Conan Interviews His Assistant Sona Movsesian - CONAN on TBS

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
Sona steps in to replace Kumail Nanjiani as the guest and demands that Conan buy her a house.
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  • 3:28 Sona's necklace changes colour from blue to red what is this sorcery

  • This interview just goes to show how good Conan is at his job. Even when things don’t go to plan he and the great team he has assembled around him can make the best of it. Sona is such a natural comic that I’d love to see her take a more frequent role on the show.

  • Conan, you should be the assistant of Sona... 😂

  • Conan, your assistant is much smarter and funnier than you ... 😂

  • I think we should start tweeting to Ellen DeGeneres to buy Sona a house... Conan is a ginger bread 🤣

  • these bits hearken back to Letterman/Birkitt (or Letterman/Elliot in the case of Jordan Schlansky). hilarious stuff.

  • This was so wholesome I think it instantly healed my maladies.


  • Conan is my absolute idol

  • Well I'm guessing every Californian has sold their house cuz they're all coming up here in Idaho 😂

  • When she laughts, all my problems go away.

  • I hope Conan bought Sona a house!

  • I always hear her name as Sona Obsessian 😀😀

  • I want to be interviewed by this long legged man

  • This episode was the best! I really enjoyed it!

  • Los Angeles is a time bomb that’s why I’m moving out of here plus it’s really expensive and ghetto, #GHETTOFORNIA.

  • Buy me a pizza!!

  • Interview her more times !

  • He should have got her a doll house .

  • Who else thought the plant was bacon

  • that soda is one fine assistant

  • all the people who work with Conan for more than 10 years become like him

  • This interview should be 2 hours long

  • Hah, yep.

  • 2:09

  • at least Conan didn't say "but" when she's told about buying house

  • Sona is funny as hell and has a great personality!

  • she's so adorable!

  • she's lucky, she only wants a house rather than, say, a kidney

  • Wanna eat you sons

  • I love that he knows that she prefers edibles

  • Sona gets way more shouts than Kumail ever will

  • what's up with the awkward hug?

    • She's been awkward about touching Conan in other remotes too.

  • Yea Conan I’ve watched you for YEARRRSS, this was 1 of your best guests 😂😂😂

  • More Sona plz

  • One of the best interviews he's ever done. So entertaining!!

  • if y'all love sona y'all should listen to conan's podcast

  • More Sona. Seriously.

  • your staffs are way funnier than the actual guests on the show

  • conan's own people are way better than some random jerk off celebs

  • I love Sona she is so awesome 💓

  • Best guest ever!!! No question.

  • "We need a sitcom" true, how about a new office with conan and his staff members?

  • Her necklace is changing color...

  • Sona : "No one tells me anything" seconds later.. Sona : "I do as I'm told" Hmmm...

  • Brilliant

  • Conan aged a lot here.

  • Conan shoulld chance profession be Asistance to be how be like

  • 6:06 should be a meme

  • She’s adorable! cool chick.

  • 1:41 Conan is proud

  • i loooove sona😍😍

  • "Nosferatu of doom" I suspect he was thinking of Nostradamus!

  • I'll be honest. Sona Movsesian is more known to me than Kumail Nanjiani

  • Sona first of her name , mother of okhi , driver of white lighting

  • "No one tells me anything. I do what I am told." 😏

  • OML, she has so much damn charisma. She comes up with jokes on the spot, ideas on the spot, and doesn't have problems speaking her damn mind, she's clearly worked with Conan for over a decade, lol. Same exact humor as him.

  • thats it? wheres the accompanying house search bit?

  • Sona is awesome lol

  • Soooo did you find her a house???