Dana White Talks Conor McGregor Punching Old Man, UFC 241, And More | The Jim Rome Show

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
UFC president Dana White joins Jim Rome to discuss dealing with Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor's punching an old man in a pub, Daniel Cormier's future in MMA, and more.

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  • he could of at least said it was weak

  • One day he will punch ur father Dana White.

  • Ok look what happened to Tyson though. Connor should never be allowed to fight again. He’s a scum bag. He doesn’t deserve the position he’s got he’s a common thug and Dana white still gives him work to line his own pockets. He should’ve been jailed. When a professional fighter attacks someone who doesn’t fight for a living it should be instant jail time. If he were a boxer it would mean jail time.

  • What a stupid perspective. When you repeatedly punch people in the face, you don't pay out, you go to prison.... Unless you're rich and famous obvs

  • Not related to Dana being pussy In all seriousness for the first couple of times I’ve heard the name “Dana white” I thought for a couple of weeks that it was a woman...

  • Dana: "Well if you look at Tyson.." Tyson didn't punch an old man..

  • 5:45 McGregor punching the old guy

  • Dana minimizes the fact Conor assualted an elder. Pos.

  • Got Nate Diaz’s mma record wrong

  • Let’s hear Connors Dad Dana defend him 🤔

  • Ban him he needs help

  • But no one but him hit old person for no reason

  • What if Conor kill people will u still do business with him Dana? *Connor is stupid what r u talking about. Why can't u kick him out like u did to others? U wait till he kick your ass...

  • Disgusting. Connor is a psycho should be in prison.

  • People need to shut tf up this happened all the time in Ireland but cause he famous it's more important

  • Smoking nothing has no phase in sports. No oxygen. That's why they keep losing.

  • It wasnt a good move but that old man said to him i dont want to drink that shit i dont want your fucking whiskey he deserved it cuz at first Connor did a kind move and that mf could just to say ion want it pal and end it

  • I'm proud of you DaNa ... Random people don't understand the reality of Humanity and sadly who they are...


    • It wasn't a fight in a pub, it was a trained fighter physically assaulting an old man in a pub. Worst of all it was a sucker punch and he didn't even knock the old guy over! Take Conor's dick out your mouth and think about what you'd be saying if that was your father - if you actually know who he is - that was punched in a pub. You're a fucking idiot

  • How hard is it to denounce this action from Conor? Apparently too hard for Dana to do.

  • What's you guys came for really is 8:35 and on ... what the fuck???

  • This UFC president is full of shit.

  • Conor McGregor lashes out at Dana White's comment that he's no longer 'the man' The truth hurts Right Connor he prefers punching old man

  • Dana sucks off Connor because he is one of those big names for U.F.C.........and taking McGregor off is less income for him, bcuz all off Connor's audience will take their time and begin to stop following up with U.F.C which causes less money 2 Dana's pocket...... I mean.....idk IG, just an opinion..

  • boycott conor

  • boycott his pay per view

  • What a hypocrite, he wouldn't even openly condemn the dude for hitting a senior citizen, let alone do something about it. He's only concerned about how it's costing Conner McGregor money.

  • This Dana White it's the same shit , the mcgregor thing is good for his business it raises the expectation to see mcgregor kicked in the butt = bet =money . But we will see if its good for mcgregor business, we will see if whiskey still doing great

  • Why didn't he say the same thing when khabib jumped out of the cage to beat up all connor's corner?? "When you deal with fighters who do this for a living blah blah blah" fuck you Dana!!

  • #uck you Dana White.... You enabled him to behave like this. You helped to create this bastard. You're just as much a cnunt as him. #uck you Dana White !

  • You mfrs need to wake up ole man probably deseve it

  • I've been too alot of bars where old man is talking shit

  • Dana is safe 👍

  • Uncle dana you little lying rat

  • Danas a tool. Money for honor. All about the coin. No honor in these men. Danas no better than Connor

  • Conner May have skills yes But him as a person is a piece of shit Has no respect for nothing He’s one of those guys who got rich to quick so went to his head

  • Connor is a has been bitch, can't wait to see him get the shit kicked out of him again.

  • Punch an old man..still back up that Mcchicken..Dana..sometimes u need to put aside money just to think straight..its not all about money man..

  • When Khabib jumped out of the octagon that was unacceptable and got him suspended. But when McGregor attack the bus, Dana White laughs at it and that's a good promotion for the fight. Now he tries to belittle what McGregor did. Sad that Chicken McTapper represents this sport.

  • Conor punching old man @ 5:45

  • There’s always something!!! If you can’t be honourable you don’t deserve shit.. he’s a scum bag wouldn’t piss on him to put him out.

  • Only in Ireland an old guy gets punched by an mma fighter and drinks it off

  • I don't like MC gregor.... No good un polite... 👎👎👎👎👎👎👹👹👹👹

  • what the Broke Back Octagon I wish I knew how to quit you shopping for antiques trips to Martha's Vineyard living in Conner's asshole kind of bullshit is going on with Dana White? He must think Irish nutsack taste like cotton candy.

  • Yeah you knew him so well but you didn't do anything to punish him. Stupid Dana!

  • Stupid Dana White, still loving McGregor....imagine if Khabib did that, he will punish Khabib. Selfish Dana! only cares for his business.

  • Ireland government is very stupid for not arresting Conor. Do that in Philippines McGregor, you will be assassinated!

  • All of you that buy any UFC pay per view support McGregors behavior and Dana Whites greed. I used to, not again. P.S. Rome is an idiot "allegedly"

  • Fire him.

  • Don't why but this sport is shadey

  • CBD joint my arse

  • Conor turned into a piece of shit, money and fame got to his head

  • Connor McGregor should not be allowed into the United States.

  • dana sounds terrible. no integrity. sounds like a liar. very disappointing. comparing him to tyson?

  • Dana, the pig "i don't know the particular about why he suckered punched an old man". Like somehow there are circumstances when you can sucker punch old men. Dana is true human dung.

  • Dana the pig is still making excuses for sewer rat conor.

  • Generally Irish people are a proud and honourable nation...so please dont generalize..amongst all nations there are the exceptions.. i.e. old men sucker punches and so on...

  • He punched an old man... that’s what happened.... ufc should cut this clown

  • Dana making excuses for Mc chicken.

  • Legend has it Khabibs dad declined the drink.