Danny Singh - Call Me

Pubblicato il 14 giu 2019
Music video for Call Me performed by Danny Singh.
Copyright (C) 2019 Danny Singh.
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  • I was waiting sooooo long danny to make video for this song love you danny😍.


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  • Came from insta ❤️

  • Ayy hot bro. 💎

  • Love this song bro ❤💯💪

  • Nice work bro....

  • Nice song

  • This is good

  • Dope music my G..i bet i can your style with my Beatz

  • Yes, its not the Instagram. Because i usually skip all that is advertised. Its just the song, the voice, your voice is magnificent

  • danny singh love your song men❤️❤️ btw are you indian?❤️

  • ig really helped u with views but this song is reaally good man

  • Came from Instagram. Instantly came here. Love it!

  • Good Music. Listening all the way From Kenya 🇰🇪.

  • Good songs with good lyrics 💯💯💥💣

  • Watch, he gonna blow up one day.

    • @Studio Evening that was just my honest opinion

    • @Zedam that means nothing. People who play the same phone games that you do watch your videos and that's a lot of people. But that audience is tiny in comparison to the audience of music. This guy is a real singer. He'll make you look like a nobody.

    • @Luner 14k views dude... I'm I 13 y /o who uploaded videos just for fun and I got 160k views

    • @Zedam Why don't you think he will?

    • I don't think so... But I wish so

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  • dope

  • I'm Came from instagram ❤✌✌✌

  • Aftr Nav,,i fall for you bruh!

  • top irmão

  • Osm bro

  • Nice Dannyx Singh bro

  • I came here because recommended to check it out aha 👍

  • I like it 😍😍😍❣

  • InstA just recommended me this! I love it 🥰 love the size of MV and the colors! The ending is wow! Super beautiful 💕

  • This is love ❤

  • Okay but I really like this song


  • Videos 🔥💪

  • this hot bro!! i'm feeling it. i might have some beats you could hop on

  • Love it!! 🔥🔥🔥 nice video too.

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  • Después de esperar , me encanta sigue así bro (no sé si hable español ) 🔥🌪