David Dobrik Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
On this episode of Actually Me, David Dobrik goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Reddit, IT-tvs, Twitter and more. How does one do a David Dobrik smile? Why can't he leave the country without getting deported?
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Check out David's account here:
Reddit: www.reddit.com/user/actuallydaviddobrik
IT-tvs: it-tvs.com/ch/UCsW3wqok3w7KNNTsGg9gOwQ?view_as=subscriber
Twitter: twitter.com/actuallydavidd
Instagram: instagram.com/actualydaviddobrik/
Quora: www.quora.com/profile/David-Dobrik-27
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David Dobrik Goes Undercover on Reddit, IT-tvs and Twitter | GQ


  • Why can’t he talk like a normal person why is his tongue always coming out his mouth as he speaks

  • That's not the full explanation of the 4:20 minutes lenght of the videos hahaha

  • I been trying to figure out if he’s autistic or not

  • you can't leave and come back unless you get married.... But you literally just said you married Jason Nash's mother legally.... I'm confused.

  • Korthom is a dutch youtuber lol

  • Lol that’s my birthday

  • Cool and the people we have to go to the restaurant are all in a world of the world is a great opportunity for the first person and we have to do with the experience and we have to do with them and our lives in our country and the people of the country and we have to go through this process and make a difference in

  • who is this loser

  • on this episode of people who america made famous for no reason.....

  • they linked the wrong youtube account lmao

  • I always thought that it was 4:20 because of WEED. I would have preferred that answer.


  • That sound of the keyboard typing is bothering me so much .

  • ummmm........I don't think anyone who has that kind of money just buys peoples cars, Davids just AN AMAZING PERSON

  • Now I have a crush on him, grrreat.

  • Lol, he answered korthoms question

  • I've seen him pay his friends in his videos why is he Lieing 😂

  • Did u not marry Jeson nash mom to Get green card

  • fingers cross omg they need to get married

  • Never noticed that all this videos are 4.21 seconds😂😂

  • david (a millionaire): i wouldn’t spend over $20 on clothes also david: sells $60 merch


  • Wow he takes an average time to edit. Just saying bc a youtuber I new takes months to edit (oneandonly016)

  • Weren’t you protected to leave when you married your friends mum?

  • Why is it called undercover if he says it’s actually me

  • "Suzie is a Lyft Driver."

  • I just realized he married Lorraine on my birthday.... BEST PRESENT EVER!!!

  • He was married to Jason’s mom so he should have left then.

  • Is David’s still married to Jason’s mom? Didn’t get that part

  • 14 hours of editing for 4 minutes of video

  • me a ditch person watching this video *korthom aka a ditch youtuber comes up in the first scene* me: 😮

  • My cousin went to middle school with you. He lives in veron hills

  • David CAN leave the USA, he is married to jasons mom!!

  • 5:11 I mean he was married to Jason Nash's mom, so he could have used this opportunity to become an American citizen 😂

  • I love David.

  • I’d date you 😘

  • i love how he still watches his and liza's videos oof what an iconic duo

  • David seems so sensitive🥺. & it’s cute how he still watches videos of him and Liza ❤️

  • 4:20 😏😏 how has no one said anything

  • 4:21 seconds**

  • We know why you chose 4:20👀 9:24

  • 6:26 I’m pretty sure he does because one of his friends in the video they did with James Charles, said that he will pay them for being in the video because they didn’t like what they did. They said david pays up to £2000. Thats hard to read but hopefully you know what I mean...

  • my friend sits next to Vardan in his english class... he says he is annoying haha

  • What’s he famous for? Trying to figure out who he is or why this video was recommended....

  • DACA has allowed many great things to happen 💚

  • Okay so I was looking a his videos and saw 4:21 when I swear it was 4:20 I'm I crazy or what🤔😨

  • David and drake and Josh.

  • OK he sais the only way for him to leave the US and come back is if he was married, but he is ! Legally married to Jason's mom. I'm confused...

  • Isn’t he married to Jason’s mum? He can leave the country now.

  • I've been watching david's videos on and off. But recently, even more. I think what amazes me is that he still edits his own videos. I guess it should have been a given because I feel like editing the way he does is hard to replicate. At least, in the esence that he wants the videos to come out. I find it v cool.

  • The fact that he wore a bracelet for 8 years just because of a silly challenge/dare in high school is the most David Dobrick thing I've ever heard hahaha.

  • WHY DIDNT he go somewhere when he was married to lorraine

  • I don't get the Wikipedia stuff someone explain

  • 1:44 seatgeek

  • Can you do mr. Beast next?

  • www.bidiboo.com/baby/5786908672785620-Mavryck/

  • I want longer vids

  • Of course it has to be 4:20 on every vlog

  • He has the goofiest smile 🤣

  • If he gets married?? But he got married.