DanPlan is Dead. Animator's POV

Pubblicato il 18 gen 2020
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Sorry for the edge in this video I'm really protective over other animators if you can't tell. I'm considering making more consistent content but I'd need to balance that w/ work.
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  • I wanna ask. Please at least animate one more vid of danplan

  • No...why just why , why tf u made such a vid with suc baised opinion without seeing dans side n shit

  • Her: I don't work for DanPlan. Me: Then why....ok Just saying, next time maybe try to be less biased and not base this whole video off of one perspective.

  • I mean I know that this is a bad thing to do by not treating people egual but to be honest I miss the videos danplan makes.

    • I hope he fixes this and bring them all togethe.

  • Madeline: Daniel, you are a. Spineless. Degenerate. Me(in the corner of the room, shouting): YASS MADDIE! SHOW HIM WHO’S BOSS!! .........also thanks for speaking up for all the young animators out there including the ones that worked at danplan AND any other “studio”

  • Dan messed up big time, so much so I can’t make a joke about it actually well done dan well done

  • we are all nothing but shit. youtube? trash it. only fights, blames, threats, depression, inappropriate stuff for kids, creeps, stalkers, terrible management, lawsuits, and lets not forget youtube rewind. what we could have done to help and to grow in such a community is . . . how do i put this? how about . . . another undertale au? money = fights, friends = war, animation = god knows what. DanPlan? lets put in the garbage because no one cares about any other person all because they are to self absorbed to open their fucking eyes and see what is happening. ah who am i kidding? who's going to care?

  • “For legal reasons that was a joke”

  • Hey, please watch Dan's video, I know it's long, but if it helps the animator response is at the end. He shows invoices, apologizes, explains, and asks the animators to reach out to him if they have a problem. I love the message in this video, animators really need to speak up for themselves, and the work they do, but I really think you should've waited for all the facts to come out before you made a whole hate video towards Dan. After watching Stephens video, then Dans, then Jays, and now yours I really think this was just a big problem with communication from Dan and Stephen that got really blown up once people outside of those two (and Hosuh) got ahold of the story. Once again I really love the main point of this video of animators being careful in a vicious industry, but maybe you could make another one that really focuses on those core elements instead of using it to shame another creator who had yet to give his side. and really I don't even fully support Jays video beyond explaining that he didn't want to be a full member because this was something really personal between Dan and Stephen that shouldn't have gone public in the first place. Sorry this was so long!!

  • This title of the video was not necessarily, we all cherish Danplan b4 this drama happens. When I watch your video, you said you don't care about Dan's side of the story and yet you're only making the drama worse

  • Im confused why are using someone else's word as evidence its the worse proof you can ever give. And most of the video is no proof of what daniel did.

  • Hope you feel bad... Im tied of these people going after Daniel. You all are treating him so bad, becouse 2 friends (jay and stephen) saying shits about him, without proof and so on. All they have is their voice... Its stupid. And you starts the video saying people shouldnt hurt Daniel. And what do you do in the video... Its sad, calling him spineless and so on. Girl you got manipultet, and hurt another person. I understand its something close to u. But this is not okay...

  • Dan actually has evidance on his claim

  • Jesus Christ I hope she makes a new video responding to the video Dan makes.

  • Uhh if you actually watch danplan vid I will now that the animators have Jod outside of danplan

  • Nobody on youtube: Every single person under 100k that is associated with danplan: "danplan gay, gottem"

  • That type of story should not be pulic

  • Hey Madaleine! Wow, thks very much for this video. I just discovery DanPlan and was amazed by his content and had no idea about the conditions of the people working on it. Again, your effort reached me and taking knowledge about this issue I'll avaliate again my ideais about the channel. Did Stephen, and Jay said anything about it too? Or Houssa (I dont know how to spell his name). I guess Houssa was the first animator, right? Anyway, I'm looking for more information about the issue and will gladly happy cut the channel if all of that is true, thks again to bring the question to light!

  • Remove the words on the thumbnail and you get a meme template

  • Dan: *treats fans and friends like shit* Everyone: *execute order 66*

  • fake

  • "They shouldn't have made this public." So they should do it all privately like cowardly Dan while the consequences happen publicly so the wrong people get blamed?

