Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #24

Pubblicato il 28 mar 2019
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Loose Tooth
Critical Condition
Winning Numbers
Something Scrumptious
Blind Date
The Campaign Ad
The Acceptance Speech
This is Goodbye
Royal Feast
The Invention
Job Interview
Fart in a Jar Martin


  • 3:11 best part

  • I'm a bad wittle boy

  • 3:02 now that’s proper canibalism

  • jimmy williams reminds me of hillary clinton

  • Jimmy Williams Jimmy Williams Jimmy Williams Jimmy Williams Jimmy Williams Jimmy Williams Jimmy Williams approved this message

  • Man that Jimmy Williams was so hilarious they made a parody of his in the real world: Donald Trump


  • Remarkably Jimmy Little Willie Williams is still better than any real politician and far list corrupt

  • 2:56 I'm not a cannibal but I would like to eat that!

  • My name is Martin

  • 10:10 im guessing girls can't drive.

    • And thats why strapons where invented!

  • jimmy williams Looks like Joe Biden. LOL

  • te tejodan gillipollas eres un mal padre que dartelos tu solo putoooooooooooooo

  • 12:10 Martin has a Sharkrad poster.

  • Is thy mom gay?

  • Lmao

  • Good bye happy tree freinds hello cyanide and happiness

  • i t w a s j i m m y w i l l i a m s

  • de mi rizlu i dzomint

  • 3:10 what the fu

  • 2:25 Dawg what the fuck got me rolling because that was my reaction

  • so martin carries jars with him incase he farts

  • 4:07, when your mother is going through your browsing history

  • American dad in 4:23but not cia agent

  • 10:09 tbh I fùcking laughed so hard at that 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Williams sounds like what an elementary student wants the world to be like


  • عميييييق احلى 😎

  • Nice video

  • LOL XD

  • I'd rather vote for Jimmy than Donald Trump

    • Certified Bot we already know you voted for hillary clinton

  • 10:31 i thought this building got sucked up into someone’s asshole?

  • Man what has happened to the breakfast machine

  • 0:14 did his tounge just lick his tooth from the back of his mouth!?!

  • Jimmy Williams or Dunald Trump? ;)

  • Jim John Jinnaly Joo

  • 0:41 Ghost Rider giving little jimmy the Penace stare.

  • That doctor for the 2nd animation is hot

  • did anyone else fart right after the fart in the jar clip?

  • 4:05 when you see a B.R.U.T.E in Fortnite 😂

  • At 3:01 cannibalisem

  • Wasn't Jimmy Williams orange???

  • I have something to tell the docter why they use the stro for drinking the juise its use the the man ...... tuat was disgausting


  • Jimmy Williams winning in a landslide reminds me of Gravity Falls and how the 12th and a 1/2 president literally won in a landslide.

  • Jimmy lists like 80 dumb rules. *Throws out 1 sheet of paper.* 7:36 "Jimmy but that's good enough for a start.." America: Say sike rn.

  • No

  • Hey he got his tooth out

  • Not the TumBLebUtS

  • I'm the 10 mill subscriber EXATLY

  • I got 1 million f**king dollars

  • Is that Donald Trump??

  • 10:12 we now know how tumble buds came to be. Also there's a guy hugging the outside of his wheel

  • If bubblegum is a currency how are they going to get bubblegum?, you HAVE to buy them after all.

  • Jimmy wlliams had a big but a tiny penis

  • "I'm jimmy Williams and I approved this message"

  • I died at the first short.

  • Soooooooooooooooooooooooo FUNNY

  • Women will need a strap on for the tire skit

  • At 1207 you can see the shark from other videos