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Today, storm area 51 , pewdiepie minecraft monday, creeper aww man memes & dog and the dad memes plus is it gif or gif meme

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  • is it gif or gif?

  • Its pronounced gilf

  • 4:42 your like hitler, but even hitler even cared about Germany , or somthing

  • gay

  • Me: *enters shower* The soap bar: IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT

  • Media: Video games cause violence *me after playing Tap Tap Dig* IM GUNNA STAB A HOLE IN YOUR FRICKIN CRUST EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pewdiepie: *loses one subscriber* *THIS IS AN AVENGERS LEVEL THREAT*

  • 1:23 as a gorillaz fan I honestly say that this was the best meme

  • #DDM 2:30 Mastering it must be very *stressful*

  • Yay

  • 3:47 But who is the one meme we can call a God? Shrek? Kermit? There is so many xD

  • 김정은=kim jong-un 시도하다=you tryed. the hell clumsy

  • 6:24 holy cow it's smg4!! (PS it is in the eps called if Mario was in Minecraft when he sees Steve's food)

  • You: *Is about a win a game* Japanese people: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  • Hell no jesus is my homie

  • ViDoo GAmEs caUOSe VioLECncE Me after parrot raves: *SQUAWKING WITH MURDEROUS INTENT*

  • 2-d: *sHaKa SHAkA- DJKktdy- FEel GOod*

  • Saw dat cherry

  • honestly, im so happy that #DDM is giving more attention now to team fortress 2, its a great game and I love it to hell and back, and I think that everyone should play it.

  • 10:00 We'll : We will "We will flock" *Speech -100*

  • i swear i like the most random tish

  • 6:50 literally castle crashers

  • 6:24 Smg4 amirite?

  • Gif in dutch is Poison

  • Bruh it’s pronounced soundless video y’all are stupid

  • 6:56 Is it sad that I actually do this on a daily to weekly basis

  • 2:51 Yes Yes Yes!

  • 1:47 Congratulations.

  • 6:06 IT-tvs users: *Is this some joke that I am too rich to understand* Plus who watches TV anymore

  • 6:22 Finally! An SMG4 meme

  • My religion is memes

  • 6:50; ever heard of A Way Out? Saddest ending to a game besides maybe Red Dead Redemption.

  • Its G-I-F

  • It’s Gif not Jif

  • I got so happy when I realized the music was from dk summit

  • 6:15 for what made my day

  • Its jif

  • Does that mom not know of photoshop you can clean one counter take a pic then photoshop

  • It no lemme reply to clumsy comment

  • Waldo is in the top left square if anyone was wondering

  • Since i cant reply to Clumsy anymore, its is now pronounced "JY-IF".

  • 6:20 YAY, I knew it this will become a meme format

  • 69

  • Bonk im a force a nature

  • Gif

  • Ree

  • First day of middle school tomorrow, wish me luck

  • Meme religion 🙏🙏 Sign up here ⬇

  • #DDM Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sunflowers are yellow And lavender is purple. These are gardening facts You have been tricked

    • Violets are violet and since violet is technically not a color anymore they are purple

  • That symbiote one was so cute

  • #ddm media accuses gamers of gun violence:😢👉 me playing minecraft: 😼

  • #DDM Mom :*calls me* Me: *ends call* So you have chosen; death


  • So your showing yourself something 3:02

  • #DDM petition to make ddm episode 420 69 minutes long.

  • 6:42 lol “시도하다” & “Kim Jong-un” 🤡

  • I don’t have a girlfriend.

  • Does anyone know the song

  • It’s gif not jif because gif stands for graphic interchange format and you don’t say jraphic.

  • Seriously Jeff