Cracking the Code of Cicada 3301| EPISODE 1

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
In 2012, a secretive group calling itself 3301 began recruiting for “highly intelligent individuals” online. Candidates had to prove their skills in codebreaking, cryptography and computer programming by solving a complex puzzle dubbed Cicada. It required knowledge of steganography, contacts on the ground everywhere from Seoul to Sydney, and the ability to obtain a copy of William Gibson’s famous disappearing poem “Agrippa.” What was the purpose of the puzzle? No one knows, but many set out to solve one of the internet’s greatest mysteries. At the age of 15, Marcus Wanner became one of the few to crack the code. But the Cicada challenge didn’t end there. Suddenly, more mysterious codes appeared-including a 58-page book of runes known as the “Liber Primus.”
What was encrypted within the runes? Follow the band of online cryptologists deciphering “Liber Primus” in episode 2 of Cicada 3301:
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  • So you want to be a code breaker? Here's how:

    • Lol, Cicada's main headquarters is 8,5km from my home. There are just bunch of hermetics who just want to create new 3301. Project Jesus son of Mary was called at the time „Egyptian 3301”. 33 = 11x3 = aquarius x gemini, 33yo Jesus. 1 = lamb, a jagna / yagna, Jesus. If you want to be sacrificed to death by tortures, then go, follow the light and enter the Cocon trying to be „pretty boy” to be fucked. On WodanDay's night they will sacrifice you at 3:33 o'clock (it is almost Thursday). PS. Originally not „Cicada” but: - a moth [„ćma”], - a darkness [„ciemność”], - Kali / kara [old polish word for „black” and „punishment”, see: „kary koń”] - noumber 200 [in old Polish there was „ćma„ numeral]). I know dozens of people who are of that Order. But I'm a Catholic, they are affraid of me.

    • The secret lies within the group, that is not interested in Cicada.

    • Great Big Story is “Epstein” the Keystone like “Q”??? 🤭🤔😧😉😒🤓🧐🤨🤫

    • ....."sooo uhhh, we are pretty much the guys that tried and didn't get in"

    • Who gives a shit? Just put up the video and leave us alone. I miss when youtube was just fringe videos. Now I just feel like Im at the mall walking past lotion and sun glasses salesmen every five seconds god this place sucks

  • Puzzle = cicada Hotel = trivago

  • Probably Julian Assange.

  • Autists of Qanon...

  • 330

  • I am 11 and am in 6th grade and I am going to write a article on it and post it on my yt channel

  • Onecool is ADORABLE❤️❤️

  • Feel like playing watchdog again

  • i like this because i identify with these nerds.

  • A friend of mine from Canada told me, that he was one of the people responsible for the posters with the qr-codes. The story how they contacted him is me shivers...

  • I'm intrigued by this: why anyone would give a sh*t.

  • Cicada is a puzzle after a puzzle after a puzzle presumably leading to.... another puzzle

  • Lol

  • Seems like a lot of work just to get anal probed!

  • They're an AI collective

  • >There's really disturbing content out there Lmfao

  • Why did that dude say he became a member of cicada, then never elaborates.

  • Bro that thing has been cracked years ago and the story closed. Outta my feed.

    • @spookichi There are years old videos explaining the whole thing.

    • @spookichi It was just a project by a few students. No conspiracy, no big reveal, no intelligence agency trying to recruit the brightest as people were hoping, nothing. People managed to solve it and nothing happened.

    • GA Comics what was it

  • maybe after all of this it gives u a link to ninja's livestream 😉

  • Think the intelligence of the person who made the puzzle

  • i dont get d purpose...looks like somebody playing with low self esteem kids

  • has anyone ever tried to take the Liber Primus to a linguist or a professional translator?

  • The van is probably that guys own van though... lol.

  • 11:47 nice.

  • Good luck.

  • It's a loop

  • At 3:11 ... 3301 backwards... 1033!

  • I bet L could solve this.

  • that music he found sounds like Tool lmao

  • John McAfee

  • 3301 Woe to thee that spoilest, and thou wast not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee! when thou shalt cease to spoil, thou shalt be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.

  • I came here for the John Secada music, so what is this?...and Baby iiiiiiiiiiooohhiiiiiaaiiii, I tried to forgeeeet u!

  • Would somebody please confirm weather im right or wrong If you ask me and I say Sony is behind the symbols there the same exact ones used in god of war 4 , in the official trailer at the 2:52 resembles the same Liber Primus writing and at mark 3:02 right after PlayStation branding you the begining of interconnectedness or what ever that songs name is

  • Maybe Cicada is the friends you made along the way.

    • This is fascinating- as a plant/wildlife nerd my first thought is to the way broods of cicaidas hatch all together after a breed specific long time in the dark

  • I am broke.

  • It's a massive troll puzzle. Cicadas burrow 7 years then annoy you and gone. They call the sound a drone.

  • #crackingass

  • There's a possibility that this entire Cicadia code was created by AI.

  • Just LEMMiNO

  • Yup. I’m dumb

  • Hello. 5547. Choose Carefully. We Are With You

  • Or hhhhhwat their intentions were!

  • Nice

  • "3301" noob, its pronounced "Loss"

  • is thr a connection to Q

  • I swear to whatever god you guys believe in at 3:11 on the coffee mug timer it’s says 10:33 that’s 3301 gtfo I now realize there are other comments saying the same shit so it’s the collective consciousness waking up synchronized

  • 3301 coffee ☕️

  • *Pours coffee at **10:33* Nice

  • It's Boxxy! Hail the Queen!

  • Why would the show themselves, though ?

  • Someone wants to keep u smart people occupied

  • the libres primas looks like viking writing to me.

  • hello i'm from indonesia i want to tell seriously, but i've been looking for now it becomes mistëriusm code and webside like and the link is but after I opened the link there was a picture of a duck and said "Woops just decoys in this way it seems like you can't guess how to massage it out"

  • so how do we get to to see if we could have a crack at it?? not that i could but be funny

  • *And then a 3 year old solved it*

  • 3:11 look at the coffe machine time is 1033 which is 3301 backwards

  • Why do all nerdy white people have the same nasally voice and cadence?

  • imagine being obsessed with the puzzle yet not intelligent enough to pronounce it properly.

  • What if it didn't meant nothing? What if it didn't lead to anything? What if it just paved or made a way to get into ur personal information without ur knowledge? What if it was just to monitor the seriously highshots hacker's profile by engaging them to solve this code?.. What if ... ... . { this is the ony code to the ans ... ... .?

  • 3301 masons fuck them your spirit must catch this right away or youll fall into the technology of Lucifer morning star look at skin hair n know you're hisssstory of these devils throwthat technology away cause its just control