Dana White Fires Back At Colby Covington After Threat

Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
Colby Covington threatened UFC president Dana White and White fired back at the UFC Fight Night Boston post-fight press conference. For more: www.nesn.com/ufc/
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  • Uncle Fester Is going to eat his words

    • Lol covington cant eat anything with that broken jaw so I guess your comment didnt age to well my friend. 😂

  • Lmao why everyone always talk shit to the boss then Get pissed when they dont get there way

  • Colby chaos!

  • Now here is a good fight , ... I dont know but o would watch this,. "Dana make it happen " for once I dont care who loses?? Nahhh I'm bullshiting fuck commie ngton knock his ass out Dana.

  • Uncle dana!

  • Idiot is the right word for Colby!

    • Says the person who follows and worships a pedophile

    • Said the terrorists

  • Colby is a dick he wont beat usman and even if he does guys like leon edwards,jorge will spank him

  • If colby wins this is gonna be dana vs tito all over again