Customizing 20 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 ft. Marko & Vexx (Giveaway)

Pubblicato il 9 nov 2019
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  • Giving away 20 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway! Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first :) 2 million likes and I will give 50 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol Follow Me @zhcomicart on ig and @vexx

    • @SADNEES GUY. me too

    • First cmnt

    • from Ph and i just passed my board exam. new phone would be really cool

    • Hey bro ZHC I challenge you to draw my IT-tvs profile I didn't mean to draw my face so I can be famouse bro please draw my profile just one time I just want to experience what is the feeling that a young artist and I good men draw my face 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • I hope I win one time plz give me good luck

  • Es multimillonario o que??

  • "Ali" I hope I can have one😟

  • Его бы в России если увидели пакеты эпл, алкаши отпиздили

  • 12:41 "can i Just Kiss you now" propaply that would be my reaction 😂😂😂

  • Dame uno 😂😂😂

  • Oh no

  • How is this kind of art called? Its brilliant

  • Can I have 1

  • no, well, hopefully they will give me one like that and not waste it

  • سلفهملي غدو نرجعملك

  • Even if I get one of those iPhone 11 my mother will tell me to give it back :(

  • Ü ar deh best yutiuber

  • Or da dragon

  • I want the zhc style one

  • I want one plzzzzz

  • Wow your drawings are so inspirational. Its amazing what kindness you share. Even if I where to work alot of hours I wouldnt be able to pull off what you do. You guys are awesome. I also draw myself. I would like to get better

  • don't have instagram I need a new phone

  • My mom said if I win one I get 1000 pound


  • Plz con I have the tiger one

  • Dragon

  • Tiger

  • Me

  • Me dá um Eu quero um Eu quero um agora moro na França eu quero um Eu quero um Eu quero um Eu quero um Eu quero um por favor

  • Oi

  • No entiendo ni vergas nosé inglés😬

  • plz can i have it

  • I need iphone 11 plizzzz l want it I havent win for enything!!

  • "Ali" "Best phones of 2019" This is my mum's current phone. Its a samsung note 5 and i srsly need a phone 😦

  • My dream is any i phone 😢 from egypt 😔

  • Ive never had an iphone before i swear so i want it really bad plss

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • "Ali" "Best phone of 2019"

  • Please can I have one I want to give her a big present for once