Daily Observations 263

Pubblicato il 13 set 2019
Featuring: Husqvarna Nuda 900R, Honda Monkey, BMW S1000R & KTM 1290 Super Duke R
Was surprised by the cyclist reaction after getting hit by a Taxi
What you can with your horn, I can do with the throttle
Are you RJ ? The rev afterwards proves it
Angry Merc guy blocks traffic and chases a guy
Love the S1000R
Why close the road just for that !
Eh, how does he get out of that ?
Where the ...
Would love one of these
Do you call this half a trike !
Very rare to see cloudless sky in the UK
Monkey filtering
Good luck getting to the accident in an average speed zone and no hard shoulder
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  • Man nothing can beat Nuda's sound...its like daily dose of music for my ears..Love From India..

  • Your filtering makes me very nervous please be safe out there

  • This moment that you all were waiting for 3:27

  • First crash is FakeTaxi 😂

  • Police Escort Nice !

  • Drive safely Bike is not important Your life is very important

  • Omg I love this sound

  • your videos can be in the top "most satisfying" & "mesmerizing" to watch

  • Glad you love your R. I loooove my XR :-)

  • It's the zombie apocalypse!

  • ดีครับ

  • Love from India bro....

  • What is your camera ? GoPro ? Your quality is very beautiful !

  • Every time I see him go between cars D:

  • 2:46 "SLOW"

  • I love my open roads of North Yorkshire, that's a lot of traffic in the big city.. But hey a police escort is always good.

  • My dad got a fine for following the police on his bike.

  • 2:42 omg love it

  • Sound of your bike is perfecto

  • taxi driver is blind, great sounds of the bike.i wish i was there,uuuu i was there , thanks RJ.

  • Ah I remember watching this videos back in 2017 ... now i'm happy to say i'll drive my own motorcycle soon :)

  • 1:08 which model?? Is it the first one in the description or no?

  • Amazing! I envy you. Driving between cars is illegal in Korea!

  • Go slow man take care be safe

  • this is so therapeutic

  • What transitions does he using in Premiere Pro?

  • Crazy bastard

  • Am i the only one who masturbated to bike noises

  • I have an orgasm every time I hear your motorcycle in a movie 😁

  • Is that honda grom that you are driving rigjt now?

    • Sandi Dedić No. Read the description.

  • Hello from Brasil...Your bike is crazy... there is no in brasil...

  • പുലി

  • ന്റമ്മോ

  • Your videos are gold! Love from Spain m8!

  • Nyou crazy

  • I was in London on the last bank holiday Monday, and every motorcycle that was around i was looking for ya, ,shame for me I didn't see you however i still think London is a nightmare and Midlands is more me..(less crazy)

  • you uploaded it on my birthday :)

  • What's the point

  • Master in down shifting

  • はえーこの人有名なんやねー

  • Rev matching still not your forte RJ.!!😉

  • What camera do you use 😊

  • What’s the mileage on the nuda?

  • is that auto blip?

  • I recently started to watch your videos and I got to say that you are the true hero of the IT-tvs Bike community. Riding politely and safely and never loosing your smile in any encounter with other road users makes you a true example for a great rider! I have my license for two weeks now but you already influenced my behaviour as a biker! Greetings from Germany and ride safe!

  • heavy traffic over there ... s1000r sounds gre8

  • You hate u Turn and make, take care!

  • Royal jobsworth

  • I just found your channel last night and now im in love with your husqvarna 😭

  • #TeamThanos

  • Taxi drivers and cyclists. Two of the most observant and considerate road users of all time. How on earth did that happen? 🤣

  • Gotta love how both sides of the carriageway were slow just due to rubbernecking...

  • Why do people make run way or over past instead of pedestrians and pedestrians are for only disabled peoples..

  • Them filtering skills thoo🔥🔥

  • Put some Brazilian vids, we have a lot of crazy things

  • Recently been to Europe and I cannot believe the pedestrians. Although waiting 2 minutes for the crosswalk is crazy. Here in Australia the cross walk lights get priority.

  • Cloudless skies in UK are not a day-to-day thing

  • try drive Yamaha RX-KING dude .. hahaha

  • Pop a wheelie one time in a video

  • 👍👤