Dana White Talks Conor McGregor Punching Old Man, UFC 241, And More | The Jim Rome Show

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
UFC president Dana White joins Jim Rome to discuss dealing with Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor's punching an old man in a pub, Daniel Cormier's future in MMA, and more.

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  • Only in Ireland an old guy gets punched by an mma fighter and drinks it off

  • I don't like MC gregor.... No good un polite... 👎👎👎👎👎👎👹👹👹👹

  • what the Broke Back Octagon I wish I knew how to quit you shopping for antiques trips to Martha's Vineyard living in Conner's asshole kind of bullshit is going on with Dana White? He must think Irish nutsack taste like cotton candy.

  • Yeah you knew him so well but you didn't do anything to punish him. Stupid Dana!

  • Stupid Dana White, still loving McGregor....imagine if Khabib did that, he will punish Khabib. Selfish Dana! only cares for his business.

  • Ireland government is very stupid for not arresting Conor. Do that in Philippines McGregor, you will be assassinated!

  • All of you that buy any UFC pay per view support McGregors behavior and Dana Whites greed. I used to, not again. P.S. Rome is an idiot "allegedly"

  • Fire him.

  • Don't why but this sport is shadey

  • CBD joint my arse

  • Conor turned into a piece of shit, money and fame got to his head

  • Connor McGregor should not be allowed into the United States.

  • dana sounds terrible. no integrity. sounds like a liar. very disappointing. comparing him to tyson?

  • Dana, the pig "i don't know the particular about why he suckered punched an old man". Like somehow there are circumstances when you can sucker punch old men. Dana is true human dung.

  • Dana the pig is still making excuses for sewer rat conor.

  • Generally Irish people are a proud and honourable nation...so please dont generalize..amongst all nations there are the exceptions.. i.e. old men sucker punches and so on...

  • He punched an old man... that’s what happened.... ufc should cut this clown

  • Dana making excuses for Mc chicken.

  • Legend has it Khabibs dad declined the drink.

  • Dana says it’s basically not his responsibility what McTapper does, BUT - it kinda is, so FIRE HIM! but will never happen because only $$$ matter

  • Connor Needs mental health assessment. Hmm...pure example what happens with men.. When money gets to ur head. Arrogance, greed, dogging around, addictions...

  • I like how Dana runs the ufc the opposite of the NFL. He knows he HAS to let them do what they want but be strict on peds.

  • Conor MACchicken should work for kfc instead of ufc!

  • conor's dad.... blabla blah

  • Proof that UFC is all staged Bull$H!it like WWE. If McGregor's punch is that ineffective. Unless the old dude is the toughest C~nt on the planet.

  • Seriously people the guy McGregor punched is 50 years of age. Thats not old. And the scum bag rapist McGregor Did not apologize to the guy.

  • Dana and Connor know all this drama creates more $$$$$$ for their coke habits

  • What an absolute piece of sh*t! I'm Irish and proud of it, but I've lost all respect for Connor.

  • Conor won unanimous decision over an old man. Ahaha

  • Spoken like a politician

  • Dana sucks

  • This dude needs to hunt down that old man and hire him.

  • Man, Hi Dana! My name is Paul. How are you? What i would like to say to all the UFC fighters is that i am hoping everybody doing well and recouping adequately as healthy as possible after matches. Just about to contact you, Dana; then something unfortunate had happened in my family, an argument with mother and i got mad and i hit my hands into the mirror, cuts on my hands are bleeding severely. I felt really bad and sad afterward. But think about how all these brothers and sisters compete artistically toward each other, this could remind me to live like a man and learn from every stressor and move on. Nice to meeting Mr. White. My wish is that you are always the best president for UFC Club. Thanks Dana

  • Context or not you cant fcking hit an old guy

  • He said he doesn’t know bs this man makes the ufc 💰💰💰 he’s not gonna get rid of him 😂

  • Conor is worth too much. He isn't going to say anything bad about Conor. RIght now...

