Comics Hero In Real Life / 9 Life Hacks And DIYs For Comic Book Fans

Pubblicato il 11 ago 2019
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Never Too Old For Dolls! / 10 DIY Doll Makeup Ideas:
Do you adore comics too? Cool! Then our today's selection of comics’ style ideas will surely appeal to you! Sit back and watch how to make daily routine brighter!
Supplies and tools:
• T-shirt with a print
• Pencil
• Cardboard
• Fabric paint
• Stencil
• Sponge
• Sneakers
• Black marker
• Black shoelaces
• Eyeshadow
• Black eyeliner
• Pink lipstick
• Purse
• Acrylic primer
• Foam paper
• Hot glue gun
• Acrylic paint
• Nylon tights
• Cardboard cylinder
• Printed comic book pictures
• Fabric markers
• Glasses rims
• Colored cardboard
• Printed lip patterned picture
• Silicone phone case
• Sticker paper
• Sprite
• Food coloring
• Glass bottle
• Cord
• Straw
• Plastic tube box
• Candies
• Gold crepe paper
• Felt
• Elastic ribbon
• Needle and thread
• Cord
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  • She looks like a hippy😂

  • Not every single comic is the same. Neither are the characters. SO WHY DOES THIS EXIST?!

  • Was red head I Taylor Swifts music video you need to calm down ?

  • Can You Make DIYs And Hacks About Ninjas

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