episode of Veronica Mars back in 2005, didn't know she was still alive. Hope she has another few years in her

  • 🙄Ellen interviews

  • When a wife buys that many dogs..... If he would only talk about his family like he did about Brad.... Hm. Sad

  • “I did hit the jackpot, but the jackpot came with a petting zoo. Fine print” 🤣🤣

  • Hilarious guy 🤘

  • He will always be my favorite Braverman.

  • I LOVE Dax!!!

  • 💕💕💕

  • Can't wait to see Bradd Pitt reaction to this!

  • I love Dax's interviews❤ makes me laugh all the time

  • yeah we're gonna need footage of this man date with Brad please

  • I wanna know what Ellen smells like!!

  • i love him lol love it

  • Keeping the Bromance alive! Lol🤣

  • I love Dax and kristen....and Ellen of course!

  • Don't understand Ellen's obsession with him and his wife. There not people but Jesus. Enough already.

  • I love this. I’m a vet tech with a husband who wouldn’t have animals either 😂. Great job Dax being a great husband!

  • Anyone know where Dax got this shirt? I want one...

  • lol

  • He is such a blessing! Love you dax!!!

  • ellen love you

  • This guy is SO FUNNY!

  • The Cyclops....bahahaaahaa!!!

  • I Love this guy he is so funny🤣😂

  • This is hilarious

  • I wish Dax had his own show 💖💖

  • Dax... my all time crush

  • Anyone else watching because 1-you love Dax on Ellen and 2-you really needed an explanation for the severed head in the thumbnail? Haha.


  • I JUST LOVE that straight men nowadays can talk like this about another guy. Men can say "so & so is a hot guy or super good looking".

  • He’s too funny 😂 love him 💛

  • did anyone notice the "Samantha?" hat?? is that a Frozen 2 reference!!

  • The bromance continues.

  • Brad Pitt, come on, look what he did to both Jennifer and Angelina, ugh!!!!!!!

  • There isn’t any amount of money that could make me want to go out on a date with Brad Pit, not even Pretty Woman style. Mark my words signed me.

  • Ellen perfume would be cool to see

  • Ellen's reaction when she thought Dax didn't like dogs

  • I hope one day Brad is invited to Dax and Kristin's house and is asked to help with the box. "What's in the box? What's in the box?? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?!?"

  • And by a lot of balls in the air he means brad's testicles.

  • Dax Shepard looks a lot like Cody Fern in this

  • ✨🌟❣❣💗❣❣🌺🌺✨

  • ‘The love of my life’ - Dax Shepard referring to Brad Pitt, instead of his legitimate wife Kristen Bell😂❤️❤️❤️

    • he also calls his friend Monica "the love of his life"

    • Aka. Eleanor Anna Shellstrop

  • I named my dog after him. “Dax the shepherd”

  • His little fangasm when Brad said he had a crush on him was so adorable. Next time, can they film little bits of their date? It sounds so sweet. :3 Also, where are the fan vids of these two? This ship must sail.

  • He was amazing in Alias Grace!

  • Cypup

  • An he chases the cyclops around 😂😂😂 I lost it

  • I enjoy a great storyteller. I love Dax!

  • Love love Dax!

  • I love Dax in pink 😍

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