Danny Macaskill: Danny Daycare

Pubblicato il 20 mag 2019
In his latest film Danny Macaskill takes on some child care the only way he knows how... by taking them for a wee bike ride around Scotland!
See behind the scenes -- it-tvs.com/tv/video-up3Z23s4yFw.html.

No children were involved in any stunts during the making of Danny Daycare... Please don't try this at home (obviously!).
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'Hitchin a Ride' by Vanity Fare courtesy of Universal Music
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  • Hope you all enjoy Danny Daycare, I'm so happy to finally share this new video with you all. Cheers Danny | #dannydaycare

    • Danny MacAskill Awesome video! The children’s trailer looks great! My wife and I are looking for one for our little boy. What brand is the one you used?

    • I likee hahaha😆😆😆😆😆

    • Been watching your videos ever since. This is just another flick full of creativity humor and fun. Thanks Danny!

    • There was not a baby when u did any of the jumps

    • So awesome. The best daycare ever! Unless your in the passenger seat. lol

  • Kool as hell #1Danny Daddy

  • Aww man she’s going to get the fox 40 before me :’(

  • I want to be in the trailer😁

  • Wtf

  • He should really air down that trailer tire if hes gunna stunt with her.

  • What a freaking awesomeness video!

  • Dope edit, this is every parents worst nightmare lol z

  • what a DAD eh!

  • I’d ride in it any day

  • Even though I know this video used a doll, it still gives me big anxiety.

  • Coming soon to a trail near me!


  • This would happen if you asked one of our store staff members to babysit for you!

  • Best dad ever

  • is there a singletrailer for adult...i need dis...for me , not my son haha

  • That actually looks so fucking fun Danny I will pay you to take me on one of these

  • Are you kidding? How can she ride a bike? She is so small.

  • This vid is awesome! Buts it's sad now days you have to show proof the stunts wasnt a real child 😑


  • That was funny as hell 😂

  • I was ready to troll this guy until I seen the doll, still have to get my anger release out your a fool!

  • 2 things to say 1. Good promotion for that kid trailer. 2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Das arme Kind

  • Brilliant video concept & camera work! Cheers

  • OMG, that poor little kid back there is getting smacked around back there! 😂

  • Its fake

  • I hope no one really thinks a kid was in there during the tricks lol

  • I always assume that this is what my husband does when I am not around.

  • If that were my child I would **** my pants!

  • In 2:18 you can see that there is a puppet

  • Shaking baby syndrome

  • Seriously Danny?

  • Funny as hell and super adorable!

  • Love it 😍

  • 😲 that must’ve been fun, wish i was her, i mean the doll 🤩 new sub👌🏻

  • So kyut baby

  • Thought this could be possible... then the outtakes. Ouch!

  • The best.. as always!

  • And the little kid says wow.....😍

  • Omg! no life jackets while on the boat. That was unsafe!

  • Bylo hned jasny co se bude dit a ze to dite tam neni ale stejne to bylo super video chlape👍🏻😂😂

  • That fuck”n kid is brave

  • Why did I think this was real

  • You went back to 'The Ridge', kind of got nostalgic there :P

  • Too funny!

  • She’s actually in there or no?

  • Don't feed ducks bread !! Super fun vid, love the pump track session at the end. We need more of that. Thanks Danny :D

  • I really enjoyed that😂

  • One badass video everyone should see

  • That was a too cutevid. Nice job daddy

  • Hands off to the stunt babe work . I have a tandem mountain bike and can’t wait to try a backflip with jr. onboard.

  • 😂😂

  • Ahahahhaa

  • What kind of happy wheels is this?

  • Amazing Video!!!!

  • The dislikes on this video are people that think she was in there the whole time! XD

  • No kids were harmed during filming Maybe

  • To the people saying people are dumb for needing a disclaimer, it’s probably there for legal reasons

  • I think I've seen it before in the game happy wheels