Countdown to GameDay from Athens, Georgia | ESPN College Football

Pubblicato il 21 set 2019
It’s Week 4 of College Football! We’re super excited to bring you the 4th edition of Countdown to GameDay from Athens, Georgia!
Maria Taylor, David Pollack, Jason Fitz and the rest of the College GameDay crew are going to talk Georgia-Notre Dame and all things Week 4. Quavo from Migos and Ric Flair are going to join in on the fun as well!
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  • Kevin Spacey has no future. Officer involved shootings. Dr Nancy Louis should be investigated for manslaughter. P. A house party deteriorating. 2 color paint. Pla

  • Woooo

  • What a disappointing game ! I though Georgia was a h🍀ll of a lot better than that. They didn't even get as many yards as Louisville ! I doubt Georgia will even beat Tennessee next week ... 💯🍀🍀🍀

    • Got more yards than you. Also their defense got 2 interceptions

    • Good try ND maybe next year....

  • I hope ND wins

  • Go dawgs

  • Go Georgia! Go Jake!

  • Deep voice and weave no hips. Good luck boys if you like booty hole.

  • It's gonna be hard for my Buckeyes to get into the top 4 but today's a start. Let's go Irish!

    • Everyone else is rank!

    • Not sold on them untill they play someone rank...

  • College fans are always fired up with great energy

  • The bulldogs will show ND whose the real Dawgs are

    • wooops my bad you didn't lose ground yet.

    • Laura Labriola Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yea bow wow yippee yo yippie yea 23-17

    • Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yea bow wow yippee yo yippee yea. Go Irish!

  • That chick so tall and those legs if she wasn't so dang dark she'd probably be one hot momma

    • You real disrespectful

    • so she’s not hot because she’s black?

    • Lol your kid is ugly af. Probably should change pics.

  • Browns will beat the Rams Sunday

    • Good call

    • Lamont Stallings lol no

    • @Jamir Bingham you must be a Steelers 😆

    • Laura Labriola lol NFL football not little boy football there’s a different

    • Yea and Miami of Ohio will beat my mighty Buckeyes. Hahaha

  • Dawgs should win. They better not take ND lightly.


  • Maria Taylor is a baddie

  • Maria Taylor is great 👍

  • Woooooo!