Cris Collinsworth disagrees with Colin on Baker, talks Hard Knocks, Packers, Brady | NFL | THE HERD

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
Cris Collinsworth joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the NFL. Hear what Cris thinks the Dallas Cowboys should do with Ezekiel Elliott, his thoughts on Jon Gruden and HBO's Hard Knocks with the Oakland Raiders, Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur's relationship, Tom Brady's future and why he loves Baker Mayfield.
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Cris Collinsworth disagrees with Colin on Baker, talks Hard Knocks, Packers, Brady | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • What did you think of Episode 2 of Hard Knocks?

    • Episode 2 was so cool........

    • I love your show Colin I watch it every day with my dad!

  • Chris your best known for never winning a Superbowl

  • Cris collinsworth your bum you hate the Steelers

  • Who else knows the voice better than the face

  • I would rather have Madden commentate than Chris Collinsworth

  • Chris Collinsworth is the worst commentator in the NFL! He would do a better job as being Captin Obvious.

  • my mom doesn't like you

  • Collinsworth you’re a pushover cheerleader

  • Good interview.

  • Am I the only one who notices that Colin is wrong about everything almost 100 percent of the time. Just about anything he says you can expect the opposite and put your money on it

  • This guy puts in work 2:56

  • Colin is so conservative

  • September 12, 2015 Knoxville: after throwing 2 picks and being harassed and chased all nite by Vols defenders, Baker leads his team down 17 at one point to come from behind victory in the 4th quarter, his first road game as a Sooner. When asked about it Baker said "there's nothing more satisfying than going into another stadium and pulling out a victory" doesn't always happen but that's the mentality he carries.

  • You can always tell the liberals in sports media.

  • Collinsworth is great

  • Brady is declining.... Declining retirement. Further note.... Cut the hype, 30 year browns fan here. #6 i love the guy.... Buuuuut he has PROVEN nothing. Stop deifying him like Manning without a ring. Gross.

  • I would never pay for a running back no matter who...just draft a couple each year and use them up

    • Just like playing Madden...just draft em then trash them

  • Baker Mayfield is amazing and fun to watch bc of his passion

  • CC failed to mention 'the Joe Montana's' of the league too, who beat his twice in the Superbowl. JM the consummate winner.

  • Mayfield will make cowturd eat his words!

  • Chris is the best. I hope he calls games for 20 more years.

  • Cowherd: “is it just guys like me reaching...”? The answer Colin is yes...always

  • Baker will bolt on this team first chance he gets. IF he wins a Super Bowl and IF he goes into the Hall of Fame it will be with the Dallas Cowboys. Within 5 years Baker will be in Dallas playing for either Lincoln Riley or Sean Payton.

    • Chris collingsworth suxs he's got that been there done that attitude he's so negative ratings would rise if he wasn't a broadcaster

  • Aaron Rodgers is the most consistently overrated QB ever.

  • Now heres a shirt that will take your full attention away from any valid point I may have

  • Enjoy the talking of 2 smart guys

  • Colin is always right.....LMFAO.

  • Here’s the sad thing about Brady being finished one day; guys like Cowherd are going to say they called it without mentioning the last 3 Super Bowls between the first time they said Brady was finished.

  • You’re a fantasy football free agent...

  • I don’t remember Cowturd saying that Baker had “a little bit of Drew Breeze in him” when he was in the draft. He’s such a big liar.

    • FWIW as I recall he wasn't particularly high on Brees either before he won a SB.

  • Another guy way more qualified to talk about football players disagreeing with Cowturd about Baker. This guy looks more stupid by the second.

  • Looks like Colin is changing... A bit of drew brees, whoaa there... Undraftable to Brees.... Lol, Colin changes like a feather in the wind... He's realising that he's tacking against the wind...

  • You should be able to park in the parking spots with a blue sign at Walmart

  • “Now Aaron Rodgers is just so good...”

  • Give it up Cowherd. Mayfield is legitimate and will eventually lead CLE to the SB.

    • FBI President ...dreaming? Do more research FBI! Set rookie record TD’s in a season with 29, in 13 starts and one relief game when starting QB Tyrod Taylor went down with a concussion. Won 7 games as rookie! Manziel did neither. Comparison, zero.

    • Chad Cullen keep dreaming. Mayfield is Johnny football plus 5 brain cells. He’s waaaay overrated.

  • One day he will stop, When Baker wins us a Lombardi. Woof-Woof

  • Colin: ...Franchise QB chugging beers idk, I don't like it Cris: I tell you what Colin, I love Baker.... Colin: Sam Darnold is looking amazing isn't he...


  • Tell me why I like Sunday night football Bc of Chris Collinsworth

  • Now here’s a guy who looks just like the guy sitting right next to him

  • Someone needs to Deep Fake Colin praising every facet of Baker's being.

  • Love love collinsworth

  • now heres a guy who isnt great but so much better than paul mcquire

  • Two of my favorites in the industry!

  • Collin is slowly back peddling.

  • Cowherd is slowly... ever so slowly... backing off his initial assessment of Baker. #undraftable

    • SPIDEEY while pretending he never said his ceiling was case keenum

  • Touche Chris! Priceless.

  • Cowred and a IDIOT !!

  • Nobody: Chris Collinsworth: NoW hErE's A gUy...

  • i feel like there is this huge disconnect between reality of the raiders vs what the media reports. kinda like watching fox news or cnn. they keep trying to drill home an idea of something that most of the time isn’t true.

  • Colin sounds like he has a mouth full of wet noodles

  • There are 3 things I love in this world; Kylie Minogue, small dimples just above a woman's buttocks, and Cris Collinsworths voice in Autumn.

  • Colin Cowherd clutches pearls more than a white Christian bible belt living conservative mother.

  • Baker living large in Colin’s head. No rent, no fees, no taxes. Nothing!!

  • I played against his son Austin Collinsworth very good player we lost 2 games that year both teams won State I rusher for over 200 yards and 3 TD but Austin had over 400 total yards and 5 TD 2 years it was like that lol I played small D-1 ball tore my ACL Austin played for Notre Dame lol I got to meet his dad a couple times he was a very down to earth very nice guy lol

  • CC interviewing CC. Couple of good storytellers right there.

  • So wait a minute. A three time nfl PRO BOWL receiver is impressed by Baker, but a 2nd string HS QB thinks he sucks... that's weird. I'm sure the HS QB is right tho...

  • Just win baby. Chris is saying the new Packers coach should defer to Rogers as QB because he is on field and he knows.

  • Cris...a few military presses bro...shoulder work played in the NFL...pride

  • How many times has Colin interviewed Aaron? 0!