Cuco - Feelings

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Cuco - Feelings (Official Video)
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Get carried away and tell me the things you feel
Just don’t look away the feeling here is so real
It’s just you and I floating away in space
Don’t worry about them they’ll all go away some day
And it's the truth
I gotta find my way back home
I'll look for you
The day that I'm alone
A knock on my door I wonder who it could be
The reflection of one it’s everyone here but me
Flew right by my eyes the essence of company
I’m lost in desire by now I can feel at ease
And it's the truth
I gotta find my way back home
I'll look for you
The day that I'm all alone
Music video by Cuco performing Feelings. © 2019 Cuco LLC, under exclusive license to Interscope Records


  • Is this where he dwells?

  • This is groovy

  • Cuco is the best artist

  • i wanna mix this with some Steely Dan.

  • Just discover Cuco on Pandora and immediately fall inlove.

  • This feels exactly like lsd lol

  • Everyone talking about area 51 aliens but big brains know these are DMT aliens

  • getting tame impala vibess !

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • You’re a daydream:(

  • Dam bro Don't ever lose your sound.

  • This sounds like a sample of "Talent show" by wiz khalifa 😎🔥

  • Y’all niggas need to shut the hell up y’all annoying

  • Y’all ever seen someone on like vacation or something and felt you had a connection but you know you’ll never meet them again? Just asking for a friend...

  • Qué buena rola ....Cuco vuelve a Perú :'v

  • Pouya brought me here

  • Best artist out of the world 😣

  • LSD :"3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks Tame Impala

  • Smokin a blunt rn listening to dis

  • Does anyone know what genre this song is? And maybe could give me song recommendation like this song?

    • They call it " bedroom pop". A couple of songs with this simular feel is " hydro" and " lover is a day" by the same artist

  • Cuco my homegirl loves you man haha. Shes always playing your music in her car. She was stressing because she was trying to get tickets to your concert here in san jose last week. Shes likes your number one fan.

  • This nibba living in a Woodland Mansion

  • This song is a such a mood because in reality this is a feeling. When something shitty happens so you get in a depressive state and only get high. But you get so high and have a massiveve trip. So everything is kind of just off put. Then your depression come back works with the trip and makes you see things and people. And hear voices that arnt there. But the feeling of just being high makes everything somehow feel safe.

  • This song tickled my liver with LSD

  • Good song to trip acid

  • he protecc he singg but most importantly . . . he slapp the bass

  • this shit hits different live ❤️

  • Shrooms feels like this x2

  • My favorite song in 2019

  • Cuco is so good! Thanks for the music man! If anyone's passing by and looking for new music, feel free to check out my debut song and video. Thanks in advance if u do :)


  • Cuco×Billie

  • Cuco×khalid

  • My alien: listening to this because they miss their planet 😔

    • Sis Your Emo Area 51 jokes arent funny anymore

  • Wiz Khalifa ft Snoop dogg

  • love the lava lamp next to him

  • This song funky as hell and the visuals are even crazier 🔥

  • Finally, A E S T H E T I C

  • play this everytime ✨

  • When it started I thought it was mayer Hawthorne... 🤔

  • My Fav 👨🏻‍🎤

  • Cuco on acid.

  • Hola. Me gustas


  • these are the music classes ive been needing all my whole life

  • 2:36 when you do acid for the first time

  • Dude is lit

  • Cuco looks like bbno$ and hobo j had a kid

  • 3:10 💪🏽

  • Cuco me chocas

  • Cuco hace buena música🔥


  • parece o tawan ó doido

  • Trash

  • there is a special place in hell for the people who disliked this piece of heaven

  • Mucha droga por hoy..... ;-;❤!

  • IT-tvs só me recomendando coisa boa, pqp, q lindo

  • Lo más

  • Cuco ft Mac Demarco Make it happen

  • Our kids are gonna be blasting this in 20 years.

  • he made it

  • The bass in this song is f ucking tasty

  • Yo if you want a classically trained flutist to give you instrumental samples on this beautiful music HMU

  • Always gotta keep a blunt next to you 💀

  • Cuco: “A knock on my door I wonder who it could be?” *FBI Comes In Demanding for the aliens*

    • i read this comment when he sings this part

  • La casa es la misma que sale en el video Luces fantasma de la Banda bastön 💕⚡

  • Cuco x boy Pablo 😎

  • Where is this house located at!! :( I saw it in Zoe's video too and now I'm going crazy trying to find it! LOL

  • I showed this tom a mirror. Now we’re both high.

  • This sounds like that one wiz song I can't rememebr which one. But definitely in that ball park

  • Dope

  • *we don't deserve cuco*

  • Why is this linked to Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teens?

  • Was this filmed in Mexico City?

  • if you don’t trip and listen to cuco you are missing out on a fuckin experience

  • Cool cuco

  • Does anyone know this genre of song?

  • This gives me earfquake vibes for some reason

  • #CucoxJoji