CRAZIEST FAMILY ON THE INTERNET!!!!! Kristen Hanby Prank Compilation

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
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  • 1:38 the Sox and flip flops

  • I dont get it i eat dandelions every single day at school and he is so mad about that

  • Kristen so bad to the old people, SIN ! Not to hate but he is just so naughty!.... If i do that my parents will be so mad and will say that your impolite....

  • 10:36 why do you that Kristen

  • Worst friend ever!

  • Is Natalie your sister or girlfriend

  • Don't be rude to nana pls

  • Fakyou hhhhhhhhhhh

  • what is poke

  • they are so rich not gonna lie *.-.*

  • Some y’all might find this funny, But I find this a negative way.

  • Damn even the grandma isn’t safe

  • Lmao did your sister pour hot tea on you

  • 8:50野獣の声が聞こえたのは気のせい?

  • Pore nan

  • Who is Natalie's Husband

  • Never ever seen a more committed family ever

  • Kristen is FATTTTTTT

  • 10:17 lol bryony

  • 3:38 trying to push several nerves to make that face

  • 7:25 my brother made me say that on stage and i was like (θΩθ) srsly? The second I said it my teacher was like the way the mom reacted lmao.

  • F you

  • It makes me gag when they eat the dog food lol😂

  • Why do they agree to eat if they don’t like it!!,

  • レモン見とるとこっちまですっぱくなる笑

  • I like the way that all the time Natalie pranks Kristin she’s so calm and when Kristin pranks her she gets so mad 😡 lol

  • Him: literally bullies his parents Me: steps on my moms shoe Mom: I GIVE YOU 5 SECONDS TO RUN Me: runs

  • U need to visit asylum

  • these people are rude and have no sense of dignety

  • Natalie is to dramatic

  • 8:42 her fighting skills hahhaahh😂

  • Omg these are great

  • The girls have way to bad temper

  • 1:21 she better learn how to fight, before she gives it a try.

  • 0:36 you can’t do that to a Bmw!

  • Hey fu*k you

  • Fuck him he hit him so hard he is n9 funny

  • Nobody: Not even my mom: Lexi :UR CARS TO CLEAN

  • Suddenly IT-tvs keeps recommending me they’re prank videos

  • the older gir gets so mad man

  • 8:44 What's The Sound Effect Pls

  • omg one day someone really will get hurt and nobody will want to do these pranks anymore... jesus

  • I think MY favorite is Bryony every time she gets mad she gives a death stare

  • 10:12

  • I did the shoe one too my friend

  • Natalie

  • WHYeaeaeaeaea

  • HIS LAUGH 😂 😂😂😂

  • Poor nan

  • You guys all ways meek me laugh 😂

  • Just realised look at His hair 4:29

  • The fact none of the water ballon pops hahah

  • 0:50 lol i love the way she's mad

  • 3:38 that had me dying lmao😅😂

  • If Kristen did this to me I’d say *fuck you*

  • Don’t know why they all down for it

  • You HAVE to do more of the “man down” pranks. I can’t even fucking breathe 😂😂😂

  • 5:21 kristens mum didn’t even do it, mate

  • Literally every clip Kristen: does prank The one getting pranked: are you stupid *procceds to beat them*

  • I feel like this family has a closet of new mobile phones