  • As the people say "the new year is the best!" But... Somehow with what's happening on 2020 I'm guessing those people who says that to me are eating their words.

  • Stfu

  • I thought you worked for danplan? After his response and amonut of actual proof that he showed i honestly trust dan more then stephen dont get me wrong i still love stephen but he didnt show any evidence to support him in his video he just spoke and everyone believed him i know this was supposed to be put behind us but after dans response it looks as if stephen was lying and he really hasent addressed all the points that were proven by dan im just really hoping they solved this privately and if they had they should announce it so we dont have to worry so much I REALLY THINK you should've waited till his response because now you kinda look goofy you just immediately believed stephens side and didnt give dan a second to explain himself :(

  • I still don’t really believe Steven he didn’t really use a lot of evidence

  • danplan is screwed

  • Did u ever ask dan about this or are u just getting only one persons side

  • Wait have you guys watched what Dan had to say about all this on the danplan channel

  • Dan Plan's gone World War 3 Almost Happened Bushfires killing Everything Corona Virus By the Way, Can You Survive 2020?

  • This aged well

  • "I do not work for Danplan" Well there goes all your credibility.

  • Danplans new response be like. NOPE

  • Man imagine being in dan's position :c

  • Saying that you don't want to hear his response just shows that you are biased.

  • Rise of actually Stephan!

  • Your title was really misleading, tbh.

  • Anyone miss the RPG series?

  • A bunch of the people are just straight up saying Dan is bad, it was technically a misunderstanding. In Dan's video he explained kind of how it was a misunderstanding and how Stephen really misunderstood.

  • This aged.

  • Woman, you have some real anger management issues. They lost their channel which millions of people enjoyed and you make a video where you take the side of somebody when you don't even work for them. You decided to make this video without even discussing it with the other animators. Going on in your video- talking about him being spineless and throwing hands. What is wrong with you? Get your shit together. It is between Dan and the animators to discuss the pay. He also talked about the way they get paid and that they get paid per project with an amount that is discussed between them. Don't just make a video about someone. Think first and then speak. What was the point of it all? Your opinion doesn't matter for the argument because you're just a bystander. Jesus Christ, you disgust me to my core.

  • Watch Jay's Dans and Stevens videos and before you write crap and remember people can lie with no hesitation and lie to make somebody believe dumb crap and Dan does think of his employees as friends so don't think crap before you find a opinion

  • Its good to help and protect what you do and what your passionate about.

  • Sooooooooo...... what now? Idk who is the bad person

  • I'm starting to believe that Steven is paying you and Jay to say what you say.

  • Quiting is admitting defeat and you guys really really admitted defeat lol honestly i think its better this way he is an entrepreneur looking for success and you guys are looking for something else but leave dan alone if you try to mess up his life over this you guys are just as bad

  • I think its so funny that protesting is not an option you guys make it sound like he is an evil,terrible person but you guys just sound like you crying and complaining

  • Why should there be a big blow out when this happens to millions of people around the world you guys should have just protested and let the fanbase stay in the dark its sad that u guys made it public he may have been the guy screwing you guys over but have you thought how hard all of you worked on that channel all for it to come to an end like this you guys are crazy

  • Bro1 : Bro 2020 is starting good- Bro2 : haha bro... Kobe died , Corona virus started , ww3 and danplan :( Bro1 : Bro...

  • This is exactly how I feel, I'm glad I am not the only one

  • He shot himself in the foot Sorry i mean the head

  • Ok so sorry but you haven’t heard Daniel’s side at all...plus you just took in the “facts” that Stephen said in his video, plus you don’t really know how Daniel and his team operate...so I suggest listening to Daniel’s side...

  • I feel bad for Dan...

  • Dan:let's not attack each other Everyone:we agree, but no were about to attack. RIP dan

  • I call bull crap

  • Everyone thought 2020 would be a good year, we’ve already lost so much, let’s hope it gets better.

  • you had me until "i don't work for danpla" also stephan didn't show proof so we can't all say "OMG DAN IS EVIL! MY PROOF IS THAT MY FAVORITE CHARACTER SAID SO"

  • You cool, just calm down a bit

  • Jk

  • Your horrible too