Pubblicato il 5 nov 2019
Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: HAN SA MIN @Dextor-lab
Composed by: DAWN, 권필립, PSY, 유건형, 강필성
Lyrics by: DAWN, PSY
Arranged by: 유건형, 강필성
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  • A month later, and still can't get enough with this song

  • Ok why does this make me have Joker vibes for no reasons is it because of the hair and suit?

  • 뭔가가 무섭..

  • Joker vibes

  • La primera que ví la letra me sorprendí,fue una manera de mostrar su interpretación,quizás muchos dicen que el dinero no puede comprar la felicidad,¿Pero como estás tan seguro?,si piensas diferente a eso creen que estás mal. Por último está canción es hermosa,y los pequeños mensajes que aparecen "ocultos" son hermosos.

  • I Love You DAWN

  • 아형에서 보고 달려왔당 노래 흥하세욤!!

  • Yes!!!!

  • i have no money, but i'd throw some at dawn anyway

  • I mean, the song is great to listen to, but i am so confused. Is it really about money or is this some kind of a metaphor i am too dumb to understand? (please, this is a real question, so if you know the answer please tell me)

  • 앞으로도 노래 많이 내주세요

  • he doesn't sound that good, no hate to him. i just didn't like the song. maybe he'll get better. This song was just not one i would put in my playlist

    • Thank you for passing by anyway! ^^

  • So fresh and the lyrics amazing

  • Hyunas boyf is the shit

  • Lindo!

  • I can't believe he has done a song on such a strong topic. I mean wow. The lyrics are so touching but you still wanna dance.

  • Love this song ♥️

  • Melhor dolo debut sim amores

  • Tô viciada nessa música meu deus

  • Ótimo solooooooo

  • Que homem maravilhoso

  • Tô apaixonada meu deus

  • Lindo demaaaaaaisssssaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tá muito bom MDS

  • Gonna repeat this unti 1:00am

  • This is a masterpiece dawn....

  • 진짜 노래 너무 좋다 진짜 안들었다가 우연한 계기로 들었는데 너무 꽂혀버렸다 진짜 좋은 노래 감사합니다 춤도 진짜.. 너무 잘춰서 너무 놀랐어요,,,

  • 중독성..대박

  • A alguien mas DAWN le hace recordar a G-DRAGON cuando empezó a ser idol? DAWN será muy buen solista es ARTE ❤️❤️❤️

    • Si recuerda a G-DRAGON, ya sabemos que será un gran ídolo ... Ob; También recordé un poco de G-D cuando vi el video...

  • I've listened to this song during my comedown on MDMA few weeks ago, I cried to it for an hour and here I am coming back to see if it was because of the comedown but really, I totally relate to the song, the mood around it but especially his expressions devoid of any feelings. This is very personal but, I'm a student, I struggle to find a job somehow and my only source of income is my scholarship which is basically nothing because it's just enough to pay my rent, but tbh and I've always struggled financially because my parents are poor too and since the time I've realized how poor I was in Highschool and that I couldn't afford things that everyone had, I started to feel insecure about anything about me, I started feeling depressed but it got worse since I started living alone, alone in this big city, where EVERYTHING is about money. To anyone feeling the same as me; WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER !!

  • I know this song is talking bout money and all but it makes me wanna fall inlove XD

  • Anyone else hear bitch?😳😂 love the song💜

  • 2nd gen kpop stan here. I still casually listen to kpop and I just gotta say he has a GD vibes, his dance, his voice, even his composition style. so much potential.

  • This is the first song I listened to by dawn...just cause of knowing bros

  • 진짜 던은 던밖에 없을것같은 존재야

  • Keep doing what your doing love you

  • The meaning of the song is so beautiful, the mv gives me.. joker and GD vibe... Like idk how to explain it.

  • wow i love it

  • Hyojong, E'dawn or Dawn... he will always Shine!!

  • Like...imagine being angry at him because he's dating Hyuna and kept it as a secret, and then have the audacity to identify yourself as a Pentagon fan. OMG! haha. How stupid you have to be to turn your back to this talented young man!