  • I'm 23 seconds in...I believe I already know what Dana is going to say. Something like this, "what Conor did is irresponsible does not reflect the morals and attitude of the UFC. He really messed up, I spoke with Conor he's really remorseful, and plans to have a press release as of this time connor is not allowed to represt the UFC and will not be associated any longer." In reality, Dana spoke with conor and called him a fucken idiot....told him we have to distance ourselves for a couple of years....make an apology let's sometime blow by people will forget and we'll bring you back! Let's see..... Ok maybe I was wrong 🤔🤗

  • hey Dana...conor punches an old man in the face - you chuckle and say...oh you have to deal with fighters ...blah blah blah. Question - so why NOT PAY Khabib his money. He didnt go after an old man looking away...he went after Fighters - face first...while they were looking (those bitches on conors corner) Dana = biggest Conor Mcgregor bitch!

  • In Crumlin, esp that area, the mentality is, "we will sort it ourselves, dont talk to the police" So, if the guy he hit was smart, he would ask for 2million, why, because, if it went to court he has a strong enough case that he can claim for global embarrassment, assault, and what ever else he wants to add to it, and then ask for, 10 million... He would get it too... But, knowing the area, the ppl, this was probably let go.. I dont think any real money was exchanged.. If anything, i would say Connor reached out and offered a settlement of 5 grand, max.. The guy wouldnt take it.. The Irish are NOT Americans, we arent out to screw everyone over and take all you can get.. We settle it like men.. A hand shake, an apology is an apology, and everyones happy.. Thats how you do business

  • Everyone knows Dana has a massive boner for Mc Nuggets, whats it going to take to make him see his hard on is limping" No one respects Mc Fucker

  • "Fuck Casper Gomez and the Diaz brothers, I bury those cockaroaches "

  • Conor made fun of Nate Diaz for being nice to old men and complained that Khabib didn't drink, but he hits old men and drinks too much himself.

  • If connor fights again you shouldn't hate you should love to see him get k.o lol chill guys.. it will happen cant tell me you would love to watch Khabib go at him again..

  • This proves to me that Dans has absolutely NO integrity just like Conor he’s a waste of human life period .

  • TL;DR Dana White dance all over this subject and going to do nothing about Conor's behavior. Dana didn't a lot worse to other less fighter doing outside of the ring. But when it comes to his money tree, can get away with murder.

  • Connor mcgregor is a trash trust me. And those who support him only want him to be more spoiled. This guy dana now just joke. They are no real mma fight now. Only money talking. Bunch of trash

  • Ancor: Conor hits an Old guy at the pub!! Dana: Hahaha.... Isn't he fucking Awesome?? Ancor: Calling Khabib!!

  • This shit Dana is defending his drunk friend but he will unleash his anger if it was any other fighter.

  • That’s so pathetic how he’s defending his ass.

  • This is white privilege at it's finest, but Conor you couldn't even knock out a old man you're washed up and this man here is a real dummy so sad

  • His new name is conard mccoward

  • Way to justify it Dana. What business lets their employees act like this. EVEN if they are fighters. I thought the UFC was supposed to be the respectable promotion.

  • Connors not at his peak 😂 and you can’t compare Connor to Mike Tyson lol

  • Dana all about the money....no respect no honour no excuse for this shit hate people speaking out for people that do wrong and there's hard proof !

  • Conor attack bus some injured and attack old man still no action against him .khabib jump from cage attack someone he take against him

  • this bullshit president is a disgrace to sport he defends Connor mc error he doesn't condem him bt if it were khabib he would have been crucified

  • Dana - i don't care what they do because they bring me money!

  • this show sucks how did i get to TV from youtube.... wtf how many channels will the TV make?> on youtube... Dana White is a goofy sellout

  • It's going to cost more than a cash payout to the old man he hit...it's going to tank his Whiskey Company. Bars r dropping it right n left