Connect.Ohm - 9980 (2018 Remaster) [Full Album]

Pubblicato il 29 giu 2018
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1. Evolution 1:1 0:00
2. Snow Park 8:33
3. 9980 17:39
4. Mol 25:54
5. Fossil 35:02
6. Take Off (album edit) 46:17
7. Gentle Perception 53:12
8. Time to Time by Time 58:26
9. Winter Sorrows 1:06:22
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#ConnectOhm #ThePsychedelicMuse #UltimaeRecords #Psybient #Psychill #Downtempo #Chillout
Ultimae proudly presents the new remastered edition of Connect.Ohm's first album 9980 a subtle and emotive
story born of the musical encounter between Hidetoshi Koizumi aka Hybrid Leisureland and Alexandre Scheffer aka Cell.
The nine tracks on 9980 compose a serene ballad in atmospheric realms where finely chiseled rhythms and fluid melodies are sustained by discreet downtempo grooves and deep drones.
Koizumi’s widely spread, otherworldly, organic, sustained wizardry, compliments Scheffer’s spiraling, liquid, delicate yet sumptuous acid ambient type architecture. This combination creates a kinetic and spacious tapestry that stimulates the mind and soul. A pure delight for vast soundscapes audiophiles.
Written & produced by Alex Scheffer & Hidetoshi Koizumi.
Mastered by Vincent Villuis & Vladislav Isaev at Ultimae Studios.
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis.
Words by Nocturnal Ghost | Igloomag.
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  • 1. Evolution 1:1 0:00 2. Snow Park 8:33 3. 9980 17:39 4. Mol 25:54 5. Fossil 35:02 6. Take Off (album edit) 46:17 7. Gentle Perception 53:12 8. Time to Time by Time 58:26 9. Winter Sorrows 1:06:22

    • What happend to the 2013 upload of this album?

    • The Psychedelic Muse Thanks!!!


  • Great Album!...Classic!

  • Super music.

  • What happend to the 2013 upload of this album?

    • But not the remaster release? Weird...

    • pretty sure it got taken down due to copyright

  • This album really is beautiful.

  • Esta con madres.

  • Einwandfrei und astrein! ॐ

  • Is this really a remaster?

  • such difference 24 bit from original album... pure precision..

  • One of my favorite albums ever, soooo smooth

  • I Love this

  • Thanks to all for your words!...🙏🏻 Alex.

    • did not expect to see the artist comment, but now that you have, let me just say - great work man. production of the highest level, gorgeous sound design, and lovely melodies. Love it, love you, be good.

  • listen to this album while hacking (Y)

  • This looped, in conjunction with a good thunderstorm is really amazing.

  • No word can describe how amazing this music thank you for sharing

  • ...aqui e agora...

  • Snow Park is the best one for me... You can feel the real deepness at least after the 4th or 5th time you heard the song

    • yes)) my favorite psybient song. i listen this in my car

  • I would like to hear a new collaboration between Cell and Hybrid, this is a superb masterpiece!

  • awesome

  • Takes me to another realm, makes me forget my issues for a while and fall into a Zen like state , a masterpiece

  • The new complete artwork of the cd is absolutely fantastic! This is, in my opinion, the greatest rerelase of Ultimae !

  • NICE! Love this LP.

  • One word, fabulous !!

  • Possibly the best album to chill to that I know of.

    • @TheSeppentoni Go on bandcamp: This is my favorite album by him

    • @hugglesnuggybear I can't find much on youtube. Any other yource?

    • My boy, ever heard of chimmoku?

    • Also you might give «Aural Float - Zwei G» a try. Connect.Ohm is awesome but few things come close to this.

    • I don't necessarly disagree, but you def need to get Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada in your playlist x

  • 1 of the best ambient albums 🙏

  • Probably the cleanest sub-bass I've ever heard!

    • Alex SCHEFFER listening to this album again today. Man, the mastering is absolutely mind blowing! Koan, Asura, CBL, Aes Dana etc have all made some amazing albums with superb mastering but I honestly think this is the best mastered album I've ever listened to in my life! Top 3 at the very least. Kudos!

    • AhilMohan thanks! 🙏🏻

  • I prefer the original Master.

  • Whaaaaaat? How could i miss my favourite aulbum? But how could it be remastered if its been redone in 24 bit unless its just compleatly reworked

    • silverwolf 450 same, I’m wondering what has changed since the first release

  • ¡Qué hermoso!

  • amazing

  • One of the greatest albums. So glad to see it on vinyl! Definitely worth a purchase.

  • very nice

  • Excellent! This has been one of my long runner albums for a long time, excited about the remastering. The dense atmosphere arising from this minimalistic soundscape amazes me every time.

  • Море спокойствия! зачёт !

  • I discovered this album long ago and i will have to get this remaster! A simply incredible album.

    • Nigel Do not hesitate!...😉

    • Same here Nigel. I can hardly resist having a vinyl version. 😍

  • This album initially brought me to your channel. Finding new music since then for work every day. Thank you

  • Fossil...Awesomness. Time to time by time...Timeless.

  • I listen to this album every time i need to code, it's simply great! ♥

  • 🕉️🕉️🕉️