Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
why not do it all at once... right?
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-emma chamberlain


  • Dear God the water balloons 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • 8:49 why was that the first thing i hovered over

  • I Love when Emma hyped herself up lol so inspiring

  • You misspelt marshmallow*

  • Emma:I have enough photos to fill up 7 walls * 24 mins later it’s too small

  • I love “forks”

  • You should follow a bob ross tutorial with your dad

  • Alright the best time with the ( Emma's Summer Bucket List) 🤟😁😊

  • K but like Emma is my favourite youtuber no joke she is my wallpaper that might sound creepy but that’s how much I love her lol.❤️

  • No one : Emma: stick these weird forks in *as there knives*

  • emma:"would've been cool if i had a bonfire of some sort" me: gurl you have a fireplace .-.

  • Is it only me or when she said I cracked my phone guess I need a new one, I cringed because she could just fix the screen.

  • OMG IT LOOKED SOO GOOD if i drew that it would look a lot like a uhm... foot

  • You called a knife a fork😂😂😂

  • I love her sm 💕

  • 14:06 literally had me laughing for like 10 minutes

  • *me watching this in september missing summer bc i'm dying bc of school

  • you should've taken polaroids of your cat and make a polaroid wall of that. that would've been so cute

  • Did she just call those knives "forks"...

  • "that’s what child birth looks like" that’s what she said

  • Where's that Cat!

  • Emma can you actually have your own coffee shop🥺❤️

  • Ok I don’t watch your videos tbh but it was on my recommend page so I just started watching it and that was some funny shit and sad lol you throwing water balloons at yourself made me laugh so thanks and yes I subbed to your channel haha 😂

  • 14:10 OMG I DIED LMAOO

  • 11:55 *Mood* 😂

  • 4:47: I think we're gonna have a great day, I think this was great luck...*I just cracked my phone.* 😂😂😂😂👍

  • Where was the cat???

  • 14:10 am I the only one that died😂😂😂

  • you might just be the only youtuber i watch lol

  • Did she just call that knife a fork?😂😂

  • nicca do people still watch this

  • emma: what’s your favorite nut? me: *cries in allergy*


  • Emma: takes random polaroids of a ton to random things Me: contemplates for an hour if taking a picture of something with my polaroid is wasting film.

  • 14.12 soooo sadd

  • it's august

  • Forks?


  • some fORkEs she says while stabbing the tin foil with a KNIFE

  • how fast her expression changed when the ballon went off the balcony has me rolling

  • i got a vsco ad for this

  • love that she wishes Australian's a happy winter, holy shit I'm fucking over it mate

  • I love your channel, you have inspired me to start making my own youtube videos.

  • plszzzzzz do a vsco girl video

  • Love you 🥰 never stop 🤗


  • Isn't Emma vegetarian? She ate marshmallows

  • 15:14 thank you,for acknowledging me 😂😂

  • “australia where it’s winter”

  • Popsicles are just frozen juice 🙄

  • actual garbage .

  • **sees emma do it** *now i want to do it*

  • me: *cracks phone* *continues to have it* emma: *cracks phone* “i need to get a new phone”

  • Emma is not just a teen.. no no.. she is an OG VSCO GIRL!!! Proof: She has a hydro flask, fjallraven kanken backpack, used to wear shell necklaces, owns Air Force 1’s 😱😱🤙🌊

  • Is decklen in this vlog

  • Your not a teen anymore when you turn 18 your a young adult srry emma no more teen

    • EighTEEN, NineTEEN..... Also the adolescent (teenage) brain hasn't reached Adult development and maturity until 25-28.

  • Why am I here ?. F this

  • Me: *drops her phone cos I’m dumb* Cry’s for a bit and then goes “oh well better get a screen protector” Emma: *drops her phone* (barely cracking it anywhere near as bad as mine) “Ah better get a new one”

  • Ok I totally came here to see what the hype was about bc I heard her name in another youtubers video.. I wasn’t feeling her at first & I’m like ugh she’s one of those young aestethic girls but she’s totally funny 🤦‍♀️ lord I think I like her🙄

  • Ya but u a slirptkneckt so nothing chu do kowntz