DaBaby Crushes Ice Cream While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 7 nov 2019
DaBaby is a breakout rap superstar in the middle of one of the hottest runs in hip-hop, with more than 20 songs on the Billboard chart in 2019 and the release of his debut studio album, KIRK-which, of course, debuted at No. 1. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Charlotte emcee takes on the wings of death in front of a LIVE audience at ComplexCon and discusses everything from his smash-hit "Suge," to his love of Krispy Kreme donuts. Don't miss the iconic hot wing ice cream dunk!
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  • Thanks to everyone who came out to ComplexCon! Let's make it a full spice lord takeover next year.

    • also the audio and lighting is kinda garbage. Much prefer the studio

    • Is this video shot in like 30 or 60 fps?

    • How do I come I’d love to

    • I just replied so that it’ll be 200 comments😂

    • First We Feast can we have normal interviews instead of an audience pls sorry for asking too kuc

  • They tried to kill my baby 😂😂💀

  • I'm the guy who won the case of milk at the end

  • The voice the face he the shit😍🥰

  • 704 in here #NC

  • This shit just stressed me out

  • The crowd sounds fake. But even if it were real, please get rid of it it ruins it.

  • I like ice cream

  • 2:40 sounds like pornhub music

  • “Baby don’t eat mayo”. DaBaby 2019

  • No one gonna talk about how chill DaBaby is

  • “I thought I was gonna run into you tomorrow”

  • Ahh

  • He still has his jacket on

  • yall cut out the actual audience audio and edited over it why they even there?

  • why there a fake laugh track in the background you corny ass nigga

  • 😂😂My Poor Baby

  • I woulda been mad af. A jug of milk?

  • Dababy eats hot wing Whole crowd:Lmfaooooooooooo

  • Get rid of that crowd

  • Blueface : yea ight Dababy : *dies* *of* *laughter* Crowd : this is not funny Sean : yeah ight Dababy : this is not funny Crowd : yeah ight Post malone : suck dick Post malone : yeah ight Blueface : yes

  • This dude got me crying lmaoo

  • hes actually the hottest man alive.

  • Lmfao he called him out on his "Weak ass wings" comment LMFAO

  • He would’ve quit without the crowd lol

  • This guy is a piece of shit. He assaults people in cold blood

  • Yay another trap rapper to help depress people

  • 12:03

  • Yea fuck that crowd shit

  • who eats the rest of the wings

  • Sean: Whats the most valuable thing you've gifited to your fans? Dababy: Knowledge Crowd: BAHAHAHAH! Dababy: That was a good one wasnt it? Im ashamed to be white.

  • He’s so precious and small aweee 🥺

  • “Weak ass wings” 😂


  • Damn the hot ones came a long way💯💯💯

  • reading the comments thinking "it can't be that bad..." NO. it IS that bad.

  • i cant even finish this and i love dababy screw the laugh track what is this 1991

  • We in this shit together right best part of the video love baby bru 💯💯💯

  • I love the show but the audience is not my cup of tea. Makes it seem like a comedy set I love the questions... #keepworking #ilovehotwings

  • The audience gotta go

  • Let's bring back just Sean and the guest.. the audience is too much..

  • Does anyone else think his shoes is fire

  • I just love this dude. His music is alright but it’s just him man. He’s literally just so honorable and it’s dope asf.. underrated with his people skills and his brain.

  • 14:45 how short is Da Baby cuz he looks mad small in that chair compared to the other dude

  • Eats icecream no mayo, lol

  • Dababy: *exists Audience:”👏👏WOOOOOH👏👏”

  • “Don’t pull an E-40”😭😂

  • Does anyone know what shoes Sean is wearing?

  • fuck the whack ass studio audience and that corny ass music every time the wings are hot. this show could be so solid without all that extra shit

  • Y’all Should Have Blove Here 😃

  • why is he eating with grills dude

  • weak ass wings loll

  • DaBaby: *takes deep breath* Audience: Lmfaaaooo

  • Ohmygod. I feel so bad for Baby, I wouldnt be able to take that

  • ❤️😍

  • EWW --- why baby eatin in his grillz

  • Can I take him home just to look at him and feed him ice cream. 😂😍😛

  • Ha?

  • RIP da baby you will be remembered

  • I like those clean 11 breds 🤩❤️